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Is Google Adsense a Scam?

Updated on March 20, 2011

The Big G

Google Scam

Hundreds of Thousands of People flock to the Internet every day in hopes of making money and earning google adsense pay . Earn money today is all we can think about in our current economic state. One of the main things they do is sign up for google AdSense. Start blogs, join squidoo, and hub pages, sign up for free web pages and plaster them with as many google ads that google will allow,in order to receive an adsense earning .

Now some people are very good at this and know all the tricks of the trade to get traffic to their site. One trick is to use common misspellings like google ad sense or google adsence . Or they will make claims to teach you how to make money on your website. They know how to select that niche that will draw in big money keywords. They go through the painstaking efforts to optimise their pages for search engines. They tell you just enough information in hopes of leading you to click an ad that has appeared on their page. Google in turn keeps a running total and when you reach $100.00 your eligible for a google adsense payout.

I know google will pay last May i got my first and only check from Google. It only took me a year and a half to reach that payout. Now here we are 7 months later and my account balance is $8.14, just might be another 5 years before I see another check.

If you search you find sites that offer to teach you the tricks of the trade, for a small fee of course. They won't teach you everything just enough to make you feel, at first, you got your money's worth. If they tell you everything (if they even know) then you may cut into their profits. You may be able to figure out the secrets and optimise better than they can.

The ideal thing would be if google allowed you to say "Hey before you leave my page click an ad just for the heck of it." but they don't and then you have to think about the poor guy paying for that ad, they paid for a click for nothing.

Getting the right content, keywords, and page ranking is one of the hardest things I have ever had to try and do. I have been one of those that paid for useless information and have gotten know where with it. So ask yourself is Google AdSense a scam ? Is there really money to be made from all the hours invested on the net? Are all the useless pages floating around worth weeding through? My answer is Maybe!!!


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    • profile image

      WebmistressD 5 years ago

      It is very suspicious and very commonplace how often Google Adsense "disables" accounts right as they meet the payment thresholds. Once they "disable" your account, you can not see your traffic statistics to defend yourself against their suspicious clicks claims anyhow. The system is totally slanted towards them. They can do whatever and you are at their mercy.

      I fully believe my account was sabatoged by a business competitor. It's an easy way for any vindictive person to get you. All they have to do is click on the ads on your site repeatedly and Google's mechanical tracking system will say you are clicking the ads yourself and disable your account. I was not and their stats should prove where the clicks were coming from. So why not disallow the obvious abuse (sabatoge) and pay for the legitimate clicks coming from my traffic??? Nah, it's easier just to steal it all from the "little guy". I will keep my use of any Google products to a minimum henceforth. While they are a big money making machine with no human touch, someday they will get their's.

      And GOOD LUCK filing and appeal. Within an hour or two of your appeal filing you will get yet another computer generated email stating that they have their "reasons", you violated their policies, they are taking the money back and supposedly "refunding" it to their advertisters. Yeah right! I would love to find even one Google Adwords advertiser who could weigh in and say they received one of these supposed "refunds". I am betting not and Google gets richer.

      There is no customer service at Google. No human to complain to. They are just a money machine often making a nice living off the backs of the advertisers and webmasters. They might be the biggest out there but they are a farce and if you ever get paid as a webmaster, consider yourself lucky but also know it won't last for long.

      I would not recommend Google from an advertising or webmaster standpoint.

    • profile image

      scam cop 5 years ago

      Bull Shit complaining about google and already published ad on this post .............what about those who buy scam ID of google adsense ..............

    • profile image

      The Scam Buster 5 years ago

      Google adsense is a pure scam... It also payed twice with a low balance. But when my balance was about 3200$ they disabled my account and stole all d money.

      Google Adsense is a scam, Proof:

    • profile image

      Diamond9247 6 years ago


      I'm a deal blogger and was just informed after waiting over 7mths and finally reaching the threshold my Adsense acct# was disabled, poof, just like that without warning, etc! and no proof and an email that said "your account is disabled because of the potential for invalid clicks." It also states that the money is returned to the advertisers. WOW, i was deeply saddened to receive this after all the money & time to increase traffic to website , etc, and yes something sounds really "Suspicious" about this as there is no supporting evidence to support this information and of course there is no phone# to call for support, so is it possibly a scam and how do you disprove these claims ?

    • profile image

      elshireena 6 years ago

      It is definitely a scam. When you get up to the threshold and they start to process your payment you get an email stating "your account is disabled because of the potential for invalid clicks." It also states that the money is returned to the advertisers. What a bunch of you know what. There is no appeal and contacting customer service is impossible. What appeals to get to customer support are denied. It seems like they deliberately pool a lot of people regularly if that is true, think of all the money they get from the advertisers and is not paid out. The IRS really should audit them. Something is really fishy.

