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Is Kevin Trudeau's Free Money for Real or a Scam?

Updated on October 15, 2014

Is Kevin Trudeau's Free Money for Real?

Kevin Trudeau's "Free Money" is a current TV Infomercial hosted by Misha Dibono, who plays the role of the surprised average American when she hears what Kevin says. The 30 minute infomercial pitches a new book, "Free Money - They Don't Want You to Know About" by Bestselling author, Kevin Trudeau. Kevin claims Americans can get tens of millions of dollars in free money. Trudeau says there's 4,000 government, state and local programs that give away money to those who apply. Trudeau also claims there's 100,000 private sources of funds that go to US citizens. Apparently, 140 million Americans qualify for these funds. Kevin shows one bill from Congress that gives away about 800 billion dollars over the course of several years. Most people don't know about these funds, but if they apply apparently they can get "free money".

View Kevin Trudeau book titles at, or read on for more information about this product and advertisements.

Trudeau claims the government makes this grant and other money available by way of various bills, but they don't necessarily advertise any of them. They use it politically to say they directed funds to this cause or that, make it public knowledge, and then move on to their next matter on the agenda. So consumer advocate Kevin has researched these various free sources of money to create his latest publication.

What Free Money is About

In Kevin Trudeau's book "Free Money - They Don't Want You to Know About", he gives examples of some of the free funds that are available to the average person. Examples include $9500 to help pay bills, $2800 to pay heating costs and $1200 to help pay your mortgage. Other examples include $800 to buy food, $170 a month for parking, and $3,000 if you volunteer to work in your neighborhood. There's also $4800 to pay "family expenses", $328 to help pay rent and amazingly, $1000 while waiting for some of the other funds you applied for. And for free services, Trudeau mentions there's free dental care, free eyeglasses, free air travel, and free hotel rooms among others.

Kevin also points out Matthew Lesko's series of books about free government money. Lesko is the guy who wears those crazy, colorful suits with all the question marks on his TV advertisements. Kevin stacks up most of Lesko's books on the table such as "Free College & Training Money for Women", "Free Money and Help for Women Entrepreneurs", "Free Legal Help", and "American Benefits for Seniors" to illustrate how concise his book is compared to all the ones Lesko's published. Trudeau says applying for the funds is relatively simple, and his book gives you the best of the information about the free funds you can apply for. Kevin also says he applied for one of these techniques to receive $256 by completing a simple online application, then did another and received over $1500.

Another thing Trudeau discusses is "lost money". These funds come from things such as deceased relatives, mortgages, stocks or IRA's, bank accounts or paychecks. The amazing thing is 140 million people are eligible to apply for all these programs, but usually only 20 million do so. Some of the funds come as quickly as 30 days.

The fine print at the bottom of the infomercial says "Terms and amounts of the grants vary. Eligibility requirements apply". It's listed on the infomercial at a price of $29.95 plus "S&P", and includes free the "Debt Cures" book (a $30 value) and the "Easy $5K Guide", which is about mostly home-based businesses. The Easy $5 K Guide may be similar to the product Jeff Paul's Shortcuts to Internet Millions. The "Free Money" product carries a 30 day money back guarantee according to the advertisement. Kevin says if you haven't received at least $500 in those 30 days you can return the book. Kevin Trudeau's "Free Money" is sold through QSN Direct.

Kevin Trudeau's Free Money Infomercial

Consumer Complaints

While this information presented here is not intended to promote or demote "Free Money", there have been documented complaints regarding Mr. Trudeau's latest product. At this consumer affairs website, more than a few people complain that they tried to order the book "Free Money" and the customer service reps pushed more products on them. These extra products included other books and newsletters. The book supposedly costs $39.99 but once they saw their bill, they had been charged over $93. One woman states the information presented in the book is more for those people who are unemployed or on welfare, rather than the average working person. Buyers beware if you call to order this product from QSN Direct.

Kevin claims he doesn't make a cent off this product and is doing it all as a "public service". He discusses the current dismal state of the economy and says with people losing homes, jobs and their way of life, this book can help them get money to help out. All that said, the choice is really yours to save your hard earned $30 and apply it to bills, or to pay up and purchase Kevin Trudeau's Free Money.

Latest Trudeau Free Money Book


Latest opinion update 2014

The Kevin Trudeau book about free money sources has been updated as of 2014 to include new information. It is still available at the Amazon website, but consumers should proceed with caution before buying products and believing claims made by Mr. Trudeau. At this point, it seems a bit too risky to call him an expert in this sort of advice, so take his words with a grain in salt.


