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Jobs That Will Make You Appreciate Your own job More

Updated on June 18, 2010

Frustrated by your work and felt like you are not getting along with your co-workers? Or is there something about your work that made you feel unfulfilled. Planning to quit and leave your work and find another one that will make you feel fulfilled? If so then here are some jobs that will sure fit you’re choice of jobs if you don’t mind about getting dirty a little bit or more. Or maybe you need some reasons that will make you appreciate your job a little more.

Here are some of the dirtiest jobs …..


It is common to have odor judges in laboratories most commonly about mouthwash. But have you realized that some scientist have taken it to the next level? A gastroenterologist in Minneapolis hired volunteers in determining what malodorous component has a human flatus. A number of subjects volunteered to eat beans and insert tube into their anuses. Then after a series of “flatulence”, it is then placed into a container to preserve its odor. After that, the samples are then placed to test by these judges. Determining on how bad the smell is by looking on the face expressions of these judges.

Manure Inspector

Their job is to inspect different kinds of animals waste.  Insuring that no contaminants that will affect the humans, animals and vegetation.

Carcass Cleaner

Their job is to clean corpses of animals, humans and some living creatures.  Their job includes immersing the corpses into some chemicals or boiling liquids and removing the leftover flesh into the corpses.

Chimney Sweeper

This job is certainly for small sized persons.  Their job is to clean the inside of the chimney.  Cleaning the soot and the ashes that are inside it.  If you don’t mind about getting covered with soot and ashes at the end of the day, then definitely you will like this job.

Dog Sniffer

Their job is to analyze the dog’s breath.  This is to figure out the effect of their diet on their teeth.

Dysentery Stool-Sample Analyzer

Their job is to spend their time opening stool canisters and analyzing feces from different subjects with different diseases. This is to analyze and find diagnosis to diseases.

Porta-potty Servicer

They are responsible of cleaning these portable toilet to ensure that they will achieve standards of sanitation.

Janitor at a Porno Theatre

Unlike a traditional theatre, it is common about not minding the sticky substance in your chairs. These janitors clean these premises including wiping, mopping places where these sticky substance are.

Sewers Cleaner

Cleaning manholes. These workers indulge their selves at the bottom of these manholes to clean waste including that of human. Removing this black sludge that causes it to clog. These workers are still in running in some parts of the world.

We must be thankful for the jobs that we had today. Many people have no decent jobs out there but still they are enjoying their lives. We must somewhat be thankful to them because of them we can handle the things that we wanted to do without doing any hassle.


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