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Internet Advertising Code of Ethics

Updated on April 20, 2009

On some sites there seems to be none

As part of my writing I use Facebook and MySpace to get information on the games played there to provide tips. stuff123

What I really don't understand, is how these sites (and others) seem to let anyone advertise on their site with blatant disregard for good business practices. Some of the advertisements would not be allowed on television, print or other media formats because they are just misleading and an insult to one's intelligence and are in bad taste. Here are some examples that caught my eye.

Take the game that advertises that "Head shots are tough" but "Nut shots..." How does this get through any screening process? If it was someone making gun shots at a females chest area, there would be a huge outcry under sexual discrimination, etc. It seems it's OK to aim at a guy's genital area and that is supposed to be humourous. You would never get this past a television advertising department's screening process.

And then there are all those scam advertisements claiming that you can be rich just like the advertiser by staying at home, drinking coffee all day, being lazy, and doing nothing productive. Of course, if you send them money they are right, because they will get richer if you fall for this stuff.

No one is going to pay you hundreds of dollars an hour for anything that is legal or morally sound, so how does that stuff get through the screening process. Simple, there doesn't seem to be a screening process on some sites. You just need to show them money and your ad will appear.

The problem is that the Internet doesn't really belong to anyone so it is more difficult to police something that is so global in nature. Who has jurisdiction over the Internet? Eventually, there will be better standards and good taste and moral standards will become more common. But for now the unethical will just keep trying to scam or insult people, so about all you can do is check the thumbs down symbol (if there is one)  or just switch pages until it goes away.

There are always those that will try to take advantage of others and they really don't care how they do it or who they hurt. They will meet somewhere when their time on this planet is done. Just a hint for them. It will be really hot where you will be going.


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