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    • profile image

      john 2 years ago


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    • profile image

      Cindy 2 years ago

      Common sense tells you that if he "makes no money off the sales" and he's doing this only as a "public service" then why does he not just tell you on tv how to do it. Like he doesn't give you ONE example website to go on or anything. If it is such a public service, he shouldn't make you buy anything to get the information.. scam scam scam.....

    • profile image

      jeff 3 years ago

      Hes currently in federal prison...Its a scam and always has been!scumbag.

    • profile image

      jerry 3 years ago

      saw the infomercial today 5,19,2015. tried calling the number and kept getting a story that i won a free cruise, just pay port charges. can't get to the ordering page. it's a scam

    • profile image

      ME 3 years ago

      He's in jail now Google it

    • profile image

      Vincent Curto 3 years ago from Gainesville FL

      Let's settle this once and for all. Kevin Trudeau is a crook, con artist, and swindler who has been ordered by courts to stop pandering his false products many times. He ignores these writs and continues selling his lying infomercials and will have to be put behind bars before he stops. Google "Kevin Trudeau" and see the long list of hits that clearly describe his felonious activities and efforts to put an end to his slimy tactics. Anyone who continues being sucked in by his crap has only him or herself to blame when they're dissatisfied since he's only selling books to make money and not to help anyone but himself. Caveat Emptor!

    • profile image

      Mr. Duddly 4 years ago

      Keven Turdo is a con man and deserves to rot in prison long after Hell freezes over. This clown is the most disgusting type of human that could be conceived of by whore or crapping. Anyone who orders his useless books needs to get there head examined. Keven, you suck C**ks and can go to Hell!

    • profile image

      Douglas Wheat 4 years ago

      This guy is a complete assho*e and I'd like nothing more than to give him a good a$$ Kicking! I can think of no single person I have more dislike for than this useless piece of sh!t. Go F yourself Keven Turdo!

    • profile image

      Johnc434 4 years ago

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    • profile image

      Stupid 4 years ago

      Who buys this crap. Really ? How dumb can you be. ??

    • profile image

      lol 4 years ago

      Guess nobody will get to meet him since he is in jail again. Of course he doesnt make a dime off it. He is still paying off his 30 mil fine from his last scam.

    • profile image

      Barbara 4 years ago

      I checked his book out of the library. Of the thousads of claims I only qualified for 2. At the end of the application there is a required $39.95 fee for the cost of internet advertising. I deleted my name, address and phone number. I was called repeated by a strong accented person.They wouldn't take "I'm no longer interested please don't call again "For weeks it went on. I would reject the number only to be called by another person with a slightly different number. I'm glad I didn't put in any financial information! What a scam!!!Kevin you'll get your due for being a lier and cheat.

    • profile image

      John1972 4 years ago

      You can find some decent methods to start an online business here:

    • profile image

      Lou1991 4 years ago

      Didn't Jeff Paul spend some time in jail also? Maybe Kevin and Jeff were cellmates?

    • profile image

      julian ramirez 4 years ago

      I have a real comment to post for you, sob, but i'm concerned for my saftey so i restrained...


    • profile image

      a sucker born every minute 4 years ago

      Ever hear of the phrase, if it's too good to be true, it probably is? Scam artists like Trudeau rely on gullible people that think they can get rich without making much of an effort. If it were that easy, everyone would be rich. Before he started making infomercials, he was convicted of fraud for posing as a doctor and cashing $80,000 in checks followed by printing credit cards using the social security numbers of his first "customers" from the first book he wrote. I hope they throw this thief in jail for a long time.

    • profile image

      MEG 4 years ago



    • profile image

      Nathan 4 years ago

      His books are fantastic! I have received so much valuable information from them that improved my health and finances.

    • profile image

      Fabio 4 years ago

      I've been researching for more than 10 years in the fields of martial arts, health, nutrition, success principles, happiness and spiritual enlightenment and as a matter of fact I never found anything as nearly powerful as the GIN training is.

      My life has been positively impacted in all its aspects by GIN and it's getting better every day.

      I'm building great relationships with fantastic people with great commitments, focus and responsibilities; positive enthusiastic people that do not talk the talk but walk the walk, and have a great heart.

      If you ever had the opportunity to meet Kevin Trudeau in person you know he is a real gentlemen and a very nice and kind person.

      Kevin is being massively attacked by the mainstream media because he is exposing the corruption between governments and the pharmaceutical industry and more.

