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Jobs in Georgia Review

Updated on January 9, 2011

Jobs in Georgia

Do you live in GA and are looking for a job? Read on about a program for job seekers looking for employment. There are many people out of work and this program aims to create 5,000 new jobs and employment opportunities through federal work subsidies. This work program is based around federal stimulus money that is being used to create 5,000 new jobs that are only available for people who live in Georgia. The way this is going to be setup, is that employers across the state will be looking to hire fellow Georgians, and will use the federal stimulus funds and dollars to put out of work citizens back to work.

These job opportunities also has the goal of helping citizens to build new work skills while improving their existing work skills. The federal stimulus monies will help to get area families stabilized again and self sufficient. With these new GA job opportunities, job coaching will be available to make sure that workers can do these jobs efficiently. You can download the employment application online at their official website at Download the application, print the application and apply. To be eligible for employment under this program, you must be a U.S. citizen or legal immigrant that is allowed to work in the U.S. You also must be a resident of Georgia, have a minor, dependent child in your home or must be the parent of a minor child, and have gross monthly household income at or below a specific level.

This federal work subsidy program seeks employers across the state of GA to come forward and participate in the program and collectively to hire 5,000 Georgians for these new jobs. These jobs would be funded with federal stimulus monies. Prospective employers can contact the Georgia Department of Human Services or see their official website for information. Some highlights of this federal jobs program are that employers will receive a subsidy equal to 80 percent of the wages for creating new job opportunities and hiring GA residents for employment. There are specific details to get from the State, but positions must be at least 30 hours each week of employment and job time. The maximum subsidy is $26,000 per employee per six month period.

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