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Jobs in California

Updated on September 13, 2012

Be as Specific as possible

Are you looking for work in California at the moment and wondering where else to look ?

Make sure your resume is up to date and you are looking good/ well dressed for work interviews .

If you have an interview with a company try to find out as much about the company policies before you attend .

Look for work in newspapers on a daily basis .

Sign up for job alerts online so you are aware of all jobs that will suit you.

My Career

Also on websites of companies you would like to work for like Lego Land . Coca Cola ,


Shopping Centres etc.

When looking for California Jobs be as specific in your search as possible as just typing in

California Jobs or Jobs in California will give you thousands of choices.

Have an idea of the type of job you are looking for and the town you would like to work in

For example I typed in " Nanny Job Pasadena and found

If you are wanting to work with animals think about the type of job you want .

Do you want to work

In a pet shop selling pet goods

An animal welfare

Training animals for the police or the blind.

Jobs with dogs like dog sniffer jobs

Veterinary jobs, either training to be a vet or a receptionist .

Jobs with horses,

Wildlife jobs,

Animal charity jobs,

zoo jobs

Apply for a job at the San Diego Zoo or the Wild Animal Park if you like the idea of a zoo job.

Are you the indoor/outdoor type for work ?

Do you like to work with animals or prefer a desk job ?
Do you like to work with animals or prefer a desk job ?

What part of California ? !

Narrow down your search to the state you want to work in then the town.
Narrow down your search to the state you want to work in then the town.
Are you bored with your job & need a challange ?
Are you bored with your job & need a challange ? | Source

Spanish Speaking Person Needed

 Do you speak Spanish & love travel ?

would you like to help people save a lot of money on Car hire, Resorts, Cruises etc while earning a lot of money and be able to go away yourself ?

If you are reliable , Into travel with a sense of humour please email me at

Jobs at legoland

At Legoland in California there are jobs available for

A Retail Merchandise Manager

Develops and sources a high quality range of souvenir products for LEGOLAND California, in order to achieve and increase retail gross revenue, profit, and spend per capita goals. In close liaison and consultation with LEGO Brand Retail originates, sources, manages product development (through agents, consultants and suppliers), and delivery (through supply chain management) of souvenir product range. Controls product cost and price structures, manages budgets, and influences stock holdings.

A water parks Lifeguard

This position will oversee the safety of water park guests by monitoring the attraction to prevent accidents. He/She will explain and enforce LEGOLAND Water Park policies and procedures; assist water park guests in distress or in danger of drowning. This position will administer first aid and CPR as needed, maintain records, and perform other duties as assigned


Works under the direction of the Lead Gardener and Irrigation Specialist and is responsible for maintaining landscape and hardscaped areas. All functions are performed in accordance with Landscape department and LEGOLAND policies, practice and procedures. Tasks performed include mowing, edging, pruning, hedging, weed/pest control and minor irrigation repair and monitoring. Operates hand tools and power equipment in a safe, reliable manner. Performs other maintenance functions within the theme park and assists other maintenance MCs as deemed necessary by the Lead Gardener or Landscape Supervisor.


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