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Jim Henry's Curriculum Vitae

Updated on March 14, 2011

James F. Henry


Business Communications Instructor: April 2008 - Present: University of Phoenix Axia College Online. Completed four-week intensive training program, designed to familiarize faculty candidates with the University of Phoenix online learning system. Approved to teach Business Communications. Preparing to teach a 9-week section of this class under the guidance of an experienced faculty mentor.

English Composition Instructor: Fall 2004, Spring 2005 and Fall 2005 terms: Southern Maine Community College, South Portland, Maine. Teaching 25 undergraduate students myriad aspects of the English language, particularly as it applies to writing compositions. I strive to enhance students' working vocabulary, refine grammatical skills, and advance their general writing skills, through at-home and in-class writing assignments. Students are also required to produce a 5-7 page research paper on a topic of their choosing, with an annotated bibliography, due at the end of the course.

Mass Communications Instructor: January - April 2005: Taught for Kaplan University online, using Kaplan's distance learning platform. I led a weekly synchronous seminar, reviewed and commented upon posts to the class message board, reviewed written projects submitted by email, and other responsibilities. I also developed a thorough course syllabus with specific grading rubrics prior to commencing my class. Additionally, I successfully completed Kaplan's faculty training program, which led to my appointment.

Current Events Instructor: July - September 2004: Andover College, Portland, Maine campus. Teaching two sections of this course to undergraduate students during an eight-week module. Responsible for lecturing two sessions each week per section, each class lasting 2 1/2 hours. Students do in-class writing assignments on newsworthy topics of the day. Additionally, during the first week of class, students were formed into inter-disciplinary groups, and each group did a research project on a topic of their choosing.

Communication Skills Instructor: July - September 2004: Andover College, Lewiston, Maine campus. Teaching undergraduate students skills necessary to become more effective public speakers. Students are expected to compose and deliver speeches ranging from a brief introduction speech to a current events speech, or persuasive and analytical topics. Students are also tested on material contained in the textbook.

English Composition 2 Instructor: May - July 2004: Andover College, Lewiston, Maine campus. Taught undergraduate students during an eight-week module. Responsible for assigning, evaluating and grading numerous essays and other in class writing assignments.

Critical Thinking Instructor: May - July 2004: Andover College, Portland, Maine campus. Taught undergraduate students during an eight-week module. Responsible for lecturing two sessions per week, developing a lesson plan to cover required material, grading assignments, meeting with students, and following college policies.

Writing Coach: Three semesters, for The Daily Egyptian, at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Worked with undergraduate students to develop and improve writing style. I also coordinated the Accuracy Desk, screened potential staff writers, administered testing, and organized newspaper entries to numerous journalism awards programs.

Teaching Assistant: Three semesters, for the journalism school at Southern Illinois University at Carbondale: Developed practical applications for topics being discussed by the faculty lecturer for an Introductory News Writing class (one semester) and Advanced Editing and Design class (two semesters).


Western Massachusetts Coordinator: Dorothy Kelly Gay for Lt. Governor (1996): Served as paid staff member, coordinating volunteers in Franklin, Hampshire, Hampden and Berkshire Counties. Organized poll coverage on Election Day, arranged for transportation for voters needing rides to the polls, conducted weekly visibilities, and conducted phone banking, among other responsibilities.

Franklin County (Massachusetts) Coordinator:

Marc Draisen for Lt. Governor (1994).

John Kerry for U.S. Senate (1996).

John Olver for U.S. House of Representatives (1996, 1998, 2000).

Campaign Volunteer:

Michael Barrett for Governor (1994 pre-primary)

Mark Roosevelt for Governor (1994 post-primary)

Shannon O'Brien for Treasurer (1994, 1998)

Scott D. Harshbarger for Governor (1998)

Franklin County Coordinated Campaign: (1996, 1998, 2000): Working through the Massachusetts Democratic Party, I served as the local organizer for all statewide and regional office candidates' campaigns in Franklin County, Massachusetts.

Greenfield Democratic Town Committee: (1994-2002): Served as Secretary of the Committee from 1994 until 1996. I served as Chairman of the Committee from 1996 until 1998, and again from 2001 until 2002. Presided over election strategies, the executive committee, coordinator of all fundraising activities while Chairman, and as a member of the finance committee when a member and Secretary of the Committee. Our major fundraisers included the annual Democrat of the Year Dinner, selling hotdogs, hamburgers, popcorn and sodas at the Fourth of July fireworks, and a similar operation at the Franklin County Fair each fall.

Franklin County Dems: (1998-2002): Served as one of the founding members and organizers of this organization. I served as chairman in 2000 and 2001. Our purpose was to serve as a focal point for county activists to get involved in county-level and statewide office campaigns on a local level.

Massachusetts Democratic State Committee: (2000-2002): Served as a voting member of the Democratic State Committee, representing the Hampshire-Franklin Senatorial District on the committee. Attended all party functions, fundraisers and worked with young Democrats through the Massachusetts Coalition for a Democratic Future.


Editor/Publisher: Current: Preparing to release self-written novel Antiquity Calais: Standing At Armageddon, under the auspices of Full Moon Over Bunganut Publishers, of which I am the editor, publisher and owner.