      Some people are saying that Kevin is telling lies and has produced fraudulent infomercials and books but I have a question for these people:

      "Have you ever tried to do what he is suggesting in his books?"

      I did. And my life dramatically improved. I would suggest to this negative people to consider that "to know and not to do, is not to know".

      Many people are talking about the subjects of natural health and government corruption today but most of them are not able to reach a huge audience.

      Kevin is very good in communication and sales so therefore his ability to reach out the masses is huge, and that's why the power that be fear him so much and it's trying to stop him in every way.

      Kevin is not giving up because this is a very important legal battle concerning the freedom of speech and if lost, could become a precedent and the basis to stop the freedom of speech of us all.

      Kevin is leading by example, showing the only thing to fear is fear itself, as fear it's only False Evidence Appearing Real.

      People are waking up. Please remember that everything begins inside yourself and you can be, do have everything you want in your life if you believe it.

      The hundreds, thousands monkeys are out now, and counting. We are unstoppable and it's going to be an exciting ride.

      Thank you so much Kevin for taking this huge challenge to shed light on reality and protect the freedom of speech for us all.

      With Love and Light


    • profile image

      Sonja Suykens 4 years ago

      What a strange story!

      I know a lot of people who bought that book, and I bought it myself. I DO NOT KNOW a single person who wants the money back for that book! ... so !?!

      The money that I invested in the Club is the best ever investment in my whole Life. It is an investment in "Personal Development", and that value is inestimable! My Life changed only for the BEST since that I am in the Club!

      Here some more:

      The Man that put this fabulous Training together for the Club is a Hero, and the Media is trying to destroy .... Easy ... to destroy what you don't know! And some people ... who don't know too ... are listening to the Media, and agree and believe :-(

      I want to thank KT for all he did, because my Life changed so much in the last 2 Years, and only for the best! I want to thank KT for this fabulous Club, because without the Club, I would never be what I am now. I would never be the person that I became. I would never have the Friendships and Relationships that I found in the Club. I would never have the strength of character and personality that I have now. I would never have the Business Opportunities that I have now. I would never live the Life that I live now, with all the Happiness, the travel, and all those little things every day! I am a Life-Time GIN Member !! I am proud of our Club, and ... if YOU are not a Member yet, and read this, I can only strongly advise you to consider to become a Member !!

      You don't know what you don't know ! You have to "live" the Club!

      Thank You Kevin!!

      Sonja - Luzern / Switzerland

    • Nancy Ashley profile image

      Nancy Ashley 4 years ago from Denver, Colorado

      Thank you God for Kevin Trudeau and GIN. My life has literally been transformed. I'm debt free, have my own International Business (in 52 countries), and live a life of significance full of passion, purpose and meaning. My self confidence and self esteem have gone thru the roof. The positive, upbeat contacts and life long friends I've made in GIN have made my life so much more fulfilling and rich! I'm now literally living the life of my dreams!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • profile image

      Kim 4 years ago

      Kevin is truly a hero! He has done so much to improve the lives of so many people, including me and my family. The information he shares with the world is life-changing in a very positive way. I am healthy and happy and getting better and better every day. Thanks Kevin!

    • profile image

      Steve 4 years ago

      The training KT has offered in the form of Your Wish Is Your Command has been nothing short of spectacula. Before listening to it I wasn’t doing much. I was very lost and broke. Through the training KT has offered and the opportunities I’ve gotten since becoming a member of the global Information network I have been able to turn my life around financially and have given my life a brand new meaning and purpose that didn’t exist prior to KT and GIN.

      My thoughts and energy go out to you Kevin; you have never let any of us who know the truth down. Everything will happen exactly as it should in the best possible outcome.

    • profile image

      tony 4 years ago

      Really!It's interesting how ignorant and gullible the American public can be".Free money everybody buy my book to find where the free money is".Then the public complains when they can't find it.I've got a book called the "Money tree".Plant it and a few years later money will grow from the branches only $599.99, with monthly payments available.Order now,trees available in several denominations 10-100 bills.

    • profile image

      luckyIhaveagreatbank 4 years ago

      Tried to stop this scam artist from sending my husband his garbage and got the lie, "We can't see it in the system yet. I will take 24-48 hours and then we may not be able to stop it." Called my bank and they cancelled the card and won't allow this piece of shit to get my money! :)

    • profile image

      luckyIhaveagreatbank 4 years ago

      Tried to stop this scam artist from sending my husband his garbage and got the lie, "We can't see it in the system yet. I will take 24-48 hours and then we may not be able to stop it." Called my bank and they cancelled the card and won't allow this piece of shit to get my money! :)

    • profile image

      Midknightrider 4 years ago

      WOW... I saw the infomercial for his book that looked like they were investigating him but all they did was sell. I am so glad to know how much of a fake he is.

