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How To Find A Job in 2011

Updated on October 1, 2011

Jobs in 2011

Lots of people have lost their jobs since I started this Hub Page in 2009. The unemployment rate is now 9.2% and people are needing to file for unemployment and look for a job at the same time. This isn't meant to be political but I don't think people wanted this when they voted for President Obama. With all the 878 billion dollars spent on the stimulus bill, wouldn't one think that the jobs situation would be a lot better? I would have.


Summer 2010 is here and finding a job remains as difficult as it has ever been. While the government's official position is that the recession is over, normal average people know better because the unemployment rate remains around 10%.

People are still getting laid off and jobs are remain very hard to come by. Teens this summer are finding this out first hand and the smart ones started looking early. Teenagers are one of the hardest hit groups because they are young and have little experience. This means they are the last ones to get hired and right now, there are few jobs that are left for them after an employer looks over all the applicants.


Finding a job in today's market is tough for anyone. No matter how much or little experience you have, there just may not be a job for you. To aid you in your job search, you need to enlist the help of the Internet. Today's job search needs to take place online if you want to be successful and get that job you so desperately want.

Jobs For Teens

This summer, more teens than ever will probably be looking for jobs. This is because many of them, for the first time, will really need the money to help their families get by. Even teens need to be online and active with the different job websites to have the best chance of getting their first job. Jobs for 15 year olds may not be plentiful, but the best way to go about finding them is to start online.

You Need Your Resume Online

In years past, you had to type up your resume and then either mail it or hand deliver it to prospective employers. Things have changed a lot since then as most of it should be done over the computer. Rather than go out your door looking for jobs that are hiring, it is important that you get your resume online so that companies can find you. This doesn't mean it isn't important to look for job openings but it does mean that you need to make sure your resume is in places where recruiters can find it.

The newest thing is video resumes. This is where you grab your video camera and have someone shoot you while you talk about yourself. You can make it funny, serious, or a little of both. The paper resume is clearly a thing of the past and looking for jobs online and using a video resume is the way to go.

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Don't Get Discouraged - Keep Trying

Obviously, with the economy being so poor, people are having a tough time looking for jobs. It seems like no matter how many jobs you apply for, none of them come through. Times like these can be very discouraging and this is where your patience is really tried. Anyone who is able to keep a positive attitude and keep looking will have the best chance of getting that job and feeling good about themselves. You might also look into alternative ways to make money so that you can have other sources of income while you continue your job search.

Remember, there are always people in this world who have it worse than you do so keep a smile on your face. Below is an inspirational video of someone who has taken a very difficult situation in life and turned it into a positve.


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    • profile image

      William 8 years ago

      A good way to start for teens is to use what skills you have and try and utilise them to make some money during the summer. It can be difficult finding temp summer work but gives you a starting point by allowing you create a free 'Cubi' or mini-website so that you can promote your services. You cubi will be displayed in a local map view application so it will make it a lot easier for local people to find you. So do you want to try mow some lawns for a few bucks? well set up a Cubi and see who bites!