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Job Interview Clothes for the Ladies

Updated on June 29, 2010

Job Interview Clothes

Job Interview Clothes

Investing in quality job interview clothes will set you apart from any other interviewees vying for the same position as yourself. The very fact that you are here researching how to present your best self has already put you two steps closer than your competition to getting the job you want. Wearing the appropriate job interview clothes will not only further you along in the hiring process, but will tremendously help you in getting an invitation back to the next round of interviews.

Job Interview Clothes - Suits

Should I wear a suit?

Yes, absolutely, a suit is recommended whether the position is entry-level or experienced.  Don't just put together a jacket and a pair of slacks and call it a day.  Job interview clothes require more than just putting separate pieces in your closet together.  Go, get in your car, drive to Macy's or Dillards and look for brands like Anne Klein, Tahari, or Calvin Klein and try them on.  These designers (just to name a few) offer professional, quality, lined suits made of the best blends of material and they fit differently than your cutesy, fashion-forward rayon work-wear.

Job Interview Clothes - Shoes

What Kind of Shoes Should I Wear?

Pumps are tried and true.  Whether you like a round toe, square toe, or pointy toe, pumps are the safest choice.  Invest here.  Leather shoes, even with 3" heels are surprisingly comfortable.  No matter what type of pump you choose to get, make sure your toes are not exposed.  Open-toed shoes do not say 'polished and professional' the way closed-toe pumps do - even if you have a perfectly gorgeous french pedi.  The same applies for sling-backs.  Additionally, if the heel is too high or if they're platformed in any way, you will not be able to pull of the look we are aiming for, which is business professional.

Job Interview Clothes - Accessories

What type of accessories should I wear?

The key to accessorizing is minimalizing. You want to keep the interviewer's eyes and focus on you, not your fabulous dangling earrings or new cocktail ring. Save those for a night on the town instead. Here's what you should wear:

  • A watch. Wear one with a metal bracelet, whether it's gold, silver, or stainless steel. Keep it simple - not too big, not too many rhinestones on it. Keep it proportionate to your body size and make sure it works. You would be surprised how many people wear non-working watches.  If you opt for leather straps, make sure that they are in presentable condition - you don't want to ruin the entire effect of your look by wearing a dirty, worn wristband.
  • Your wedding ring and band. And maybe one other ring on your other hand. That's it. And again, nothing so splashy it detracts attention from the main focus - you.
  • Skip the necklace altogether and opt for a pair of polished earrings instead. Make sure they're not too long, too sparkly, too trendy, or too big.

Job Interview Clothes - Briefcase

Ditch your day bag altogether.  When going to an interview, bring with you a small to medium sized briefcase or laptop bag (so long as it is not fabric).  Abbi provides some excellent options.  Leave the shoulder strap off and carry the bag with the top handles instead.  Fill it with your professional portfolio, certificates, professional pens, and notepad.

Job Interview Clothes - Tips

  • Don't wear too much makeup.  Keep your face fresh and natural.  By all means, wear the eyeshadow, the blush, the lipstick, and the foundation, but keep the colors neutral.  Enhance your beauty.
  • Get your nails done or polish your nails in light pink, peach, or light white.  French manicures always look polished.
  • No perfume is necessary.  If you have to wear it, go ahead - spritz yourself once.
  • Check your teeth in the mirror before you leave your car.  Do a quick once-over, wink, tell yourself how fabulous you are, and off you go.

Get that job!


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