    • profile image

      Ron-G 5 years ago

      Hey people K.T. hoodwinked alot of ppl.Now lets work 2wards getting hold of the right ppl to send him where he belongs.the fact that many have fallen prey to event cause for national attention,Lets ban together and get the turning on this!

    • profile image

      Cliff 5 years ago

      I just watched the Info-Blab and almost bought in! Thought I'd do some checking first, GLAD I DID. Thanks for the heads up....

      I'll be Granting MYSELF at least $29.95 for starters.

    • profile image

      No it all 5 years ago

      This guy is a felon and a piple of garbage that wants your money , he does not want to give you free money. the government doesnt give free money except pail grants . so dont buy his book !!! he spent 3 years in prison and coulndt do paid info commercials for 3 years either. he is a liar. anything to make the general public order his book

    • profile image

      jon 5 years ago

      wow what a creep

    • profile image

      mnymn-60 5 years ago

      it's a scam ,man!

    • profile image

      t scott 5 years ago

      I ordered the Money They Don't Want you to know about and i found out i had money coming and got it, ithink some people wanted more then what the book wanted and like the one man said if u dont want the rest of it say no also any credit card charged wrong can be canceled by your credit card rep these days so its not that hard. People are looking for help but theres alot of negs ads but some got what they were wanting so i'll leave it at that.

    • profile image

      Long and Short 5 years ago

      I have seen Kevin Trudeau's crap for years. However, I NEVER buy anything online or through TV without researching. The below link should be enough to convince anyone to stay away (if the fact that he has done jail time for bank fraud and other things isn't enough).

    • profile image

      Carl n the "D" 5 years ago

      The commercial is scam.. That's why it comes on as early as 4a.m. When most working class Americans are sleeping, plus running a commercial is pretty cheap to run in the wee hours nobody want to hear that B.S. People there are grants out there.... You don't have to pay for info, doin research is free, if the free money grant is free, then why pay anybody... HELLOOOoooooo

    • profile image

      Mookie 5 years ago

      Kevin Trudeau served time for credit card fraud ( American express ) and larceny. He teamed up with a company called Nutrition for life which turned out to be nothing but a pyramid scam.

    • profile image

      cliff 5 years ago

      iam sry for you guys who have been scamed ,but i just brung in 100.000 dollars so its so very true.

    • profile image

      ms.B 5 years ago

      Thanks everyone for inputting your situtations on the purchase of these books and what you had to go through....will not be making a purchase on this infomercial or take a chance on any other one. These comments to this book are a nightmare.

    • profile image

      favpapa 5 years ago

      Kenin Trudeau has sunk to an all new low. I woke this morning to find the most ridiculous infomercial ever posing as an exposé on Kevin. Appropriately it turned out I was watching #syfy.

    • profile image

      dazed 5 years ago

      I purchased Kevin Trudeau's free money book, and believe me it is a scam. Being a person on disability, and looking to get money, seems that I was shelling out more money than getting money.... just to file the papers it cost, just to look at the list of free government programs it cost money. To make a long story short... keep your money and don't waste it on this crap.

    • profile image

      beauty 5 years ago

      just buy the book at amazon for 8 dollers

    • profile image

      ljbufford 5 years ago

      SCAM SCAM SCAM, I bought the books last year, I live in central Missouri. and after reading the books, I found I could not use them because I did not live in the correct county. or the correct city. NO HELP FOR COUNTRY FOLKS. The information can be found at any public library.

    • profile image

      Rob 5 years ago

      If it works, why is he writing books?

    • profile image

      illuminatiISwatchin' 5 years ago

      If the book is reality, it wouldn't even be on t.v. I actually dnt think the government ("they") would have even let him publish this book. I mean the gov. Does run and control the media! Maybe this Guy is on "their" side anyway! Seems like same ol' sick twisted and greedy american scam laugh to me.

    • profile image

      milo 6 years ago

      Kevin Trudeau is a convicted felon, and all his books appear to be scams. See the link.


    • profile image

      abcd 6 years ago

      Nothing is free in the world.. specially in USA.. hahhaha.. he just want you $19.95 for crapy book.........

