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Inventions? Ideas? Dragons Den TV is Now Looking for Inventors Online

Updated on September 26, 2016

Get Your Inventions & Ideas Looked At

I bet you've thought of an invention before. Maybe you've even bought an Inventors Kit before, or looked into Inventors Kits. Some people have many invention ideas in their lifetime. Most of us have had a few ideas about inventions over the years. Maybe you've got one invention or idea you've had in your mind for a number of years.

Inventors Kits

Did you ever get as far as getting an Inventors Kit? They're pricey and, usually, not what you expected at all. For most, a complete waste of money. Getting an invention to market is a really frustrating, long-winded, risky and expensive thing to try to do. Many people spend their lives as inventors and never produce a thing. A lot of them are GREAT ideas, but they are inventors, not marketing gurus.

Maybe you sat and thought through your invention, imagining it being produced and sold, thought how useful your invention would be. How your invention would save people time. Your invention would be the best idea since sliced bread. Then you've realised you've got no money to develop your ideas and inventions, and no clue on how to take it forward.

The only way forward is to get your inventions seen, find out how to make those essential contacts with investors. Discover how to pitch your fabulous product to milllionaires like in the Dragons Den TV programme.

Dragons Den TV Auditions Sign.
Dragons Den TV Auditions Sign. | Source

Dragons Den TV Programme

The Dragon's Den TV programme was a real eye opener as you could watch inventors pitch their inventions to a panel of savvy millionaires in an attempt to get them to back the idea with hard cash and expertise in exchange for a share of the company.

Now you can do something similar, but without the pain of standing in front of the panel under the gaze of the ever-critical UK TV watching public.

Your great idea, your fabulous invention, your time-saving gadget .... now you can find out if they really would be of interest to a company who has the time, money and expertise to develop them for you.

There was a company called Boggleit who provided online software to screen your idea. It tested your invention for commercial viability and its likelihood for success, providing you with an instant report, giving you a score and some feedback on your invention.

Score more than 70% and you might be onto a winner! Your idea, invention or product would then be evaluated by professionals.

But Boggleit closed down and there was nothing to fill its gap .... until the Dragons Den TV programme went online.  Now you can pitch your idea, show your invention, online via a simple video.

NEW!! Dragons Den Online

In April 2009 Dragons' Den introduced two new venture capitalists in a brand new format when it launched Dragons' Den Online. Dragons Den Online enables people to pitch their ideas online, using video. This is a major step forward for most people, who might not have the cash/time or luck to be able to pitch in front of the Dragons Den entrepreneurs on the TV.

Dragons Den contestants seem to often be pitching for large sums of money, but there are a lot of people out there with great ideas that want, or need, a lot less. Now, entrepreneurs looking for less than £50,000 have the chance to face two of Britain's business high-flyers in an online-only version of the Dragons Den.

Firstly you have to submit a 3-minute video pitch. These video pitches are viewed and from these they select who can go into the Den. You can view the video pitches on the Dragons' Den website - and you'll be able to debate and rate the ideas prior to them being put before the Dragons.

The Online Dragons are highly successful business people who are ready to commit their own money. The two newest Dragons are Edinburgh-based business man Shaf Rasul, who has made his millions in property and computers, and American born Julie Meyer, who runs an investment advisory company.

The Online Den is open all-year round, 24/7. If you think you have an idea ready for investment why not apply ... all you have to do now is create your 3-minute video!

Pitch Your Idea Online - New Marketplace Opens

Now there's another, easy, option - you can pitch your idea online by joining an innovative online marketplace helping to match inventors, artists and creatives with investors, benefactors and business angels.

Pitch Your Idea are the only site where members can pitch ideas, crowd fund, freelance, form contracts with interested parties, sell a business, find partners, do a royalties deal or retail your latest work.

Dragons Den Inventions Successes: Reggae Reggae Sauce

Many Dragsons Den inventions have been successful - and quite a few have been unusual.

One of the more unusual pitches on Dragons Den was for Reggae Reggae sauce. Levi Roots turned up with a guitar and started his presentation of his hot sauce by singing his Reggae Reggae sauce song to the dragons.

Reggae Reggae sauce is a Jamaican jerk sauce Levi Roots started by selling his sauce at the Notting Hill Carnival in London and when he presented his product at Dragons Den he had two Dragons offering him £50,000 for 40% of his company.

Since then, the sauce has gone from strength to strength (pun?) and you can now buy it bottled in supermarkets, but also it's available in a lot of national food chains too.

The first supermarket to stock Reggae Reggae sauce was Sainsburys and they started selling it nationwide in March 2007. Sainsburys expected to sell about 50,000 bottles/year, but once it got onto the shelves it was selling nearly 50,000 bottles a WEEK!