    • profile image

      Samioddin Shaikh 6 years ago

      It's simply scam........

    • profile image

      Serena Gabriel 6 years ago

      Adsense is a scam. Once you start earning money they make false accusations against you and steal your earnings. I have written a hub about my experience with them here.

      They are fraudsters. And, I'm actually a little afraid that I ever had anything to do with them. I would advise anyone not to get tangled up with them or any of their services.

    • profile image

      Jason 6 years ago

      Google Adsense is a con, I used it with my YouTube account, I have around 70 videos and I am always making more because of the incentive of getting paid for the effort. Google only pay out when you reach the threshold

      of £60 for the UK, I had earned £75 UK pounds and when I did reach it yesterday, they sent me an email saying they detected invalid clicks and closed my AdSense account today and kept the money, they won't give out the reports to prove why, they say they can't disclose their methods, pile of poo to be honest. So Adblock Plus is now on my PC. You can install it Firefox or Chrome, it's free. Google will get no more video uploads

      from me, never ever. They make a fortune from YouTube videos because of

      ordinary people? like us and we get nothing in return. They just proved

      me right. Got too many views on my videos, I did nothing wrong just simply got lucky having a lot of viewers. Now I get nothing. And Google won't get any of my videos again, I'll keep them for my own video site. I'd advise anyone entering into this to read the forum and re-think because it may take months for you to get to the payment threshold and when you do, you don't pay you. They reserve that right, we the people of the internet also reserve the right not to view Google ads. So block them with Adblock pro. Regards from a very angry former Google Adsense user.

    • profile image

      Clarence w Turpin 6 years ago

      To Racist Bigot 4 you should watched what you are saying.You running your mouth way to much.You might end up getting bird droppings In your mouth If you can't keep It close.For some of us that can't get a job because no one hiring this Is our only chance.Unlike you whom was most likely born with a golden spoon in mouth from how you are sounding.I think you are 1 of the rich snobs who like to troll the forums to run their mouth.Well I'm putting you In your place so shut your trap!

    • profile image

      Clarence w Turpin 6 years ago

      I got up to 8.50 and they disable me saying I was at risked for click fraud.I've appeal it to but most likely won't do me any good.

    • profile image

      Jesse 6 years ago

      I can tell you from personal experience that google adsense is not a scam. I use it on my websites and make money each month, this website shows you how to do it and gives all the details check it out it doesnt sell anything its purely informative

    • profile image

      Racist Bigot 6 years ago

      All of you should quit being so lazy and go get a real job!

    • profile image

      nanimato 6 years ago

      Google adsense does work, but it takes lots of time and effort. ~ Simply put, NO TRAFFIC, NO MONEY!!

    • profile image

      ads-publisher 6 years ago

      Google adsense is contextual advertising running under google Inc.Since is a greatest search engine on internet and it is also run by google there is no any doubt about google adsense, where hubpages also works as a adsense publisher.More about google adsense what i think..

    • profile image

      ron 6 years ago

      google is the biggest scam ever. it makes money with the small guys who are charged tenfold over what the big corps are paying. Say if you are a beginner, you are charged $10 per click, the big corporations only pay like 10 cents

    • profile image

      deal 6 years ago

      but google can give a second chance to people like me. i haven't commited any crime i just haven't read their agrement properly who will if they have 2 or 3 pages of can remove my earnings or even can give me a warning before banning me

    • profile image

      Eric 7 years ago

      They know how many clicks are invalid which means they know how many are valid as well so they cancel your account and keep the valid click money for themselves. They aren't going to give it back to the advertisers.

    • profile image

      John 7 years ago

      Ok I just just signed up and now im scared, can I cancel my account or will they delete it when I try to cancel? HELP ME ASAP!

    • profile image

      dalradio 7 years ago

      Google adsense is not a scam but maybe little and they delay too.

    • profile image

      satish 7 years ago

      i have created adsense last year may.. and by now its almost 100$ but from december 31st my adsense account is not calculating my money and the rest of the money is in unpaid earnings :( i dont know what to do :(

    • mod2vint profile image

      mod2vint 7 years ago from Sunny Florida

      OK! its finally happened, it took 11 months, but I'll be expecting a check from google soon. I have passed their threshold. Hopefully all goes well! One thing I found odd was today I had 8 ad clicks and I'm not sure what pages yet, but those 8 clicks were over $20 total. This would be a very nice passive income if it happened like that every day.