    • profile image

      janet 6 years ago


    • profile image

      sameolshxx 6 years ago

      Its alot of scames out here but one that is not a scam is insanity and thats a known fact

    • profile image

      Elizabeth Torres 6 years ago

      Do not buy the book, this is the best advise I can give you, save your $40 something and DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK...

    • profile image

      Chris 6 years ago

      I have read both of his "Natural Cures" books as well as his Debt cures book. You can purchase on and amazon. All of his books are excellent! His advice is accurate. I have CURED my 17 year thyroid disease with advice from his books! Anybody against him is affiliated with the FTC, FDA, ABC, etc and they do not want you to know their hidden agenda of NOT protecting consumers but in fact they are protecting the pharmaceutical industry!

    • profile image

      joshua 6 years ago

      how much

    • profile image

      Phil Moore 6 years ago

      Trudeau's Free Money book offer is a classic bait and switch. They offer a coaching network for $29.95/month and a newsletter for $140/year. In return for signing up for these services they offer gift cards from Walmart. If you choose not to continue with these services, and you cancel you had better hold on to your cancel confirmation number or they will continue to charge your account and refuse to reimburse your account. No wonder he's a huge financial success!

    • profile image

      shell 6 years ago

      True Gina, People told me Amway wouldn't work and it changed my finical life for ever! Cant get free money if you have a closed mind

    • profile image

      Gina 6 years ago

      He was not legally thrown in jail.. Do you really think the govornment wants you to know how to get this money? If it doesnt work you get to keep the product and a refund.. Whats the big deal.. How many of you tryed and failed to get the money?? or are you just running off rumors?

    • profile image

      Wolverine7196 6 years ago

      Never heard of this book or the author, saw it on a commercial this morning and jotted the phone number down.....

      I called them and cut to the chase, how much is shipping and handling?

      One book was $12

      Two books, $22.

      That's criminal, I retired from the Postal Service, you can ship 2 books by Media Mail with Delivery Confirmation for about $6-$7 add $1 for packaging material, see where I'm going?

      After reading other comments, glad I asked questions.

    • profile image

      emma kelley 6 years ago

      kevin you said don"t give them money. and they say you have to pay money on all the web pages we go to.

    • profile image

      Sharon 6 years ago

      Kevin is a fraud....he will take your money (was offering a monthly newsletter for around $80.00) for one year subscription....received only 2 newsletters and had to keep calling his office to get them to either send me back my money or have them send me the missing newsletters...after repeatedly being told I would be getting the newsletters, nothing ever came to my house and no one would return my calls to have my money reimbursed...he's a scam artist and he's very very good at what he does...he's been in jail for this as well. Please do not buy or believe anything he is saying.

    • profile image

      very mad 6 years ago

      I think kevin Trudeau is a con man who preys on the less fortunate. My mother-in-law at the age of 78 years old only wanted to do somthing nice for her family.By purchasing the books that promise you a better life grandma really felt good about doing somthing for her family.After being double charched for something she really cant afford in the first place the poor woman was heart broken to find out it was all a scam. Lets face it, its the government do you really think their going to give away money that they work so hard to take from you in the first place? Please dont be a victim. I only wish i could get my mother-in-laws money back. Since that will never happen, I would love to have Kevin Trudeau to meet my mother-in-law and explain to her how it is just a scam for him to make money. And since that will never happen,i just hope people will read this and be warned. If it was up to me I would burn all his books.

    • profile image

      Diana 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Michael Wood 6 years ago

      If you will notice Kevin says that the people who know and qualify will recieve the money. Not every person who applies will get money. That's not what he claims. It amazes me about some people how when hearing about something like this they all say its a scam. After reading some of your complaints on how Kevin Trudeau is a fraud and the things he says aren't true. You then say that everything he says in his books can be found with a little work. People get off your asses and actually apply yourself to something and you just might find that the things that some people tell you just might be true. Regardless of how it sounds to you. What he says about how a bill is put together is true. Alot of the stuff he puts in his books are common sense. If you really apply yourself ( there's that word again)you will find this out. People these days want hand outs. Think that everybody owes them somehow. Everything Trudeau says in his books are absolutely true. If it wasn't, the government wouldn't be trying to shut him up. Since when have you ever seen the government try to stop someone from saying something that wasn't true! If it ain't true. It won't last.

