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Internet Marketers The money is in the list

Updated on March 20, 2012

The money is in the list

If your new to internet marketing or have a company who has a website and are not building a list you are missing the most important way to earn extra income. Many people who are new to internet marketing are building lists for others and gaining nothing. The lucky ones make a few dollars but no where near what can be done with a list.

Building a list requires information

To build a list you need information and realism. This needs to be some information you have that is of value to others. Most people don’t even realize the information is inside their brain. Writers believe they have something of value to pass on or they wouldn’t write. Others don’t have a clue.

Be who you really are

Being real is important too. Start out being who you really are. There are people in the internet world who will accept you no matter what kind of person you are. The ones who are real do best. Each person is unique and uniqueness sells.

Lists gain sales by telling instead of selling

List building isn’t about selling at first. In reality it never is. If you hit your list immediately with sales pitches you won’t keep them long. Building a list is about positioning yourself as a go to person. You do this by giving information that means something to the reader. As time passes you tell them what is working for you, what you did to make it work and offer the program or service to them. This way they feel in control and that they can make a choice. If you have done your job well they will make the choice you want them to and some will even feel its their own idea

Websites and squeeze pages as list builders

Building your list can be accomplished many ways. One thing is a must that is an opt in place on you website or a splash page which leads to a place where you can get what you want, a name and email address.What ever you do make sure they are double opt in. You can be accused of spamming if you don’t. One of the nice things about most of the autoresponders is this service is included.

Placement of opt in forms

For those who want opt in’s from a website its important if you have information below the fold to have and opt in box there also. This might not make sense now but it will in a second. You never want to make someone who is looking at your page to back track to opt in. You also want the first opt in form on the right side right below the header. No one knows why people looking at websites look at the banner and look down the right side of the website. This is why most companies who “give” websites away always have advertising there.

Opt in forms continues

The second opt in form should be able to be seen once a person goes beyond the fold. If possible you want this seen at any time they are below the fold. This lets them sign up no matter where on the page they are. They call this optimization. For those trying to build a list it just makes sense. For a squeeze page the same applies you want the opt in form on the right, Most of them end up at the bottom and this is fine as long as it’s on the right. They are going to read the title then go down the right side of your squeeze page. You are more likely to get opt ins if it is there

This is current and working today

The information about websites and squeeze pages is about as current as anything on the internet and tested by people who are making six figures a month on the internet. This leads to another point it’s as much who you know as what you know that determines how much you are going to earn. Learning from the best will put you in a better position.

Socializing to gain leads

In today’s world social “selling” is becoming the way to go. This means you have to actually socialize with people to get their attention. With the right social groups you can accomplish a lot. Facebook can do wonders for you and get your opt in’s if you approach it properly. One of the ways to do this is by having an opt in page as part of your Facebook fan wall.

With no audience there will be no sales

You can have the best idea and be backed by the best people but if no one sees what you are offering and you have no list your not getting far. One of the benefits of social “selling” is if you have information but no list you can do what they call a JV partnership. The one thing you have to be sure of is that both parties get the list.


Branding is important for gaining people for your list. We are all social animals and people who are real with will be respected for who they are. Being branded means people have seen your face or something that make them remember you, not what your selling. This doesn’t happen overnight so you won’t be raking in money tomorrow. It will happen though if you keep doing it, stay honest and don’t push. If you follow these guidelines your list will grow quickly.

© September 11, 2011 Lisech Global Ventures INC All rights reserved


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