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It used to be that the man did an 8 hour day & that was enough

Updated on March 14, 2011

When eight hours was enough

It used to be say 20 years ago when eight hours a day was enough.

That's right eight hours. For the average family say of a wife and two children.

Eight hours was enough to live in frugal comfort.

Today both men and women in the average family household work.

As a result the household gets neglected both parties come home tired

no wonder families break up with such ease.

Now look im not even married soo ill disclose that now. But what happended to the days when a man was the breadwinner and his wage was sufficient to

support as I said in frugal comfort a wife and two kids.


Now I know you Feminist's out there might attack me and say things are better now that women can go out, She can spend more on herself buying designer shoes,fancy cosmetics and glossy magazines . Have lunch with her freinds ans play tennis in Tuesdays. But what is the trade off. A weaker family unit surely means a weaker society. Yes ?


Who is fault is this. Is it industryis it the government, or is it your mother who urged you to pursue a so called dream ? Who have been able to acquire cheaper labor by employing women more on a casual and part time basis?

That another thing there is more part time and casual work now for what once were permanent jobs. This way employers can reduce the worker to a mere commodity to dispose of at whim. Leading to a weaker society more discontent and alienation of the very social fabric which binds together an orderly society.

Look I know that women in the past advocated for their daughter to get out there are do what they wanted in the world. I am all for that so don get me wrong. Its nice that we have more material things as a result and that the economy booms along. If the trade off worth it for the loss of time health happiness, Loss of Family; Connected-ness with family network etc..



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    • barryrutherford profile image

      Barry Rutherford 6 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Thanks for your comprehensive comment most appreciated

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

      This is a little difficult to follow, but interesting to me. The topic is something I've taken an in-depth look at.

      Indeed, what happened to the days when the man was the bread-winner? Could it be that those we call men today have never grown up and they value their big-boy toys more than they value their families? Societies the world over are inundated with grown men who spend their time playing video games, both at work and at home, but that's no different than men who spend their time playing any other sort of game when their children need their time and energy.

      It seems you indicate that two children are more enough, eh? There just isn't enough space here to address the problems with that kind of thinking, but if that's your perspective then you have fallen for one of the biggest lies against humanity ever, and it's an indication of why you blame women for a weak society.

      Could it be that men like their women to look like models, but they don't like to pay for what it costs a woman to keep herself looking like she stepped off a magazine cover, have a real family, take care of her husband, and her house? Could it be that men like to be with women, but when the women get pregnant they step out of the picture and let the "government" (aka the tax payers) do their job because they like their fun but they don't like the responsibility that comes with the consequences? Whose fault indeed.

      There is a lot more to this issue and I have not touched on the root of problem, but really, it's past time for men to grow up, step up, and look up from the position of their knees for the help God offers them through His Word.

      That said, I want to add a "Bravo" to the men who are taking responsibility to do right by their wives and children. It should be noted that such uncommon men are the strength of the fabric of society and they are to be highly commended. None are perfect, and it may be that the best efforts of some are not up to par with certain standards set by the media, feminists, academia, or any others who consider themselves the elite, but that does not change the fact that such men make the world a better place, or that any other kind of men help to destroy it.