    • profile image

      Michael 6 years ago

      THESE WORDS POSTED FROM THE GREATEST BOOK OF ALL TIMES: ECCLESIASTES 12:8)"Vanity of vanities", saith the preacher; "all is vanity". 9)And moreover, because the preacher was wise, he still taught the people knowledge; yea, he gave good heed, and sought out, and set in order many proverbs. 10)The preacher sought to find out acceptable words; and that 'which was' written was upright, 'even' words of truth. 11)The words of the wise 'are' as goads, as nails fastened by the masters of assemblies, 'which' are given from one shepherd. 12)And further, by these, my son, be admonished: of making many books there is no end: and much study is a weariness of the flesh. 13) Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear (reference) GOD, and keep HIS commandments: for this 'is' the whole duty of man. 14) For GOD shall bring every work into judgement, with every secret thing, whether 'it be' good, or whether 'it be' evil."

    • profile image

      Jeffery 6 years ago

      i bot lotsa his books i spemd 100s dollars i bi 1 book and he send lots i mad i real mad how i get mony bak i need help

    • profile image

      heriberto 6 years ago

      how can a scam be happenig for a period of two years and no one have sue Kevin Trudeau. My opinion is that if ther is people that won a sue agains Mcdonals, why can Kevin Trudeau be beated in hes scam? And why is he stil on TV?

    • profile image

      v.alexandra 6 years ago

      yall do know the books are in stores for like 11.95 right? if everyone is having such bad problems with getting it over the phone why not just go to the store?

    • profile image

      cntrytilidie 6 years ago

      I'm curious to know if anyone who has ordered the book by phone agreed to any of the free trials. If so did any of you recieve the walmart gift cards promised to you just for trying the free 30 day trials which you can cancell at anytime?

    • profile image

      John S 6 years ago

      We know that there are now documented cases of those who used the book to get income that they were not expecting, and prroof has been given. However, most will not find that to to be the situation in their case. I am convinced that if anyone does get money from what they read in this book, they will highly endorse it, but if they do not, they will do just the opposite. A person will have to decide for themselves. I do find it amusing though.

    • profile image

      Fred Locke 6 years ago

      These books might be helpfull but when I read them I'm not interesten in reading about how much other people found over and over. Its a waste of reading time. Then when you offered these so called FREE BOOKS for the cost of SHIPPING nad HANDLING your not telling the people that there paying (10 THE SHIPPING COST) Its a scam.

    • profile image

      Robert Koniption 6 years ago

      I purchased Matthew Lesko's book which is the same type of book as KT's. I read it cover to cover and found it a total rip off. There was not one useful grant or source of "free money" in the entire book! I returned it and got my money back. Don't bother with these books. If you still want to read one you can buy them on at a greatly reduced price and on top of that you won't get bugged to buy other books. If it sounds too good to be true, it is!

    • profile image

      lesa manka 6 years ago

      i got the book and i have found no money and all he does is talk about him self what a wast of money never again he just wants ur money

    • profile image

      mathew2012 6 years ago

      The problem people is when times like this take place, we all have a tendency to find the next quick fix. We have the tendency to fall into the trap when someone out there is saying free money, it is key words like this that make us all have the tendency to become vulnerable. It is human nature and it is a crying shame that there are people out there that entrap the most vulnerable. We just have to realise that if our own government is yet to offer help to those in need, then a scam artist like Kevin can't either. I mean right now if I create a website, and promote a book that says free money, or you can be rich and make 100000 in one week, and charge 39 dollars, guess what if this offer is marketable people will buy into this as well..It is called consumer fraud and the crazy thing is people on the web get away with it

    • profile image

      Dino 6 years ago

      I like the hot women with big boobs that trudeau and other book hustlers hire for late night informercials!! It makes watching it "enjoyable."

    • profile image

      beware 6 years ago

      dnatuck 4 weeks ago

      kevin doesn't make any money off book yeah right

      This may be a true statement, he does not make any money off the book.

      HE MAKES MONEY OFF THE SHIPPING. Even if he profits a buck off ever book do the math

      30 million sold x $1.00

      That's $30,000,000.00 in FREE MONEY that KT doesn't want us to know about.

    • profile image

      beware 6 years ago

      I recently purchased the KT Free Money book. What a waste of time, ordered the book on Monday on Tuesday had to sign up for shoppersadvantage,com and before they would ship out the book.

      Keep in mind when you sign up for these two sites they are a dollar each for a trial, then renew monthly until canceled for $21.95 per month and $ 19.99 per month both of these site are a waste of time.

      Don't forget the Free Booklet on 25 Ways to make $5K per month from home this is packed with 25 of most ridiculous ways to make money from home - 2 of my favorites sell unwanted items on ebay and craigslist wow I would of never figured that out on my own.