Municipal Government Reporter: 8 years, for The Greenfield (Mass.) Recorder, Athol (Mass.) Daily News, Lewiston (Maine) Journal and the Manchester (Conn.) Herald. Wrote municipal government news and general assignment features.

Editor/Publisher: One year, for NIGHTLIFE Arts & Entertainment Guide. Wrote, edited, designed, distributed, and sold advertising for this bi-weekly publication, covering arts and entertainment in the Massachusetts-Vermont-New Hampshire area.


Templeton Town Coordinator:September 10, 2001-September 29, 2003: Working under the direction of the Board of Selectmen, I served as the Chief Administrative Officer for the Town. Responsibilities and accomplishments included:

1. Personnel Supervision: Supervisor of the Selectmen's Administrative Assistants, the Selectmen's Secretary, and the Director of Senior Affairs.

2. Templeton Messenger: Published quarterly newsletter for town citizens.

3. Co-Chair of Elementary School Facilities Task Force: The committee developed an RFP, requested funding to do a feasibility study for elementary school needs in Town, and successfully secured that funding.

4. Co-Chair of Elementary School Project Committee: Reviewed proposals, interviewed consultants, made a recommendation to the Board of Selectmen. Worked with selected consultant to create a feasibility study.

Conway Administrative Aide: July 3, 2000-September 7, 2001: Working under the direction of the Board of Selectmen, I endeavored to accomplish the following:

1. Personnel Supervision: Supervision of Accounts Payable Clerk, and backup supervisor of the Town Hall Custodian.

2. Personnel Policy: Developed a comprehensive Personnel Policy consistent with state and federal laws.

3. Hurricane Floyd: Worked with the Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency for reimbursement of Town expenses related to this storm.

Leyden Municipal Assistant: April of 1999-July of 2001: Reporting directly to the Board of Selectmen, projects I successfully completed included:

1. Annual Town Report: Coordinated the collection of material, formatted the document, and arranged for printing of reports for 1998, 1999 and 2000.

2. Grant Writing: I wrote a $9,000 Foundation Reserve Program grant in FY01, through the Department of Education, to offset a dramatic increase in our assessment to the Pioneer Valley Regional School District. Received a second $10,000 grant the following year.

3. Web Site Design and Administration: Created a website at and established a database of town residents with email addresses, to keep them informed of important news from the Town Hall.

Sunderland Interim Administrative Assistant: August 16, 1999-June 29, 2000: Working under the direction of the Board of Selectmen and the Town Administrator, projects I completed included:

1. Web Site Design and Administration: Designed, published and maintained the town's official web site, located at The site has been discontinued due to lack of funding.

2. Coordination of the 1999 Annual Town Report: Served as publisher of the 1999 Annual Town Report.

Erving Administrative Coordinator: June of 1996-July of 1999. I worked closely with the Board of Selectmen, to whom I directly reported, implementing board policies. Special projects and issues I successfully completed included:

1. Electric Utility Restructuring: Advocated for the municipal right to tax turbines and generators as personal property. Created statewide network of interested parties, and accomplished all desired objectives, resulting in a $600,000 net increase in taxes owed by Northeast Utilities to the Town.

2. Budget Preparation: Prepared budget information, including the Annual Town Meeting Warrant, income and expenditure graphs utilizing Microsoft Excel.

3. Annual Town Report: Published Annual Town Report for 1996, 1997 and 1998.


Greenfield Council on Aging: June of 1995-January of 2000. Chairman of the council's Long Range Planning Subcommittee three years. Represented COA on the Consensus '96 Working Group. Chairman of Nominating Committee one year.

Greenfield Long Range Advisory Commission: September of 1994-January of 2000. Liaison from the Planning Board and Council on Aging. Provided oversight of the Downtown Streetscape project.

Greenfield Cable Advisory Commission: September of 1994-January, 2000. Secretary 2 years, Chairman 2 years. Presided over 10-year contract negotiations.

Greenfield Town Council: July of 1996-July of 1997: Elected to represent Precinct Three. Served on the Federal State & Regional Matters subcommittee, and the Economic Development and Planning subcommittee Left the council after moving from the precinct.

Greenfield Charter Review Commission: Elected in June of 1995 (second highest vote total among 11 candidates). Charged with reviewing the existing town charter, and recommending potential changes to the voters.

Greenfield Planning Board: April of 1994-January of 1996. Elected vice chairman in June of 1995. Appointed to interpret and enforce state and local zoning laws, and to engage in long-range community planning.


M.A. in Journalism, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Master's Research on Agenda-Building in the Presidential Election of 1912. December of 1992. Graduated with a 3.33 GPA.

B.A. in Communications, Saint Joseph's College, Standish, Maine. May of 1989. Graduated with 3.24 GPA.


Dr. William Yates, St. Joseph's College Communications Department, (207) 892-6766

Dr. Edward Rielly St. Joseph's College English Department, (207) 892-6766

Dr. Walter Ludwig St. Joseph's College Philosophy Department, (207) 892-6766




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      3 years ago

      Frankly I think that's aboteuslly good stuff.

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      9 years ago

      My Odyssey With The University of Phoenix


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