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Job Searching While You Are Still Employed

Updated on April 12, 2013

Those who are still employed have more chances of being hired compared with those who are presently unemployed, thus if you are thinking of switching careers, then it’s better to start your job search while you are still employed. But looking for a job when you are presently working with another company is tricky. By all means, you don’t want your boss to know that you are looking for some other job opportunities. You are also not sure if you would be successful in your job search, and if your employer should ever find out, you might see yourself being replaced immediately. Of course, you don’t want to lose your job before you find a new one. See below for some tips you might want to consider looking for jobs while you are presently employed.

Keep your job search a secret

Never share with your colleagues that you have plans of leaving the company. You can never be sure who among your co-workers would keep your job searching a secret. Never divulge it to anyone, and don’t talk about it.

Don’t use company facilities for your job search.

Phone and emails and for company’s use only, so spare your job search by using them. More so, these facilities are sometimes being monitored, so might consider not using it before the company caught you red-handed. Use your mobile number and personal email account for your job search.

Don’t use the company’s time for your job search.

Just like the use of company facilities, focus in your job search during break time, lunch, or day-off. The company is paying you to work for them, so allocate your time accordingly.

Don’t use the company’s resources for your job search.

Don’t use office papers for your resume and cover letters. Print them on your own printer at home. Mail your letter personally and don’t include it along with the company’s postage. Don’t let your present company shoulder the expenses of your job search.

Don’t make calls regarding your job search while inside the office.

Don’t let the people near your cubicle or table hear your calls regarding your job search. When receiving calls from other companies regarding your application, make sure you are distant enough so that your calls are not audible.

Set interview schedules when you are not at work.

Whenever possible, schedule your interviews during break periods, lunchtime, before or after work. If it is not feasible to sneak in a couple of hours with your break schedules, take a holiday off work, and inform your employer ahead that you would be taking a personal day for important reasons. Make sure to limit it only to one day so as not to arouse suspicion from your current employer.

Be careful about how you dress.

If you usually don a casual apparel for work, and then all of a sudden you came up into the office all dressed up for a job interview, your employer might think something is going on. Plan ahead how you would change clothes quickly so as to avoid having noticed about you looking for job outside the company.

We all have our reasons for leaving jobs and switching from one company to the other. Whatever it is, make sure to be fair to your present company, even though you are thinking of leaving them eventually. Do not burn bridges, because you might see yourself coming back in your current employer after some point in time, we may never know. When your job search is successful, be honest with your current employer about your plans of moving to another company, and give them ample time to find for replacement and manage turnover of tasks.

If you have also experience switching from one company to the other, we want to hear also your story! How did you manage applying for another job while you are still employed? Share your feedbacks in the comments below.


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    • HappyMikeWritter profile image

      HappyMikeWritter 4 years ago

      Thank you for the great tips! Very informative, easy to follow. Thank you :-)