      Yes there is grant money out there but in this book there are to many specific qualifications that rule out most people.

      Big deal if we return the book we can keep the 25 Ways it's not even worth the paper it's printed on.

      When I received the book went through it in 2 hours,a very easy read, searched the few websites listed and came up with nothing.

      So I canceled all memberships today and the book is going back tomorrow, and going to call my credit card company to cancel the card and get a new number so there is no chance of double billing.

      Think about it over 30 million copies sold, even if you return the book for the 19.95 less the shipping every time he definitely makes a ton of money just from the shipping alone, even if he profits $1.00 from every book shipped.

      That's the business sell a book full of nonsense, charge $9.95 for expedited shipping, probably has a bulk mail rate anyway, very low cost. Make money off the shipping and since many won't return the book it's a win win situation.

      I think it's a big scam.....

      It was a lesson learned KT is too good to be true, and I will never buy anything off late night television again.

      Good Luck All...

    • profile image

      Rico 6 years ago

      Misha DiBono is the blonde spokeswoman interviewer on the latest infomercial for his book. She used to be a reputable, legit newscaster in San Diego years ago. I always wondered what happened to her. She must have fell on hard times to be associating herself with this kind of scheme.

    • profile image

      Krs 6 years ago

      Honestly, they aren't scams. There is grant money. You just have to do the leg work and apply for it. You write a proposal, you request the specific grant based on your area and purpose. I am part of a non profit organization that sends us (members ) grant opportunities each year. Many small businesses have gotten grants to further their business. You don't need the books, but the books help you find the information quicker or in less time than on your own, If you are not good at researching them.

    • profile image

      Me 6 years ago

      He looks like a used car salesman...I've never had much luck with used car salesmen.

    • profile image

      Yolanda 6 years ago

      There is a special place in hell for people like Kevin.

    • profile image

      o m g 6 years ago

      everything went well filling out all the proper work nescesary except its been 3 weeks now the woman on the other end says 7 to 11 days a form to fill out will be there i kept telling her its to good to be true a scam most likely she kept assuring me its not she is as guilty of fraud as he is why fellow americans want to f... fellow americans is beyond me when you die are you sure your going up or just maybe the word fu.. you have done to yourself earth is a short time hell is 4 ever

    • profile image

      Toz 6 years ago

      Trudeau has been ripping people off with different scams before and after his PRISON TIME...I along with at least 20 people I know just in our small area of the world were taken for a grand each back in his vitamin MLM days in the 90s. Lifetime crook.

    • profile image

      Rubyredjewel 6 years ago

      I just saw a program where the woman claims to be investigating Kevin for fraud because of this Free Money book. First she says they tried to get him on the program but the government stopped her. She also keeps showing the call center & warehouse where the book can only be ordered from. The entire show she finds the people in the book & ask them did they really get free money and ask them to prove it. They then show her a bank statement with the deposit. After about four cases she still says she's investing fraud. If they have the money how is it still fraud? Then again someone showing a statement isn't proof either! Clearly this is nothing more than an infomercial to sell the book & other products. The number is advertized repeatedly. I know the only one making money is but what struck me as funny was if the book is true why weren't the call center people reading it and making all that money instead of working in his call center & warehouse? (lol)

    • profile image

      framer 6 years ago

      If his books work like he says and he says he don't make a penny then where does all the money go that all thes dumb asses spend go. An in his infomercial they go to there actresses houses and ask for some kind of proof of there free money, Well why don't Kevin show proof that he don't make a penny on (GIVING HA HA HA) this imfo.

    • profile image

      bkeverett 6 years ago

      I know it's some programs they don't tell us about, how do you think all the immigrants come here and own busineses. If a african or arab was making enough money to buy someone out of their business over here, than they was doing supurb in their own country. They didn't leave a million dollar business to own a corner store here.They know:we don't.

    • profile image

      Common Sense 6 years ago

      Check with the library first to check out the book for free. Or you can order the book on amazon, for at least $9.95, instead of $29.95, or more. I just looked at a infomercial, (investigation)that interviewed the actual people whom received real checks, and bank deposits however;they did show proof that they did receive the money. Actually there must be some realness to "FREE MONEY."

