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Job Interview Success Tips & Planning Ahead To Succeed

Updated on September 24, 2014

Begins with First Impressions

In some cases personal appearance is not a concern. But many studies have proven otherwise. Don't be fooled in thinking it does not matter and spend some extra time prepping and grooming for the interview.

Hair style - Although hair is an area of much debate by managers and other successful business people. A style can vary greatly from one person to another depending on the job you have. A casual cut and style may work best.but talk to your barber or stylist for some suggestions if you are unsure. A simple tactic for your hair can be a traditional clean cut look for men and simple design for women that does not hide your face.

Clothing selection - Having the best suit or the most expensive outfit is not going to make much difference in helping you get the job if your not good at interviewing. The main thing is to keep a clean and tidy appearance. Don't be lazy and take the time to press your clothes or at least steam them and hang them over night. Nothing says I'm a last minute person like wrinkly clothes at the interview. Lastly be aware of the clothing choices you make and if you are not good at picking out an outfit have a friend or family member assist you that way you don't end up wearing sports socks to an interview with dress shoes.


Facial hair and Grooming - This section is more for men but women can still be aware of some of their grooming issues such as lose hair around the mouth, ears, eyebrows, etc.. For the men, their hair is more of a battle and here are some simple tips;

  • Get new razor for the morning shave. It is never good to show up with cuts and tissue paper stuck to you
  • Try to shave early enough so you don’t have that reddish hue rash look for the day
  • - consider using a little hair gel when you come out of the shower. This way you keep that fresh look longer. Same applies to ladies as well when using conditioner.
  • Last but not least comb and comb again. Bring your comb with you and do a quick one over before walking inn.

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Clean and Tidy Matter

Lint and a dust roller - this may seem like a bit of an over kill but taking a minute or two with a lint roller can go a long way. I spend a minute in my car doing a visual check and roll out before I walk in. But that is not necessarily needed.

Breathe and teeth - this can be a touchy subject for many people as we all want perfect teeth. However that is not the issue. The issue is doing things like drinking coffee before an interview or having a meal before and not brushing. Take a few minutes and brush before you leave the house. Then do a check of your teeth and make sure no spinach or other food is not remaining.

A reminder! Breath mints and candies can make your breath worse later on. One method is to drink water before the interview and during the interview. This way your moth stays hydrates and bacteria flushes away quickly. I also suggest not rinsing with some mouth washes because many smell like you were drinking. Don't want them to think you still smell like last night's party.

Last but not least practice and rehearse your all questions you may be asked and always be ready and confident in your answers.

Research, Research, Research

I can't stress it enough the need for proper research. When you show up on interview day, you should know your stuff and show you are a professional. I was blown away once when someone came for an interview and they had already taken the time to walk through the building the day before and looked around pretending to be a customer. They had not only brought ideas forward to help with some areas that they felt needed improvement, They also showed they can help be a part of the team and what they can contributed with some ideas.

Its all about taking the initiative! So get out there and make it happen.

Burn Your Boats = Success


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    • Sean Evans profile image

      Sean Evans 3 years ago from GTA

      Hi Hackslap. The worst ever are the questions that make us look into ourselves. Like what is a weakness, or name a time when you had a conflict with fellow employee, etc. Those do require a thoughtful political answer.

    • Hackslap profile image

      Harry 3 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Some useful tips over here ...appearances and company research are the two most important aspects to a succesful interview .. but one must not undermine the behavorial questions either