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Jobs in the Cloud: Finding Careers in Cloud Computing

Updated on July 4, 2012

Cloud Computing Career Research

Do you want to find a career in the cloud -- one of the cloud computing jobs open right now all around the world for qualified candidates? When college students select a major, often they pair their interests with growth industries, growth opportunities, and interesting and challenging fields that have a great number of job prospects. Even though the United States still feels the lingering after effects of the recession, and suffers from a slow-growth high unemployment environment -- there are a huge number of opportunities available in cloud computing in jobs all over the US, India, China, Europe, and other developed, emerging, and frontier markets.


For the most part, workers with training and experience in IT (information technology), software engineering, computer science, and related fields have the most cloud computing job opportunities available to them in 2012 and beyond. While many large corporations like Microsoft, IBM, Amazon, Google, Apple, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Oracle, and other are devoting huge resources to cloud initiatives - companies like VMware,, Rackspace, EMC, SAP, NetSuite, and others have made huge stands in the field. Smaller companies like CloudSigma, AppFog, and many others -- including some that may be acquired within the next few years -- could also prove to be a great place to work.


While it might make sense to earn some of the new cloud training certifications, the best way to have a career in cloud computing is to make sure that you're in the right position with the right company. If you're company is making the move to the cloud, and cloud related projects, and opportunities will come your way if you stay -- then you are in a good job. If your small or medium sized business (SMB), or large corporation is resistant to cloud migration, then you will likely not get the best experiences doing traditional IT for your employer. If you want to work in cloud computing, you can apply your skills, training, and experience to an enterprise that is willing to make the switch to utility-based computing, or at least a hybrid design.


To stay current even with your current job, or to continue to be in the right position for increased responsibilities, better pay, and promotions, you're probably already doing some research into cloud computing. But in addition to knowing the basic terminology of the cloud computing revolution: (SaaS - software as a service, IaaS - infrastructure as a service, PaaS - platform as a service, ITaaS - IT as a service, AaaS - analytics as a service), you must also understand the main issues with cloud computing adoption -- things like security, public versus private cloud, end user devices, hybrid models, big data possibilities, monitoring, analytics, IT's role in your enterprise going forward, etc. Learn all you can, and stay current!


There is a real shortage of available talent to fill all of these available jobs, so the best news for those fresh out of college or graduate school -- or those willing to be retrained -- cloud computing is a great place for you to find good paying employment. Find your job in cloud computing today -- maybe even start with earning some cloud certification training. A career is waiting for you at businesses of all sizes in India, China, the Middle East, and all over the United States -- from California, and Texas, to New York City, and Washington DC. A career in cloud computing might just be the life you've always wanted.


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    • ytsenoh profile image

      Cathy 5 years ago from Louisiana, Idaho, Kauai, Nebraska, South Dakota, Missouri

      This was an interesting and giving hub, especially if you want to pursue cloud computing. I think the name, cloud computing, is very catchy. I understand the concept and understand that marketing this product is challenging and rewarding. Thanks for writing this.

    • CapstoneTrends profile image

      CapstoneTrends 6 years ago from Outside Boston, Massachusetts, USA

      Thanks Deb!

    • profile image

      debW07 6 years ago

      Interesting article, packed with good, helpful information. Great job!