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Is MaxGXL A Scam Or Legitimate

Updated on July 14, 2011

Max Review

 In 2007 a new entrance was made to the network marketing industry with the launch of Max International. Their claim to fame was an antioxidant product, however it was unlike any juice or other antioxidant product on the market. The key difference here is that is accelerated the production of the body's master antioxidant, glutathione.

The first step to evaluating if a company is a scam or not is by looking at the ownership. The founders and investors of Max International include Steven Scott, Greg Fullerton, Bill Guthy and Greg Renker.

Steven K Scott, was a co-founder of America Telecast, a very successful TV direct advertising company.  He had his medical team do their research and due diligence on the MaxGXL product and came to the conclusion that it was a very effective product which would benefit many people.

In fact Steven Scott went to his one of his main competitors to help bring it to market. You would know these competitors Bill Guthy and Greg Renker from their company Guthy-Renker, which does almost two Billion in sales annually, and their product line includes some well recognized brands such as Proactiv.

Steven Scott, Bill Guthy and Greg Renker, could choose to sell any product they want, so it would make sense that they would only choose effective products to market. No doubt many people approach them to bring their products to market.  Seeing as they decided to team up together to bring MaxGXL to the world and stake their reputations on it, one would expect MaxGXL to do what they claim.

There has been clinical trials done with the product to evaluate its effectiveness in a scientific manner.  The trials used the double blind placebo crossover methodology which is important to obtain accurate results.  Also the product received a compositional patent, which is a special type of patent awarded to pharmaceutical type products.  A scam product would not be awarded this type of patent.

Given that Max International is a structured as a multilevel marketing company one question one might ask is if the business opportunity is a scam. The fact that it is a MLM company may raise flags for some people, but the MLM industry is legal and over one hundred billion dollars of products are sold each year through this model.

It is widely known that many people who attempt a MLM business fail, but that is usually not due to the company and products.  An analysis of the facts show that MaxGXL and Max International appears to be a legitimate product and business.  So if you were to consider selling the MaxGXL product through Max International your success would be determined by your business skills, the training available, and the effort put into the business.

One team within Max International that provides free training on how to market the business effectively online is the Max Mastermind Team. It is a good idea to make sure you team up with a knowledgeable sponsor and team, and starting a new business can require learning new skills to have success with it.


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    • profile image

      Jack Cole 3 years ago

      Hey case you don't know Max International....TRY the product first before you make your comments...IF THE PRODUCT IS GOOD, BUSINESS IS DONE...

    • laurenban profile image

      May Lauren Banares 4 years ago from Bacolod City, Philippines

      I had Psoriasis. I have been introduced to maxgxl by a friend. I am so grateful to Maxgxl and max international for giving me my second chance in life. whatever negative things people say about the product and the company is their opinion, but for those who experience maxgxl, we know what we are talking about is true because we "EXPERIENCE" it. Do not say negative things to stuff you don't even tried.

    • profile image

      scammermagnet 5 years ago

      In case you people want to know where to get max supplements cheaper than if you'll sign up as a member, try and google. more specifically, try and google cellgevity amaz. You don't have to convince anyone into joining just so you'd get a discount.

    • profile image

      ET... 5 years ago

      Hi Sharon, did you get any reply yet? very keen to see!

    • profile image

      Sharon 6 years ago

      I have just written to the ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commision about Max International. When I receive a reply I will post it here.

    • profile image

      Jason 6 years ago

      You guys are all goofs. Go get a real job, and drop your High wage, no work ideals.

    • profile image

      RUB 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Delaware 7 years ago

      Wilkpedia said that you can receive Glutothione in vitamine-D or going out in the sun. To get vitamine-D Those levels are: in summer, six to eight minutes a day on most days. In winter, it should be half an hour most days. You need to have only 15 per cent of your body exposed - arms, hands and face - to get this exposure.

      "There's no evidence that people who have mildly lower levels of Vitamin D are going to get bone disease. Reservatrol is a anti-aging tablet but for me only works around the eyes radicates my lines and bags and only shines the chest, it did not work anywhere else but I will still buy Reseratrol using it once every three day after you have to take two everyday for 2 weeks but the remarkable change was in 6 days.

    • profile image

      Adrian Comack 7 years ago

      Hey Guys,

      I have a few friends as reps for max so i've tried most of their stuff.

      I found the GXL pills to be kinda useless, or at least I never noticed the effects promised.

      I've been trying Max N-Fuze for over a year and I like it, they market it as an "energy supplement". I wouldn't go so far as to say it gives you "energy" but it's loaded with Vit. B which improves concentration and it seems to work for me.

      As for MLM's, I wouldn't go as far as to say it's a cult but it is a very tough sales job as you're not only selling a product but the job as well. I know people that love it and I know people that hate it.

      I guess what i'm saying is the company and the products as far as I can tell over the last couple years seem to be on the level. Doesn't mean I would want to work for them though.

      - Adrian

    • profile image

      villao 7 years ago

      Can anyone tell me the name of the laboratory where Max is manufactured.. All it says is that it is manufactured in the whom and where ???

    • profile image

      Skembo 7 years ago

      I have a co-worker who is pitching Max GXL here at work and decided to do some research. I am very active, and take some supplements depending on what I am trying to accomplish with my workouts, or what I am training for at the time. I ran across this page, and reading through it I can tell exactly who has a rational functional brain, and who has drunk the Max GXL cool-aid.

      I will NOT be trying it for the following reasons;

      1. I can find NO independent double blind studies to backup the claims they are making.

      2. I am not going to put anything into my body that hasn't been studied, and thoroughly reviewed.

      3. I've never been a big fan of cults, and just like every other MLM, this is a cult. Max GXL is their God, and I don't want anything to do with it.