You can find Reggae Reggae sauce in many places now, including: Subway, JD Wetherspoons pubs, Hungry Horse restaurants, Slug and Lettuce and even the Scream Pub chain. Birds Eye also launched a range of chicken chargrills coated in Reggae Reggae sauce.

Dragons Den inventions are appearing all around us in our everyday lives - maybe yours could be next.

A Dragons Den Millionaire - Without Spending a Penny

One of the contestants on Dragons Den actually made his first million within just three months of appearing on the programme - and all without spending a penny of the £150,000 he'd won in the Den.

Peter Moule, 53, had invented a plastic electrical wire junction box, called a "Chockbox". Two dragons backed his invention and invested £150,000 in him, in exchange for a 36% stake in the business. He then went on to secure some deals with national DIY companies and has had enquiries from around the world.

Peter Moule has now become an unofficial Dragon himself as dozens of wannabe entrepreneurs started asking him to help them get their inventions off the ground. In fact, he's already signed up two exceptional inventions, with the potential for those to be even bigger than the Chocbox. He's also in discussions with other people to go into partnership.

Ernst and Young even selected Peter Moule to be the focal point of a 2-day training seminar for their up and coming prospective partners.

Peter, from Goff's Oak in Hertfordshire, won investment from both Duncan Bannatyne and James Caan when they were impressed with his polished pitch for the Chocbox.

The device is a simple plastic housing that protects cable connections, eliminating the need for untidy and potentially-dangerous electrical tape. Peter invented it some years ago when new regulations came into force restricting the use of electrical tape on some connections.
He was initially selling it direct to electrical distributors, in relatively small numbers, through his own company Electro Expo Ltd.

Within days of being in the Den, Peter signed a multi-million pound deal with one of the world's biggest electrical distributors.

The Chokbox cost just £1, but is expected to sell 5,000,000 units per year in 152 countries during the five-year deal - netting a whopping £25million in sales.

In the UK alone, there are 15million connector strips sold every year - each of these could use four Chokboxes, so that's a potential 60,000,000 units every year just in the UK.

The Chocbox is manufactured in Harlow, Essex.

Crowdfunding Your Projects

Known as Crowd Funding or Micropatronage, there are now an increasing number of websites springing up where you can have projects funded, just by asking! You simply create a project on the site, which means you tell people who you are and what money you want and what it'd be used for - and interested people around the world will club together to make it happen. If you raise enough cash, you get it all - but if you fail to raise enough interest/cash then the donations are never collected.

The people you invite to fund your project might be people you know, past customers, or complete strangers from advertising it (social networking, local/national/radio advertising). Thre's no one size fits all, maybe you can find the money for your new product or service from strangers across the world!

Why not try some out: - US projects only - business funding - UK - UK

Have You Invented Something, How Far Did You Get With It?

See results

Want to be an Inventor?

If you're an inventor, or thought up some great ideas in the past, why not fill out our poll to show how serious you were about your new product.

How far did you take it?  Maybe you've already got it in production and are successful.

Fill in the poll - and why not leave a comment to let us know your experiences!

Thanks for reading.


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    • profile image

      Nettie 3 years ago

      hi, i haven't made anything but i was wondering if it would be possible to make a heated lunch box of some kind.

      My brother who's always working outside all year round could use one as well as many other workers that work out side.

      That way their lunch and drinks would not freeze on them and have more options on what to take.

      Just an idea.

      thanks Nettie


    • profile image

      Florin 4 years ago

      hello, my name is Florin, Morar. i am 25years old, and i think i may have an idea how to build samthing that fly, i am looking for support , i will by really happy if sambady want to see what abut this idea is ... i don't have money, to start this my self, but i think if i will have ,it then i will don't need support and i don't have any possibilitis to start this idea that i ,have and i am really afreid that i will lose this idea because i don't have the money to invest, and this is to bad because i can see my idea flying .. so please who is looking for a good cand of bissnes , please contact me and let... see what we can do to make this idea a reality, i know that if , i have the money this can by a truly good invention ...if you are interested , to find out what this is call me ,0031(0)613857186

      and we cam make an appointment.. and speak more..

      thank you,


    • profile image

      Kaye 4 years ago

      I am not a great inventor, just a sick single parent who is trying to find a way to take care of my child. For most of my adult life I have worked, but now i am not able to go out to a regular job. I have searched daily on the internet to find online jobs but to no avail. I know there are many people out there who can do what i do and maybe better. My passion is writing songs and singing (Reggae, R & B, and Soul), however, my desire is to have someone famous sing my songs for me which I have been writing for quite sometime. I have tried contacting other companies online to ask for assistance in this area, but i have never received a response. I pray with all my heart this time it will be different. I am not materialistic, so I really do not need much just the necessities of life to care for my child and also my wonderful mom who is not doing good with her health as well. It pains my heart to hear my child asking me for simple things which i am not able to provide properly as a parent, so please consider what i ask and help us. I do not have a webcam on my computer, neither can i afford it, but i am willing to send demos if you request same. My email address is

    • profile image

      Mr. Shubra 5 years ago


      I have made an automatic water pump controller(start and off water pump automatically as per water level in the reservoir) at very cheap rate and which is very long lasting. I can say it is the best and simplest design in the world. I need an investor. My email:

    • profile image

      Philip Rugg 5 years ago

      I sent you my email asking for the dragons help in getting my sit/com shown on TV called "THAT'S YOUR LOT". But i forgot to include my email address which is.

