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Integrity in the work place

Updated on October 28, 2009
do public servants have any rights
do public servants have any rights

Question, at what point does a man give up his pride and integrity to appease another or group?

Why do we work just to be obedient to others , or feeling don't matter.

When a problem causes a problem do we fix the first problem or do we through out the baby with the uncleaned bath water.

Only in America have we all given up so much to work. I know there are a lot of people on the edge know because of the economy in general. Do we regulate our lives on the lowest common denominator or do we seek higher ground.

I know if we took a poll of school teachers, fireman, and of course my favorite police and sheriff's we would find a total disruption of the internal working system. Employees don't seem to be happy anymore. Supervisors are not having trust in the people who were there for them on their way up.

How often are we asked to defend ourselves or a complete stranger and we do it without any hesitation or reservation and with the lake of our personal safety in mind.

Our Federal government has managed to brow beat every high official into breaking up the maternal workforce as we knew it. Political correctness has mad a dismal mess out of who judicial system at large. Let's not believe anyone about anything , guilty until proven innocent. How many times have you had to bite your tongue to keep from saying or talking back to a co worker or worst yet a supervisor.

We are employees of our chosen profession and at what point does being professional include someone to be rude inconsiderate of your feeling and suck the authority right out of your position.

Employees in the modern workforce have no rights , you must be happy all the times, take crap from anyone who feels like giving it and the customer is always right no matter what. If you think that for one minute that you are appreciated on the job just defend yourself against an irate customer who can call you anything he wants because he's having a bad day.

Now defend yourself, you have been called "power monger someone who uses his authority to abuse others because your a cop and you have the authority". Your honor has been impugned by a complete stranger and you are dumb founded and getting mad but your not allowed to cry outside, your voice is getting weak because this is affecting you and other people are watching. Should we set the example for others to see or just loose all power to any individual who chooses to test your authority in public.

I'm not sure how you would act in public, but does the job have the right to withhold your rights as an individual to defend yourself either physically or verbally. At what point are we in agreement with the employee or do we always take the customers word for it and discipline the employee no mater, what pride does matter.

These are questions that are important to me and for the many others who may not have the luxury of defending themselves against an individual who is misbehaving in public.

Its all about honor in ourselves and being honored by our employer for the deeds that we do. If a soldier is going to be prosecuted for killing than why do we train him so. Fighting the political war where Monday morning quarterbacks play with our lives is not right or moral. Our country was established on rules of behavior in the work place and at public gatherings, court houses and other secure locations. Those of us who are in charge of these locations must be allowed to work within the means of authority and not political whims of those who are not happy being ask to comply with rules.


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