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DIY Payment Invoice Documents for Independent Contractors

Updated on December 29, 2016
Independent Contractor Invoice
Independent Contractor Invoice

How to Write an Invoice

You don't have to wait for the person you're working for to write an invoice, the quicker the invoice is made and submitted, the faster you get paid. Learn the easy format for Do-it-yourself for independent contractor invoices.

The reasons Independent Contractors need Invoices is for keeping records for payments received from a Contractor. Invoices are good to keep for tax reasons and filing taxes, and also for your own records. Invoices can work as a simi-contract between the contractor and independent contractor. Many contractor/payers do not have invoices for their workers; this is why the independent worker should make a few invoices of their own to keep. Many independent workers are not on payroll and are not working by the hour. Some independent contractors charge “flat rate fees” for their services. This is why invoices are important; to to track dates, days worked and other small details, and of course payments that are due.

There are many independent contractor positions that may require an invoice

  1. The beginning of the invoice would have a header that says "Independent Contractor Invoice."
  2. Skip 3 lines and include the Payer's information; name, title (Manager), address, phone number, fax number, and EIN or social security number.
  3. Skip 2 lines and follow the remainder of the invoice format above for an Independent Contractor Invoice.
  4. You can make up column titles that pertain to your type of work and then include it to a customized invoice of your own.
  5. When adding to the notes column include things that you may need remember. Some workers may want to include "reimbursement fees" of things you bought for the payer with your own money.

When sending your invoice to the payer for payment you can send it by mail, fax, or in person. But first ask the payer how he or she would want to receive the invoice. You can type your invoice on Microsoft Word, Notepad, or another document maker to make it look professional.

Independent Contractor Invoice

  • To: (Payer) _______________
  • Address: __________________
  • Phone Number: ___________
  • Fax Number: ______________
  • EIN or Social Security Number: _______________

  • From: (Payee) _______________
  • Address: ___________________
  • Phone Number: ______________
  • Fax Number: _____________
  • EIN or Social Security Number: _______________

Date of Service
Services Rendered
Fees for Service
7:00 am – 6:00pm
(reimbursement fees for pampers and milk)
7:00am – 1:00pm
(reimbursement fees for buying roses and fertilizer)
TOTAL $________
Payer's Signature __________Date
Payee's Signature _________Date
Sample Invoice Format

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