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Success: 7 Practical Steps To Change a 'Poor' Mindset to a 'Rich' Mindset

Updated on December 1, 2015

Rich Thinker, Poor Thinker - Which one do you want to be?

Do you ever wonder why some people have the natural ability to accumulate wealth while others struggle constantly and don't get anywhere? There are two groups of people who distinctively have two different types of mindsets, beliefs and approaches to life. There are people who have the natural ability to attract wealth. There are others who struggle to come to terms with how they accumulate wealth.

Which category do you fall in? Are you the one who is struggling to accumulate wealth but don't how to? Are you afraid of failing?

Don't you worry!

The good thing is that you can change your mindset! YES! You can change your mindset to become wealthy.

Read and understand these practical steps and apply them your life and change the way you think.


Success Tip

It's the saddest thing to wander through life not knowing what you want. So take the time to get clear and define what you want. Get visual and graphic about it by using a picture or vision board to compile you "mind movie" about your dream life.

~The Millionaire Phenomena~


1. Be Very Clear about What you Want

You must have a grand “Vision” and must see with crystal clarity what you want and believe it with all your heart that you will achieve it. Come up with an idea, nurture it, develop it and feel it as it happens until it becomes you reality. You will get excited about it and your passion for it will rub off on the others and they will see your vision too. That will develop the Rich Mindset in you.

Walk away from the conditioning of stereotypes and boxes "you should fit into" that have been fed throughout your life. Build confidence in yourself and be prepared to fail.

There is a popular saying that goes like this "A person who never fails has not tried anything". Very true indeed. Talk to one of these wealthy people and they will tell you how many times they have failed to get where they are. Thus failure is part of your road to success!

2. Have Positive Belief's Around Money, Wealth and Abundance

How we see money and wealth from our perspective has got to do a lot with our mindset. Our mindset is programmed to see money as evil and wealthy people are evil. That belief and mindset needs to be changed if you want to succeed.

The ‘rich’ mindset believes that money is just energy, an exchange for value. In the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" Robert Kiyosaki says that to acquire wealth you must change your belief about money. Money is not real. Money is just an idea. He further explains that if you want to be wealthy, you must first become wealthy in your mind. You must be a millionaire without money. You must have a millionaire mindset. That is the same principle.

Never ever have contradictory beliefs about wealth and success. Watch your 'ifs' and 'buts' as they are clues to your inner conflicts. They send out mixed messages, dispel your original intention and get you more into the negative side of the equation.

Be persistent and see the opportunities in every challenge that comes your way. Challenges only make you stronger and more determined to achieve your dreams.


Success Tips

Focus on your passion and commit­ment - it will override your programming. Focus on your higher vision and purpose and do something you’re pas­sionate about. Do what you love and love what you do.

~The Millionaire Phenomena~

3. Have a Winner Mentality

Get out of the 'Battler', or 'Survivor' mentality. With this type of mentality you are more concerned with failing than succeeding. You want to 'close shop' with the slightest threat of a hump on the road. Change that mindset. When faced with a problem, take it as a challenge to overcome and tackle it head on. Stand up and say 'I can do this'. Develop your abilities to take on challenges. Develop that wealthy mindset so when you are faced with challenges, you can say, 'I can do this', I have confidence in my abilities. I'm going to take this on and I love it.

Buy this Wealth Creation Book if you are serious about success

4. Must be Totally committed to Success

Be determined, persistent and focused to move forward. Your only interests are only the things that will bring you success. Do not let doubts enter your mind. Commit all your energy and go that extra mile and whatever it takes to get there. Be dedicated and focused.

if you want success and wealth do not attempt it half-heartedly. Step out of your comfort zone when the going gets tough and endure the challenge.

People in their comfort zone are not willing to try out something. Don't stay there for too long. Get out and challenge yourself.

Success Tip

Focus on the ‘rewards’ rather than the ‘risks’. It’s all about how you perceive and approach an opportunity, issue or problem - with the mindset that you can do it, and solve it, no problem at all. It’s like switch­ing between the two sets of colored glasses, or changing gears in your car.

~The Millionaire Phenomena~

5. Think Big, Dream Big, See No Limitations

Do not look for the easiest thing to do or choose to do something that you can do comfortably or do not settle for whatever that turns up. Have big dreams and visions and do what you are more passionate about. Teach yourself, learn about other successful people and make it a journey for yourself.

6. Take Responsibility

Fear of failure is the greatest hindrance to achieving what you want and attracting what you desire. In the 'rich' mindset, you must be ready to fail, take responsibility for your actions and move on. Be intently focused on succeeding, and minimize the risks of failing, take responsibility and step up.

7. Take Action

Act with speed. Do not procrastinate. In the rich mindset, you are not easily troubled by something that goes wrong. You see it as an opportunity to correct the situation and move closer to success.



These 7 simple steps are important to change your mindset and move towards your goal. Be practical and observe your daily thoughts and dialogue. Move away from the mindset that everybody else has. If you can master these 7 simple steps, you can change your mindset and you can be on your way to success.


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