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Insurance Leads

Updated on March 29, 2011

Insurance Sales Leads And Lead Generation

Insurance sales leads can be bought by several good insurance lead providers. But insurance lead can also be generated by any insurance agent whether they are working from home or in a large agency.

There are several companies to buy insurance leads from. These top insurance leads providers include: All Web Leads, NetQuote Leads, Insure Me, and

Do a search for insurance lead company reviews to see what agents are saying. has a very good article that reveals what the agents rank as their favorite insurance lead providers.

The top life lead companies might be NetQuote, and The top disability leads companies may be AllWebLeads and

To find out who gets the best leads you'll have to try them all yourself. Buy at least 20 leads each to find out what the level of interest is and then stick with one or two companies.

The top lead providers will match you dollar for dollar up to $200 dollars in leads in most cases.

Insurance Leads Call.
Insurance Leads Call.

Online Insurance Sales Leads!

Buying online insurance sales leads is not going to blow you away because the average close is about 2-3 per 10 leads. And that is if you buy a significant number for a good sample, and you are good about your email follow up and have good telephone skills.

But if you think about it, 2-3 new clients for every 10 leads is nothing to sniff at. See, most agents who buy online insurance sales leads are looking at how much they make on the front end sale. But that is not how you should be looking at it. What you should be looking at is:

  1. How many average referrals you get.
  2. How many new product sales you get from each client.

If you include these two factors into your calculations, even 1 sale for every 10 is desirable.

So the bottom line is if you are out hunting for new clients and not generating referrals and upselling your current clients you are setting yourself up for dissappointment when you buy leads from online insurance lead providers.

This resource is a loaded with information on the top insurance lead companies and how to get a constant flow of referrals and sales leads.

Good marketing is the key to converting leads to clients.
Good marketing is the key to converting leads to clients.

Lead Generation Techniques!

Now that the Internet is all grown up, there are many ways to generate your own leads. There are too many to go over hear, and each one could encompass an entire seminar. But the top 3 online lead generation alternatives are:

  • Facebook (Facebook ads, and Facebook fan pages).
  • Google Adwords (Pay per click).
  • Mobile Phone Marketing (Admob and Google Adwords).

There are dozens of other ways to generate leads, but there 3 are probably the top 3 as of this writing.

Each resource above requies you to have a killer, optimized landing page. Whether you are using a Facebook fan page or directing traffic to your own website, it has to be well designed and specifically for lead generation.

To get traffic to 'opt in' for your information you have to give something of value away: a report, a video, etc.

Always test your landing page until you are getting at least 30% of your traffic to opt in.

Once you convert your traffic into a 'lead', you have to send out a series of emails that build trust, and get them to call you for an appointment of to buy right then and there.


To convert online insurance sales leads to clients DON'T go for the jugular. People want and are expecting quality information. So the more you educate your potential clients the more trust you will build with them.

DON'T send an email every day or even ever 3 days. Send 7 messages 7-10 days apart, and then ever 2 weeks to a month after that until the become clients or opt out.

Unique Niche Insurance Marketing Idea:


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