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Interview Question: What is your biggest weakness

Updated on April 10, 2016

Interview Trap Question #1: What is your biggest weakness?

Yes! This is a trap question. This question is meant for you to let your guard down. What do you do? Do you answer honestly? Do you answer stealthily and mask your answer with a positive instead? Here's what to do.

Answer based on a true weakness you're not working on fixing

You could answer quite simply, "I don't get along with others." That will have the interview turn for the worse. Whatever you do, do not answer this question based on something like this. It's great to be very honest, but remember, you do want to get the job. You'll need to tell them something other than this.

Answer based on a positive masked as a weakness

Yes! You could say, "I think my biggest weakness is working too hard." Now, while that not necessarily would be interpreted as a weakness for many, and you believe it is for you, do know that the interviewer is going to know you're just asking for brownie points and will see through your answer. Keep in mind that the interviewer has heard all of the answers before. They've read through your "weakness as a strength" type of answer and they just won't believe you.

Everyone, yes, EVERYONE has a weakness. Do not mask your weakness as a strength, because that is not what they are asking you.

Answer based on a true, yet workable weakness

The best way to answer this question is actually finding your weakness and explaining to the interviewer how you are correcting this. They are interested in you knowing what the weakness is, and the steps you are taking to improve on it to make it a strength instead.

For example, if you're always disorganized and can't prioritize tasks, tell them that. Then outline the steps you're taking to work on that weakness. Maybe you're writing down lists and deadlines so you don't let projects fall through the cracks. Maybe you're taking time every morning and afternoon after work to prepare your desk for the next day. Tell them those things. They want to know what you're doing to improve on that weakness that you'e identified to them.

What is your biggest weakness?

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