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Jennifer Kem’s 5 Steps in the Sequence to Success

Updated on April 10, 2016

Jennifer Kem has learned and compiled 5 Steps in the Sequence to Success based on things that have worked in her life and business. She freely and frequently shares her expertise on Periscope and Facebook Live; and I, as one of her students, listened intently, captured the content and now pass this teaching on to you...

The 5 Steps in the Sequence to Success

  1. Develop Relationships with people.
    • Be willing to create a tribe.
    • Flex the muscle of keeping up with life and business relationships.
  2. Create Believers, not just followers.
    • Believers are people that believe your message, story and teachings enough to take action.
    • Believers are the Tribe members, not the crowds (followers or big audience). There’s a difference.
    • Create believers by putting yourself out there and be willing to tell your authentic story, give valuable content,and teach transformational concepts that support their goals and dreams.
    • Build a bridge to how the people, who become believers, can take the next step with you.
  3. Never stop being an Apprentice.
    • Find a coach or mentor to guide you in the things you don’t know and be an apprentice at all times.
    • Be an apprentice in the areas of the things you are not good at.
  4. Understand it’s your Moral Obligation to inspire and motivate others to action.
    • Play full out.
    • Tension is required to make change happen.
    • If you take it that serious things will start to shift and change for you.
  5. Offer Resources to help them get to the next step.
    • Pouring into them and then leaving them hanging on their own is you really NOT serving.
    • The best Marketer wins. Offer in a way that follows these 5 steps, not by selling all the time.
    • Offer up resources after you build a relationship with them and give actionable steps.

Jennifer Kem is “a marketing and brand ninja, expert at helping you market your brand with Inventive Certainty.”

Be Blessed,

Jo Anne Meekins
Inspired 4 U


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