    • profile image

      Dakota 6 years ago

      I am a professional not-for-profit executive and know the grant world really well. Kevin is a motivated salesman, but his claims are not true. 99% of all grants have one stipulation that will exclude you. For instance, there is a grant for college funds but it is ONLY for Cherokee girls (need tribe documentation). Or it is for a Polish heritage boy who wants to be an engineer. The grants are very specific, not generic or open to all. Searching for a grant for which you can apply takes weeks. The process is so laborious that there are prefessionals who do nothing but grant research and/or grant writing. Some grants are for not-profit organizations and I have written many that are over 300 pages long. I know of no grant money which will pay you directly for your electric bill. Period. Those that do exist must come from a local community development corporation (CDC) which gets the money, then allocates it to applicants as long as the money does not run out. Again, the application will be at least 5 pages long and you must include tax returns, utility bills, etc. It takes work, folks.

    • profile image

      PAT 6 years ago

      Hey, thanks for all the above comments. You are so right, if the Money was really free, then why is Kevin T. selling it. GREED!

      I am still looking for Money to finish my last 6classes for my Degree.

    • profile image

      dnatuck 6 years ago

      if this book was for real kevin tradeau would give it for free with agreement to recieve 20% of all money obtained to each person.kevin doesn't make any money off book yeah right nobody goes thru that much trouble for nothing.

    • profile image

      shutup&readidiots 6 years ago

      It so funny how people act when they dont like what they invested the saying saids the best investment is yourself....the book is suppose to help and guide you like all books do...DUHHHHHH people....All yal want is a handout instead of a helping gotta research, the money is just gotta get the paperwork right and get the grants..idiots...I bet if you really read the book instead of stating your dumb as opinions yal probably would have gotten your grant money....I got mines yal get yours.

    • profile image

      Cam 6 years ago

      I hope you people realize that most nonprofit pay for 40-60% of their operating expenses through grants and donations. People are stupid. Learn what a grant is. I don't know if they're as easy as what the book says, but you can get buttloads of money from them.

    • profile image

      Chris 6 years ago

      There is only one way to get "free money". Work! What is wrong with people that always want something for free!!! Work like the rest of us and stop looking for an easy way to get something you have not earned! I give this guy some credit for finding a way to make his money; too bad it's not honest! Hard work is the only way to make it all work! Good luck.

    • profile image

      Moy moy 6 years ago

      I bought the book and the first day that I received FREE MONEY I got $2000

    • profile image

      RA 6 years ago

      We'll see your money making program in detail. hope it'll work.

    • profile image

      sir_daniel1964444 6 years ago

      i just bought the book i a gree he is just making millions him self moste stuff can be found on the goverment. org he probley has what i call a swatshop of telamrketers but you no we buy in to it . dont we kinde of deseverve it .congrat to him thow he is making millions and if its leagle i think you would to right

    • profile image

      erick t 6 years ago

      to all i was out of work and needed money. lost my house hade to movein with my mother and fother. "and then if found a way" to get my life back!!! this is not free money. but it is a way to get your life back the price is 40.00$

    • profile image

      mark lay 6 years ago

      ok i admitt i bought his entire series for $110.00 ouch! but, i followed his every example to the letter. step by step and after applying his some 15 studies and 45 days later im, sad to say but i made ZERO, ((( JUST KIDDING ))) i rang in 6 checks first, was $1700.00 2nd $3400.00 3rd $850.00 4th $15,321.00 5th $357.00 and the 6th $9100.00 " HEY IM MORMON " [i never lie].

    • profile image

      bobulabreath 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Big Brother 6 years ago


      "Trudeau's activities have been the subject of both criminal and civil action. He was convicted of larceny and credit card fraud in the early 1990s, and in 1998 paid a $500,000 fine for making false or misleading claims in his infomercials. In 2004, he consented to a lifetime ban on promoting products other than his books via infomercials."

    • profile image

      me 6 years ago

      I bought Your Wish is your command CD. just wondering why we cannot hear the audience when they ask question? there is no audio, might be a fake one.

    • profile image

      nino 6 years ago

      kevin trash

    • profile image

      me 6 years ago

      I worked hard as a house keeper, when I saw KT on the T.V I thought its my opportunity to be out of debt, I spend more than a thousand dollars of all the products and books that he recommend but did not bring me anywhere, instead took me 3 months to paid off my credit card, he ripped me off. its a scam.

    • profile image

      froggierasta 6 years ago

      HE FOUND IT ON A FREE WEBSITE AND IS MAKING YOU PAY FOR IT!!! This information is all free! Go to and search 100's of topics from grants to free publications. The government isn't hiding anything if you don't know it's because you haven't been told. It's an absolutely free website. No strings and gives you step by step instructions on anything you want to know. For Real don't pay anyone for any information Kevin Trudeau is ripping people off and it PISSES ME OFF!


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