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Jugglery of Key Words Unfolded for a Common Man

Updated on December 16, 2015

Key to Success

Secret Nobody will Like to Share


I started Blogging 30 months back in June,2012 without knowing abc of Blogging. I got the inspiration from experience bloggers and Help provided by the great Google. Within a period of 7-8 months I could land at HubPages providing a platform for fearless writers like me who believe in Speak Truth and Forget.

My Journey towards Webmaster Tools:

Through a continuous series of articles about my My Success Story I have shared my experiences about the problems I faced during my journey on the web. If you have the strong will power then nobody on the earth can stop you from becoming a webmaster or spider man provided you respect the TOS of great Google, Facebook and publishing platforms like hub pages. I have found hubpages very useful in understanding the concept of search engine optimization and after joining hubpages I could find the answer to the concept of Key Words. I can not dare to compare myself with the technical people and Google Robots or automated systems generating Top Keywords but as a common man what I have understood about key words, I am going to share with you. The concept, as explained here under, can be understood within minutes by a layman. Before I start telling you about concept Key Words as conceived by me I would like you to know as to what is the difference between a Publisher and an advertiser.

Who is a Publisher and How to Get Published:

An Individual is the main generator of ideas. Group of individuals make a team. Teams make big organizations. Unorganized group of individuals can be termed as crowds and organized group of people are called a Team in the same fashion as Crowd Makes Noise and Teamwork (Orchestra) creates Music. I am writing all this as I will be telling you about an Individual publisher and an organized publisher providing their rich infrastructure to the individuals.

Every individual is full of ideas based upon rich experiences and the individuals may like to share their ideas and knowledge with the world community for a good cause.

Individual Blogging:

Any individual can do so by taking to blogging which is very easy. There are many Free Online Blogging Platforms such as :


Blogger platform provided by the Google is the easiest way to blog and share your ideas on the web. After a period of time when you get accustomed to blogging and build up a good collection of articles on your blog you may like to monetize your blog content. By monetization, I mean to earn a passive income from your articles. You can apply for Google Adsense ads and 3rd Party affiliate programs and after approval you can display advertisements which may yield revenue for you. Now you have become a Publisher. But publishing and advertising on your personal blogs may not yield much revenue for you as the amount of earning depends upon you daily page views, clicks on the ads. Motivated clicks are tracked by the advertisers and will result in disapproval of your account as a Publisher and you are likely to loose your reputation on the web as a Publisher.

Blogging on Host Sites:

There are revenue sharing sites like HubPages, IndiaStudyChannel and DotnetSpider who provide their infrastructure to the writers, authors, bloggers, photographers to share their original work which is not published anywhere on the web as duplicate and copied content is not allowed on such sites. By writing on such host sites the authors and publishers can reach a bigger audience on the web as these sites are managed by professionals and have very good ranking by Google search engines and these sites have auto check on the quality of the content being published. I think it is better to write, share and publish your knowledge sharing articles on these sites having good reputation.

Who is an Advertiser and How does online Advertising is targeted:

Manufacturers and Retailer all over the world sell their products by advertising their products on the print media like Newspaper and Magazines, Live Media like TV and Internet Channels and latest is the online advertisements through Google Ads, in addition to 3rd party affiliate ads, which provides following type of ads :

  • Search Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Mobile Ads
  • Video and YouTube ads.

Importance of Key Words and Search Engine Displays for Publisher or Advertiser:

Now internet users all over the world search for the content not to locate the advertisements but to locate the content they want to see. Whatever searches are made by the internet user, without knowing the web addresses, the search engines display results and the user goes on surfing till the user gets the desired results. For example if you search for wqaindia and webquestionanswers, then my articles get displayed as top results but why should the users use these words at all ?

Publishers are interested in getting their content to be displayed at the TOP and the Advertisers also want their advertisements to be viewed, so as to be clicked, by the internet users. How to get the keywords finding favor with the internet user. At least publishers can not tailor their articles just for the sake of key words. It is your good writing capability and good content on the web, which attracts the traffic on the web and generates the key words for your content. As an author, content writer or publisher, I think, one must not care about the key words and you must concentrate and focus on the delivery of a good article to the audience. This is for the advertisers to analyze as to which key words are making rounds on the web as they are more concerned about the commercial activity. If you are a big author or corporate publishing house or host site like HubPages, you may go in for advertising of your site and your advertising agency say Google Ads will be taking care of the key words to be targeted so that your very published material is displayed in top search results. This will be a win win situation. I mean to say that big adsense revenue sharing sites work both ways but small individuals can not afford to bear the advertising cost just to earn out of ads displayed alongside their web content either on their blogs or published articles elsewhere. I have put forward the concept of Key Words as conceived by a layman like me. I would like to be commented by the individual publishers who have just taken to publishing and technocrats to comment as a further guide to add to the knowledge of the fellow members and publishers. After all we all are here to exchange knowledge. HubPages prompts the member answering a question to make a Hub as per title of the question but I, instead of asking a silly question, decided to draft and publish the Hub at the first Go.

Negative Key Words

When more and more key words have been used and exhausted as the internet has vast content on the web the advertisers are trying to find out other means of displaying their site content to be pushed to the screen of the internet users. English dictionary is limited and in my opinion every word has been used by many times and websites are also using the stolen and popular key words to be found in the search engine displays. Now Google Adwords has come out with the concept of negative key words Key words are the best source of traffic and search engine optimization of any website. Search engines detect the newest and the latest keywords used by internet users so that they get directed to their desired destination. Now Google is also promoting the negative keywords. Negative keywords are more or less indirect key words to provide the same results as being provided by regular key words and the negative key words supplement the search through general key words. For example if you are to promote Glasses then wine glasses may be used as negative key word, which is nothing to do with contact lenses, glasses or crockery made of glasses.

Could you understand the theory of Key Words on Internet

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© 2013 Ashok Goyal


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    • JB-GUPTA profile image

      Jai Bhagwan Gupta 4 years ago from Rajpura

      Good Articles. It is a Big Key to the Key Words. We must chose the words properly as words can not be taken back.

    • wqaindia profile image

      Ashok Goyal 5 years ago from 448 Dalima Vihar Rajpura 140401 Punjab India

      I could understand the secret of key words after spending 10 hours on the web daily.

    • webquestionanswer profile image

      Neha Goyal 5 years ago from Rajpura 140401 Punjab India

      wqaindia, you are really a key word generator in the offing.