    • profile image

      Brent 7 years ago

      Oh, by the way,I have never had MLM experience nor did I start at the "top" and the financial rewards are there for my growing family of 5! There will be millionares made in Max among people that start years down the road. Max will be around for many many years with no competition as it relates to raising intracellular GSH. If you are considering Max, get involved with a good Team and go for it! You will have so much fun!

    • profile image

      Brent 7 years ago

      Max International presents one of the finest opportuities that I have ever seen for those who want to build wealth and add value to others! If I am going to work hard and devote my life to something, I do NOT want a cap on the amount of earnings that can be made. Max allows me to get paid off of my efforts and that is how things should be. The beautiful thing is that it also allows me to make a percentage of others I introduced to Max! Just as any other commission based job, you are paid more money off of the bigger accounts than the smaller. I love network marketing with Max. Honestly though, I do not think I could do it with another company because I have never seen one quite like Max. The sad thing is that our culture has a problem with entitlement and if things do not work for them, then they must be bad. WHO MOVED MY CHEESE?

      As far as the products, THEY WORK! Look at the science! People want to swallow a pill and grow a new body overnight. That just will not happen. Most of the people who are negative about MAX products did not give them a fair shot nor did they get a glutathione test. Whether you "feel" it or not, it will raise your glutathione levels which are measurable in a blood test. If you understand the power of glutathione then you will realize how substantial to your health it would be to double or triple your GSH. Again, whether you "feel" it or not.

    • profile image

      Barb 7 years ago

      In reading all of the above comments, I truly cannot believe that some people are so ignorant. I have been self employed for over 20 years and I will tell you that you don't get anywhere today without hard work. And who will benefit or not benefit from my efforts? Me! Laziness and calling pot shots at what other folks have worked hard to earn is just envy.

      Yes, I was introduced to Max GXL and had some of the same misgivings that most folks do which is skepticism both on the product and the compensation plan. However, I have an assistant that is into health foods and she took the time to research each and every ingredient in GXL. She was shocked at all of the important factors that each ingredient offered- which, by the way, you can purchase each ingredient at the health food stores. She felt that there was absolutely NOTHING wrong with taking this supplement vs. any other over the counter supplement. Allergic reactions to the shellfish and mushrooms is noted on the box.

      Next, she researched the science (and the clinical studies CAN BE found, if you know where to look!) behind it and all that Dr. Keller has done, and was again overly impressed. I researched Max International and found it to be a very ethical and respected company. So yes, we are taking the product and are amazed at what it has achieved with our related health issues. This is NOT going to cure my plantar faciitis, but, it sure is making it a helluva lot more tolerable... not to mention that my husband doesn't mind being around me more!

      Max GXL does give you more energy, but Joy, caloric intake to caloric expenditures still have to counter act each other plus. My sister has lost 15 pounds in 3 weeks since she started the Max GXL - increased energy. BUT, that is not what it was designed to do. It is designed to clean the toxins out of the body and improve cellular health - hence improving your overall well being. The fact that she is up and moving around WILL burn calories!

      In reviewing MLM's - all I can say is: It is network marketing at it's finest! Better than most that I have been exposed to.

      So, in my opinion, they promote a product that I believe the whole world should be on and NOT have to use my medical insurance any more than necessary - Health Wellness. Now isn't this a better way to look at health than treat the symptoms instead of the cause?

    • profile image

      Joy 7 years ago

      I know a lady who sells MAX. She always tells us how it helps you lose weight and gives you energy and turns back time. She is very overweight, and looks and acts years older than she is. Not a very good example. She keeps telling us that this is going to make her a millionaire but that she isn't really interested in selling. I guess she wants the people under her to do all the work and she will leach off of them.

    • profile image

      Dave 7 years ago

      The problem is all you read or hear is "testimonials". They never, EVER show the clinical trials and the blood work to back up their cliams about it actually raising gluthione levels. Don`t you think that if they did have solid scientific proof they would show the actual results of clinical test results !!!!! All you hear about is "testimonials" and they do not mean jack squat.

    • profile image

      martin the goof 8 years ago

      I don't even know martin, but he sounds like a one-sided goof.

    • profile image

      Louis 8 years ago

      Some links would be great... Or are we supposed to take your word for it? I've been researching this and I see no double-blind crossover test results.

    • profile image

      Michael 8 years ago

      Martin how ignorant could you be. Name one person you know who makes good money from multiple level marketing that didn't co found it or start at the top. As far as the suppliment there are way to many pills and by the time you have got over the reflux it's time you take more. It's effects are no better than taking high doses of vit c. In fact it gives your kidneys a he'll of a time filtering the shit out. Well that's my say for the day.

    • profile image

      Martin Stepanek 8 years ago

      Dale, your comment is little more than an excuse for laziness. NO business is done for you. Your compensation in the max program is directly proportional to the effort you are willing to put into it. Those at the top, had to build their business just like those at the bottom: one person at a time. The difference is in the culture of the Max organization which is permeated throughout the organization from the founders on down. Truly a different organization, so much so that we have Medical doctors involved, world class athletes and even bankers who are building their Max organizations just like everyone else, and even they are at the "bottom" as you would call it. If people who have sold xxhundred million dollar companies are doing this business, what's your sorry excuse. Open your eyes, my friend, the world is passing you buy.

    • Dale Mazurek profile image

      Dale Mazurek 8 years ago from Canada

      You can call it anything you want but anything that the top guys get paid and the low guys in the totem pole struggle to me is a bit scammy.

      I know many people make good money through MLM. The problem is you get signed up and you in most cases do not get true help but rater encouragement to buy more stuff like product, leads, and so forth.

      I have seen MaxGl around for a couple years now and they may have a great product but the MLM part is no different than any other one.