    • profile image

      Philip Rugg 5 years ago

      I have written a 30 minute sit/com script for TV about an auction house, its workforce and customers. It shows the workings of a auction house with funny situations and dialogue. It is called "THAT'S YOUR LOT" and I would very much like for the dragons to read the 22 page script and give me their thoughts and ideas of where "we" can take it.

    • profile image

      neil keys 5 years ago

      Hi there

      I have an invention of a perpetual power generator that does not require any fuel source or energy supplied to operate so its energy free and pollution free it works under its own design construction i am looking for a grant or funding or potential investors for a product that could be sold to every household worldwide i would welcome any enquires or U email me

    • profile image

      theevasive 5 years ago

      I have developed the first ever very low cost disposable spill free coffee cup in the world and desperately need help to get it to the fast food industry. Imagine when you pick up your cup of coffee it opens and when you set it back down it closes automatically.

      Kind regards

    • profile image

      david zimmerman 5 years ago

      i have designed a new safe house never seen before by anyone accept people i have showed around local area and it has blown everyones mind and they want to know how to buy one and one patten company checked it out and said its a deffinate thing i am looking for someone who wants to invest in something that will sale itself and will make anyone involved very rich this my idea,its new and if you don't know me you don't know about it im posting this here because i don't know where to start. my number is 417 224 3328 don't waste time

    • profile image

      Savvy 5 years ago

      Do you have any good inventions that have never been done before that are unique and 5th grade friendly. Please reply ASAP :)

    • profile image

      josie 5 years ago

      want info on how to put a great idea out there, know for sure it's a million dollar baby

    • profile image

      anne lloyd 6 years ago

      I can't believe that the Presenter with the Stevia product, March 7th show, was not picked up. Apparently, Arelene was the only one who knew something about this product. Artificial sweetners are in so many food products, gum, etc. They have been proven to be very bad for our health, in general. Why is artificial sweetners allowed and we actually have no choice (other to abstain) when we buy gum off the shelves of grocery stores, etc. We are given no choice on what we consume with this product. I have chewed gum since I quit smoking and now feel that I do not want to consume the artificial sweetner that is in gum. Some of the labeling of cookies, jams, etc. are very deceiving - unless you really read, carefully, what the labels are telling us. Why are they trying to shove this terrible product down our throat. I have known about Stevia for afew years now. Why can't they give the consumer the choice and allow us to decide if we want to sweeten with Stevia, which is a natural, healthy product or sweeten with the poison of artifical sweeteners.

    • profile image

      lesley millward 6 years ago

      i have an idea to do with motoring, its not anything new just more like an idea to change something, its probably not really that good, but i thought about it on the whim of a moment as it occurred to me personally whilst i was driving. my email address is

    • profile image

      bvramanan 6 years ago

      i have a concept project, if any one interested, i can make it real/implement, so investor please mail to my e-mail:

    • profile image

      kevin barber 6 years ago

      i just posted a comment my name is kevin barber, my email is,cell is 704-300-2671

    • profile image

      kevin barber 6 years ago

      i have a patant pending idea, i`m looking for serious investors. in turn i will sell the majority of percentage of stock,for a great sum of money and only will keep about 10 percent.this idea is right up there with duct tape, everyone in the world will need my product,and like it enough to buy it over and over again. this market for my product has no limit for profit, im thinking in the 100,000,000 dollar area,up to billions. please get in touch with me as soon as possible, i have a website built if you would like to see it send me a personal email,and promptly too for i will be looking to sell imediately, thanks kevin barber.

    • wants2berich profile image

      wants2berich 6 years ago

      how do I submit my plan?

    • wants2berich profile image

      wants2berich 6 years ago

      The fitness industry is a multi billion dollar business worldwide. I have a concept that will no doubt change it forever.

    • profile image

      Judy Hoekstra 6 years ago

      I have an invention that would be in everyone's kitchen. Especially baby boomers.

    • profile image

      neil shephard 6 years ago

      i have an idea about a drinking bottle that would benefit people from all walks off life and need to put it forward

    • jeremytorres profile image

      jeremytorres 6 years ago

      Cool hub!

    • profile image

      Chris Armstrong 6 years ago

      I have an amazing idea involving safety who docent buy safety

    • profile image

      pamela rai 6 years ago

      i have a really good body massaging machine idea, that i think could be beneficial to people in the health care sector.

