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Is Working at Home Right For You?

Updated on May 27, 2009

Making money is the main objective of working from home. Unless you are fortunate enough to have a payed position that allows you to telecommute, you will be self employed. Here is the big question: Do you have the time necessary to build a respectable income? More likely than not, if you decide to work from home, there will be a period of time when there is more cash going out than coming in. Profitable businesses and successful careers don't just happen.

Oh, but wouldn't it be nice to become an overnight success? Don't get your hopes up. In reality, there are very few, if any, true overnight successes. Read the stories of people who have made it big. Every one of them will say it happened over a period of time, involved hard work, long hours and, most of all, perseverance. It comes down to this: if you want to make money from home, you have to make time to work.

Time to Work

For any work at home entrepreneur, budgeting and using time effectively is one of the biggest challenges. Not only are you working amidst the daily distractions of home life, you are the do-it-all person in your business. Production, customer service, tracking sales and profits, marketing and accounting are all your job. Let any of these go without attention and you will lose track of your business and diminish your ability to earn.

You want your business to work for you, not the other way around. Budgeting time is as important as any task you will perform. A work schedule can be very helpful. Some things need to be done daily, others weekly and some just once a month. With so much to accomplish, it is very easy to overlook something. A daily plan will help keep you on task and on schedule.

When Does The Profit Happen?

When you realize a profit depends on a number of factors: the amount of money invested, supply and demand, marketing and advertising effectiveness, productivity, quality, customer satisfaction, competition, pricing, and more. Most business ventures will not realize a profit for at least two or three years. This is the reason why so many entrepreneurs have started their businesses on the side while being employed by another company.

Having realistic expectations will help you continue working toward success, and ultimately being a full-time, work at home entrepreneur. If you don't have two to three years to wait for a reasonable income, your best bet is to keep your job, and pursue your dream on the side, in the evenings and on the weekends. You may be only working a few hours a week building your business, but, at least you will be moving closer to your goal.

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