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What is Your J.T.I. (Job Tolerability Index)?

Updated on December 9, 2010
Your job may be slowly killing you
Your job may be slowly killing you

As I noted I a previous article, people love to complain about their jobs. There always seems to be something about work which just rubs us the wrong way. But, like everything else, it’s relative; it’s a matter of the degree to which we find fault with our livelihood. It may be that you’re just bored, or frustrated, or burned out, but the fact is, your job could actually be killing you.

Below is a quiz to determine your job tolerability index. Note, this quiz is designed to determine how tolerable your job is for you, not how “good” or “bad” the job is in a generic sense. It is, after all, the job you hold, and how tolerable it is to someone else is moot. It is a barometer of sorts, to gauge how you feel about your job.

If I won the lottery, I would quit my job only if I won:

1. I wouldn’t quit, no matter how much I won.

2. 10 times my annual salary.

3. 5 times my annual salary.

4. Twice my annual salary.

5. Enough to build a squatter’s shack in the middle of a national forest.

I start dreading going back to work:

1. I don’t dread it at all.

2. As I’m walking in the door.

3. While I’m getting ready for work.

4. Around bedtime.

5. As I’m walking out the door.

My job would be perfect if only:

1. I wouldn’t change a thing.

2. I made more money.

3. My efforts were appreciated more.

4. Several things would have to change for me to consider my job perfect.

5. There is no way my job could be considered anything other than legalized torture.

If I could trade jobs with anyone I know personally, it would be:

1. I wouldn’t trade.

2. One or two people.

3. A few to several people.

4. Any of a significant number of people.

5. Any of them. Seriously, I’d trade jobs with the first person I pass on the street.

Which best describes your feelings about your job:

1. I absolutely love it.

2. I find it somewhat challenging and rewarding.

3. I’ve had worse.

4. I’d quit if I could afford to.

5. I hate my job unequivocally.


Less than 10: Consider yourself fortunate. You enjoy your work, and find it satisfying.

10 - 15: While there are things you would change if you could, you feel pretty good about your job.

16 - 20: You don’t seem to enjoy your work, and it is likely draining you significantly.

Over 20: Your unhappiness with your job is very likely affecting your health, your general outlook on life, and quite possibly your relationships.

It goes without saying, in this economy most people do not have the luxury of just up and quitting a job, no matter how much they dislike it. But, where there’s a will, there’s a way. I personally know of five or six people who’ve changed jobs or careers over the past few months, with mostly positive results. If you scored over 20, you should seriously think about putting together a blueprint to get out of a job that may be slowly killing you.


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