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Is It Better Working From Home? Tips For Making It Work!

Updated on August 28, 2011

The Challenges Of Working From Home

Working from home has its challenges. My husband and I know this firsthand.

Imagine's summertime and the kids are home from school. Hubby isn't feeling well--really not feeling well (know where I'm going with this?!). Not the type of illness where you monster through your day in the office and try to shake it off. The kind of illness where you need to be at home, however, work can get done in shorts and a t-shirt sitting at a desk, or in my husband's case (since I occupy our home office), a tv tray.

We have two children, a 5 yr. old daughter and a 10 yr. old son, who between the two of them have six friends that are regularly in our home to play.

Husband trying to work from home...six kids trying to play in the same get it--not good.

I don't like when my husband has to work from home. A lot of "Be quiet's," and "Keep it down's'" resonate throughout the house in a regular rhythm like the striking of the hour hand on a grandfather clock.

So, what can someone do to make working from home easier if they have no choice in going back to an office like my husband does when he's physically up for it? Here are some tips:

Is Working From Home For You?

Is It Better Working From Home?  Tips To Make It Work!
Is It Better Working From Home? Tips To Make It Work!

Tips For Working From Home

  • Set up your office in a place where you have a door that you can close--be it a spare bedroom, garage, basement, sunroom, or roof if it's not too steep (just kidding--are you still awake?).
  • Hold meetings outside of the home like at a restaurant, or a seldom used conference room at a nearby business (strip bars are a no-no.  Too many distractions and will undoubtedly cost you more than what you earn in a day).
  • Plan brainstorming sessions by bringing together a group of interesting or experienced people who are willing to share ideas with you.  A group of neighborhood ten-year olds who take advanced classes at the local elementary school don't count.
  • Take regular breaks which will help you get energized--a quick walk around the neighborhood, or throwing a ball to your dog (trimming a tree, or fencing in your yard should wait until the weekend).
  • Schedule work time and let your spouse and children know that you are working and shouldn't be disturbed unless absolutely necessary (working from home doesn't mean you can do the grocery shopping, fold laundry, ,pick up dry cleaning or play Candy Land during work hours).
  • Don't answer your regular home phone every time it rings! Get Caller ID and check to see who is calling before you answer it. A call from a gossip-loving friend could cost you valuable work time.
  • Make sure you don't work "round the clock." Set a definite end to your work day. After all, work at home folks need a "Happy Hour" every once in a while too!

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    • thims profile image

      thims 7 years ago

      What great resources! Excellent tips! Getting out of the house to have meetings is a huge boon to business.