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Data Warehouses and Data Mining - Predictive Analytics Training

Updated on December 7, 2013

Have a seat. This is gonna take a minute.......

One thing about today's forever growing data. It is imperative to keep data up to date and organized on a continuous basis. In today's digital society, companies need to share their information with relevant businesses on a daily basis.

Data is first gathered, inspected, cleaned and validated by a data analyse, then stored in data mining warehouses. The purpose of this data is for companies to make quick decisions with summarized data.

(More details and real time updates to data are available in data bases in contrast.) It is then stored in data warehouses to be extracted on demand by authorized personnel. Data is put into:

  • classes to locate data in predetermined groups
  • clusters grouped according to logical relationships
  • associations to locate data in predetermined groups
  • sequential patterns that anticipate patterns and trends.

What is Data Warehouse?

Data Warehouse leads to a direct increase in quality of analyses as the table structures are simpler in a stable read-only database that combines information from separate systems into one easy-to-access location.

Accessing and inputting data happens at specific times and is accessible to certain authorized individuals. This is pretty much like a library with regular working hours, except that the information is only available for people with library cards.

This enabled a new job called Data Mining. Data Scientist is sought after in the growing need for information interpretation. These new data geeks are in demand. So if you are good with statistics this may be a great field for you.

Wal-Mart allows 3,500 plus suppliers, to access data on their products (via a data warehouse) and perform data analyses.

What Is Data Mining?

Data Mining is a thoroughly long process of sorting and collecting data through massive predictive digitally hidden information and interpreting it into useful information. Mostly used by consumer driven companies Company’s need this for global growth and new innovative product launches.

Today, data mining applications are available on all size systems for mainframe, client/server, and PC platforms. The more data being processed and maintained, the more powerful the system required thus determining the size of the database. A data mining technician is needed to read the data and translate into understandable language to solve and report concerns when they arise. More available training is sought after more and more.

Data engineers are becoming just as important as accountants in today's computerized operations that run on a massive amount of information. These businesses have to use the latest technology to compete and remain successful.

What Is A Data Analyst?

A Data Analyst is someone who uses computer software to analyze large amounts of data which is collected, organized, validated, cleaned and has the ability to translate data to easy to understand English

How to Become a Data Analyst

No Special degree in necessary for becoming a data analyst and enjoying numbers is a plus. There are 3 steps to becoming a data analyst.

  1. Post secondary degree.
  2. Related work experience.
  3. Computer Skills

Data Analyst Salary

A data analyst salary starts about $50,000 upward to $100,000 depends on the type of analyst you are researching, there are multiple levels with multiple disciplines.

What Is A Data Scientist?

A superior, but evolved data analysis that can interpret data in moments and can turns data into products and useful information. Data Scientist is considered a data specialist and strategic art form.

How Do I Become A Data Scientist?

A degree in Information Sciences with a strong business and programming background may get you hired but it is best to have statistic knowledge and some knowledge with the company’s products as well.

Predictive Analytic Training seems to be a great place to start toward gaining experience. However more well trained people will be in demand as the future courses are developed.

Data Scientist Salary

As of 2010 the data mining salary was about $112,000. Self employed Data Scientist can make much more. Data Scientist earns more in the United States.

The science of managing and storing data is not a fad and is here to stay. The way we get into the business is ever evolving and the training will soon be more specific. Data warehousing and data mining jobs are on the rise as well and pay very well. If you have a college degree this may be something you may want to consider. There's nowhere to go but up if you do.


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