    • earner profile image

      Dedicated Content Curator 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      This has always been the problem. We all have great ideas, but the difference that takes a great idea into a fortune is: Investing in a prototype, getting well-connected, finding angel investors, spending your time/money/effort with the sole goal in mind of making the product a reality.

      Dragons Den inventions have shown us many inventors with bad ideas who have borrowed heavily against their house, only for the Dragons to tell them the idea's rubbish as it doesn't stack up in the business sense at all.

      Have you researched if there's a market for it? What the price point would be? If there are any competitors producing something similar that fulfills the need at the correct price point?

      What are the costs of production? Does it scale up well?

      You can learn a lot from watching Dragons Den inventions - listen carefully to the questions the dragons are asking the contestants. Ask yourself the same questions. Is it a 'business'? Is it viable? Is there really enough money in it?

      Good luck!

    • profile image

      Sharon Pottle 6 years ago

      Hi there, I'm writing on behalf of my son Cyril. He has a couple of really good Invetion Ideas and he don't know how to make it happen. I was going through a few sites and noticed the Dragon's Den, so I figured I have seen your show a couple of times why not give it a try. He only has the ideas he don't have the funds to actually make it happen but in my honest opinion if he had the cash to make a protype of each it would beable to become a successful investment. The ideas when he had told me about them blew my mind. But that's coming from a moms opinion. If somebody could get back to me with some ideas on how to help my son pursue his dream and become the next successful inventor, I would really appreciate it.

    • NateSean profile image

      NateSean 6 years ago from Salem, MA

      I love Dragon's Den (the UK and Canadian versions) and Shark Tank. Over half of the ideas you see on TV are now in the stores where I've worked. It's amazing.

    • profile image

      Zoe 6 years ago

      I have a idea, but no way of getting it going. I have no money and no house of my own so a re mortgage is out the question. I have no proto type to show. So I can't see any point in doing a 3 min video and making a fool of myself.

    • profile image

      Robert Davis 7 years ago

      Dear Sir

      I am the inventor of the first soft serve ice cream vending machine, go to ( see machine. This machine is fully patent and operational.This machine was shown on CBS morning Show by New York Sun Times on 05-03-09 if you fell you can sell the patent to this machine, contact me at or call me at 309-587-2987.

      Robert Davus

    • profile image

      princess 83 7 years ago

      I have an idea for a product but no idea where to go from here,help people x

    • profile image

      peter bobruk 7 years ago

      All this is only for show, becouse real inventions which

      help people and sociaty nobady wont. There are few very good inventions which can help with energy problems

      easyly or other who cure supposedly uncurable illness,bu if come to developing them nobody wont it.It was already

      establish that before many times.

    • earner profile image

      Dedicated Content Curator 7 years ago from United Kingdom

      There is growing interest in crowd funding and micro donations. People are more open to investing their money in new ways - and in trying to raise funds in new ways.

      The Internet is perfect for crowd funding and micro donations as it's possible to reach out to far more people, affordably, than ever before.

    • profile image

      Raj 7 years ago

      I have a good few invention ideas one of which is a new product that i know would be a success if i received investment and help to create,stock and market it, i will take care of marketing and sales i just need the iniatial investment and help to create it, can anyone help , my email is . is there anywhere whereby they can provide this for free obviously if the agency think it would be successful and take a share of the profits as there investment?

    • profile image

      Belly 7 years ago

      Thanks for this. I think there is great potential in crowd funding and micro-donations. Well, I'm about to find out.

    • profile image

      Mike Biddell 7 years ago

      I couldn't go on "Dragons Den". I would be biting my tongue whilst listening to people, whose only qualification is that they've got more money than you, negate your idea. I would be hooked off with a big stick after muttering expletives.

      Having money does not mean you know what is and isn't a good idea technically. It usually means that you are a risk taker, hard working and canny, no more than that. The Dragons seem rather arrogant and seem to equate their wealth to intelligence. This is an equation which does not balance, in my view.

      The Dragons put their money into low risk simple concepts. These ideas are not those which necessarily benefit society as a whole. Anything they do not understand, they negate.

      I saw them eulogising over a dedicated GPS device which mapped position onto bitmaps of a ski slope. A couple of weeks work for decent programmer. And I believe a similar app. at the time was on sale in the Apple Iphone store for a few quid.

    • profile image

      june carrieri 7 years ago

      iuwent as far as getting a povisional patent but got riped off when they did patent search ''invention home .com" So i haven't gone any further I also have another invention that also came tome and now trying to find out hoe not to get ripped of and need prototype made Its hard. Regards June

    • profile image

      terrie turton/michelle lewis 8 years ago

      we would like to put an idea to the panel on dragons den, how would we go about doing this? email,


      michelle lewis