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Just Been Promoted? Now Is the Time to Seek Executive and Leadership Coaching!

Updated on August 25, 2015

For many people, finally getting that much-desired promotion is like a dream coming true. After all, that higher salary and greater kudos is going to improve your life immensely and make everything roll upwards, right?

Actually, however long we might have to wait for that all-important move up the ladder and however prepared we might feel for it, promotion can often be highly stressful. Not only does it mean having to come to terms with new responsibilities and even taking on a whole new persona in the workplace, but it can also serve to highlight weaknesses in certain areas of our performance that we didn’t even know existed. Even though we might have performed exceptionally well in our former roles, suddenly we can find ourselves faced with new challenges and experiences that we are not entirely prepared for, and if we aren’t able to rise to and deal with these with the same degree of expertise as we did previously, our confidence and self-esteem can take a considerable beating and our levels of performance can plummet. The time of a promotion, therefore, is often one of the most important in terms of seeking the professional expertise which comes with executive or leadership coaching.

Being promoted to higher up an organization typically means having to adopt an entirely new mindset than was required previously. Leadership capabilities typically come into greater focus and executive roles are often based far more on strategic thinking than on merely executing tasks. Making that switch from a task-based role to a strategic one, however, isn’t always easy, and developing the skills to persuade workers to follow willingly in your footsteps is a talent that many executives never learn. In addition, these are two aspects of executive roles which employers frequently fail to train their executives in, so that most are simply left to work things out for themselves. With the help of executive coaching or leadership coaching, however, they are two crucial areas that those who have newly been promoted can quickly come to terms with.

No matter whether we take on a new position with a new employer or accept an internal promotion, the impression that we make within the first 90 days is absolutely crucial in determining our career progression from there onwards. Leaving this vital period to chance should never be an option, therefore, and there are specific things which can be done during this initial period to ensure that you strike off on the right foot and enhance your professional reputation from the get-go. In addition, there are certain traps that you need to be aware of and avoid during these early stages if you are to be perceived in the best possible light. Again, these are things which executive coaching and leadership coaching can address before you have had the chance to make what could be potentially serious mistakes.

If you would like to find out more about executive coaching or leadership coaching, or if you yourself have the desire and the experience to become an online executive or leadership coach, you can find out more by visiting

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by Julie-Ann Amos, professional writer, and owner of international writing agency

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