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Is a Career in Sales Good for You?

Updated on July 3, 2017
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Raya has more than 10 years of experience in business development & supports fast-growing start-ups or established businesses.

Do you enjoy traveling?

Being into sales is probably the least static job in the corporate world. No matter how technology is progressing in the recent years, nothing beats personal contact and a face-to-face meeting when setting the base of a fruitful cooperation. So be prepared to travel a lot!

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Do you enjoy engaging in discussions?

You will talk to people. You will negotiate. You will persuade them to work with you, to buy your product or service. They will have tough questions. You need to be prepared but also react at the moment, be decisive and moderate the conversation into the direction of closing the deal. There isn‘t a better thrill than shaking hands over a signed contract! The feeling of a job well done.

How to lead a sales pitch?

What are your strong interpersonal skills?

There are also several personal skills that you must naturally have (or be willing to work on), to succeed in mastering the sales profession. Being well-organised and disciplined is key as you will need to multitask a lot. Organizing your trip, finishing up the presentation, having the scheduled call with that other prospect, aligning with the team, planning the next quarter…Being a self-starter and following a high tempo with well-maintained task list is crucial. Work on yourself as the brand ambassador and the main influencer – you should be representative, have good manners and speak & write immaculately.

Dress to impress

Would you like to be a sales person?

So, to conclude, if you prefer being out and meeting people rather than sit in front of the laptop in the office, and lead a discussion rather than prepare financial reporting and work on excel sheets, then consider starting a sales job. Of course, there isn‘t only glamor and glitter. There is a certain level of administration related to every job. Tough days too. Downsides. Which is exactly why you should choose wisely what job suits your personality and aspirations well.

Have you made up your mind? Look into the words in bold in this article and if you could relate to them, then you got your answer.


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