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Jobs In Ibiza

Updated on May 29, 2013

Fun In The Sun

Every summer, thousands of people flock to Ibiza in search of a seasonal job. The reasons people come to Ibiza are varied. For some, last years holiday was so overwhelming, they had to come back for a working break. Many workers are seasoned veterans coming back for another long summer of hedonistic debauchery. For a few, Ibiza is just an appealing destination they have yet to fall in love with. One thing is true though, all will go back having had a life changing experience.

Living The Ibiza Dream

If you are planning to head to Ibiza to work for the first time, there are a few things you should know in advance. Its not all 3 day parties and relaxing on the beach!

Before you head out, you'll need some money in your pocket. You aren't going to be getting a wage the moment you step off the plane, and theres bills to pay as soon as you arrive. Put aside some money for a your first months rent and deposit. Many employers are more inclined to ring applicants with a Spanish phone, so you'll want to pick up a Spanish sim card when you arrive. Consider leaving the shinny iPhone at home and getting a cheap, unlocked old phone for your Ibiza season, chances are you are going to drop that phone at least once!

You're going to need to feed yourself for a couple of weeks, and from the minute you arrive, expect to be attending workers parties. While they are cheaper, the booze isn't free, and neither is anything else you might want to partake in...

Jobs In Ibiza

Many years ago, finding work in Ibiza involved a little faith. Potential workers would pack a bag, grab some Pesetas and book a flight over to the island, hopeful that you can find a suitable job. While thats still an option, technology has made the process a little easier. Using the internet its now possible to research jobs in Ibiza before heading over. While most recruiters still want to meet you face to face on the island before offering a job, using the internet its possible to see what sort of jobs are available and what the average pay is. If you begin looking early enough, some recruiters will accept CVs and even have UK recruitment days before the annual migration to Ibiza begins.

Surviving The Season

If you've ever spoken to someone who's spent a full season working in Ibiza, you'll know that at times, it can be a bit of an endurance test. While it can be tempting to spend every day of the week hitting the big club nights, it won't hurt your overal experience if you miss one or two events. Make sure you grab some sleep and eat well, and don't ever fall asleep on the beach. It might be tempting to go into work drunk, or after 3 nights of clubbing without sleep, but your employer isn't daft, and if you can't do the job, you wont last very long. Living in Ibiza with no income and no money for food and fun isn't the greatest experience. Those who make it to the end of the season will have kept a line between partying and working. For some, the temptation to hold onto the dream is too strong, and they continue working and living in Ibiza in winter, enjoying the peace and tranquility the island has to offer before the next seasons madness comes around again...


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