    • profile image

      adsence 7 years ago

      The crazier part is how much money Google made off that $8.14 balance you have. This is what happens when a company has a monopoly on an industry. Google has become way to big for their own good.

    • profile image

      Adsense Nonsense 7 years ago

      Adsense is Nonsense Google have some of the greatest programmers on earth.

      Having said that - they can't match multiple click to the same IP and just ignore the clicks and not charge the advertisers...

      Adsense is just front to charge advertisers and not the the people that display the ads..

      They say they reimburse the advertisers NO proof..

      Conclusion they take advantage of peoples desperation to make a $ Dollar...

      Even a half-brained Kid can match multiple clicks to the same IP..

      Adsense is Nonsense don't be a MUG!!!

    • profile image

      blazr63 7 years ago from Massachusetts

      I've been using Google adsense for a few months and average about 2 clicks a week. One reason for this is my traffic is very low, but another is quite simple. Most people do not click on ads! Even if you match colors, and fonts sizes to blend well, and your ad placement is targeted - I'll say it again - Most people do not click on ads! You need to have literally tons of traffic to make money from the 2% of people who accidentally click on ads.

    • profile image

      viatusinfotech 7 years ago

      I think it's all depends on one views. Every one has their different views so different opinions too. I can't say it's scam but yes I agree their clicks are too little and they delay too.

    • profile image

      senumpao 7 years ago

      After reading about Google Adsense and hearing stories from people with Google Adsense Account, my conclusion is Google Adsense is a scam.

      1. Why hold webmaster responsible for invalid click?

      2. Why not count webmaster IP as not pay?

      3. Why not count as 1 pay for the same IP, doesn't matter how many times the clicks on the same Ads?

      Google is the advertiser, they have the power to disable your account at any time without pay.

    • profile image

      best way to lose belly fat 7 years ago

      The thing I hate about google adsense is that they ban you if you get clickbombed. I understand that costs the advertisers money but they should have a system in place to block those ip's and individuals doing the clickbombs and not penalize the publisher.

    • profile image

      how to get rid of eczema 7 years ago

      I think if you learn how to set up sites and do it the right way you can make a lot of money from adsense. You have to do it legitimately though, makes no sense tying to game the system and get you account banned!

    • profile image

      deepakkumaarr 7 years ago

      Google simply do not disable the account

    • profile image

      salman 7 years ago

      google is big scamer when money is reached the level the google say ur account is block and say some think worng . i have try many time when i reached 100$ my account is block or other problem creat

    • profile image

      Bob 7 years ago

      Okay I have heard that google will say that you violated their polocies by clicking the ads yourself... How do they know, and if you haven't aren't they just scamming you?

    • profile image

      myraf 7 years ago

      well Google adsense is not a scam but their clicks are too little and they delay too.

      Che this site and see difference :

    • profile image

      toothache pain relief 7 years ago

      google adsense is a wondeful program. I believe it's the most easiest method to earn money online. I am earning one dollar daily for one site, so at the end of the month I save around 23 dollars. If i launch 20 sites like this than I'd making a much more than this every month.

    • mod2vint profile image

      mod2vint 7 years ago from Sunny Florida

      Hi Jodie Bec, somebody is or no one would be doing it. You just have to learn by trial and error, somethings work and some don't. There is a ton of info right here on Hubpages, read and learn. That's the best advice I can give.

    • profile image

      Jodie Bec 7 years ago

      Is anyone making alot of money through google adsense? I have just signed up so not sure what to expect!

    • mod2vint profile image

      mod2vint 7 years ago from Sunny Florida

      JannyC, slow is right I'm now up to 13.09 in google money. I don't think I'll be retiring anytime soon. LOL

    • JannyC profile image

      JannyC 7 years ago

      Enjoyed this hub. Its just slow money is all. Lol

    • DanPowers profile image

      DanPowers 8 years ago from Tokyo

      It is possible to make good money on Adsense, but you need a lot of visitors, or you need to be smart, or you need both!

      Incidentally all my sites get ~600,000 page views a year but I'm still making small money.

    • SweetiePie profile image

      SweetiePie 8 years ago from Southern California, USA

      Actually when you begin to write more hubs, track your best performing ones through analytics, it gets easier! Also, try to write a few longer hubs with pictures, which will definitely rank higher with the search engines. Also, I would not let people post their commercial links to your hubs as it can lower your hubs score. Let them write their own hub to promote their business if they need to so badly.

    • mod2vint profile image

      mod2vint 8 years ago from Sunny Florida

      Websclubs: Just what I'm Talking about. You posted a link to one of those sites that wants to sell you just part of the information.