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Jobs That Help People

Updated on May 29, 2016
erinshelby profile image

Erin Shelby is passionate about living a lifestyle that aims for financial freedom. She writes about personal finance and other topics.

by Erin Shelby

Are you looking for a job that helps others? If so, you have many options. While some careers require lots of schooling before entering the field, there are some jobs that don't require lots of training before you can start working, earning a paycheck, and helping others.

Pharmacy technicians are an important part of alleviating pain and suffering.
Pharmacy technicians are an important part of alleviating pain and suffering.

Pharmacy Technician

What is a pharmacy technician?

If your doctor has ever given you a prescription for the cold, flu, or even a chronic illness, you’ve used the services of a pharmacy. A pharmacy technician is the assistant to the pharmacist, who is ultimately responsible for all the prescriptions that patients take home. Pharmacy technicians help people because they help alleviate pain and prevent those with chronic conditions from experiencing further suffering.

What You’ll Do All Day

Working under the supervision of at least one licensed pharmacist, you’ll assist with a variety of tasks. Customer service – such as answering phones and accepting payments for prescriptions – is part of the job. You’ll also be helping the pharmacist by counting pills and placing labels on bottles, before he or she does the final check to confirm that the contents inside are accurate.

How to Find a Pharmacy Technician Job

Pharmacy technician jobs are available at locally owned drugstores, big box stores, hospitals and mail order pharmacy companies. These positions are advertised on job boards online.

A preschool teacher's workplace will reflect the philosophy of the school.
A preschool teacher's workplace will reflect the philosophy of the school. | Source

Preschool Teacher

What is a preschool teacher?

Before children go to kindergarten, they can learn academic basics, social skills, table manners, and how to share in one place: preschool. Being a preschool teacher means making an important contribution to many children.

What You’ll Do All Day

As a preschool teacher, you may only work for a few hours in the morning or you may work all day with the same group of students. Preschool programs vary in their hours as well as how they believe children should be taught. During playtime, naptime, meals, and restroom breaks, you’ll ensure each child remains safe so they can learn and socialize.

How to Find a Preschool Teacher Job

The types of jobs vary as does the pay. Preschools that pay close to minimum wage will not expect you to have a degree, but those that pay more (such as public schools) will require you to have a degree. Take a look at the listings in your area for “teacher” or “preschool teacher”, and see what qualifications are required.

Medical clinics around the world need appointment schedulers.
Medical clinics around the world need appointment schedulers. | Source

Medical Appointment Scheduler

What is a medical appointment scheduler?

When you go to the doctor, he or she isn't sitting behind the front desk waiting for your arrival, but someone else is, and that person may be the person who scheduled your appointment. Medical appointment schedulers – sometimes referred to as customer service representatives – coordinate the details so your physician can focus on providing your care.

What You’ll Do All Day

Working as an appointment scheduler for a major hospital could be significantly different from working for a small private practice supporting one doctor or group of doctors. However, electronic medical records (also known as EMR) are becoming an important part of the job. If you’d like to work with patients as a medical appointment scheduler, you need to be comfortable working with a computer and multi-tasking. In some workplaces, appointment scheduling is done over the phone in a call center environment.

How to Find an Appointment Scheduler Job

Where do you go for healthcare in your area? Find a job scheduling medical appointments at one of the following places:

  • Hospitals- those for adults, children or burn victims
  • Specialty clinics (those that focus on dermatology, urology, etc.)
  • Cosmetic medical offices (such as Lifestyle Lift® or other patented companies)
  • Clinics for people in financial need
  • Dental offices
  • Any other place where adults or children go for medical care

Which job do you think helps society the most?

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    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 3 years ago

      Being an educator, I am all for the teacher career choices. I think all the options are great for college students to consider as careers. This post will help them make a good choice.

    • Genna East profile image

      Genna East 3 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

      Hi Erin…

      The world of health care and the jobs it created exploded beginning several years ago, but it appears that things are beginning to slow down a bit. The positions you outlined in your article are so important…they need good people! I honestly didn’t know how to answer your question about which position would be more helpful. Good teachers are worth their weight in gold, and I’m a little biased in favor of that field, so this would be my choice.

    • annart profile image

      Ann Carr 3 years ago from SW England

      This is really useful and informative for those who are seeking such employment or want to try something in this area of career. It's such a good idea to list what the job entails and whether or not qualifications are needed. Obviously the latter varies from country to country but the job details will be about the same.

      Great hub. Ann

    • Jodah profile image

      John Hansen 3 years ago from Queensland Australia

      Hi Erin, these three professions all provide a very important service for the population in general. It is difficult to choose which is more important. I wouldn't have mind working as a pharmacy technician when younger. Good hub for any young people considering a profession.

    • erinshelby profile image

      erinshelby 3 years ago from United States

      Hi billybuc,

      Thanks for sharing which career choice you have a soft spot for!

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 3 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Good info for college students, or those looking for a career change. I was a teacher for eighteen years, so I'm a little partial to that career choice. :)

    • erinshelby profile image

      erinshelby 3 years ago from United States

      Torrs13, Thanks for your comment. Those looking to work in a preschool will appreciate your tip on how to get a job in a preschool!

    • Torrs13 profile image

      Tori Canonge 3 years ago from California

      Good overview of some jobs that help others! I am finding that some preschools are more likely to hire someone with an early childhood degree and/or experience, so it may be helpful for an interested individual to at least have a class or some experience with children. I think young kids are super fun to be around and teach! Great hub :-)