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Just Do It!

Updated on July 10, 2012

Just do it!

Leanne and I at the Australian Grand Prix! We just DID IT!
Leanne and I at the Australian Grand Prix! We just DID IT!

What is the first thing that comes to your mind…..Nike? Right?

How many people actually take this advice?

How many people start, then fall back into the same old patterns?

How many people just never start?

How about this: JUST DO SOMETHING!!!! And NOW!!!!

What prompted me to write this hub was a CD from Brendon Nichols on internet marketing. Now, I have been around “marketing” for over 30 years and have listened to countless CD’s on businesses, mlm’s, direct sales, internet businesses, and the like. I have heard numerous sales pitches and reasons why I should get in the business right away.

This CD, however, was the straw that broke the camel’s back. It was not that the CD contained bad information, it was the fact that it started out just like every other CD in the country!

It started with all the reasons people are broke! Almost every CD I have ever listened to stated that 95% of the people end up dead or dead broke. Does this sound familiar? Well, if this is a true fact, wouldn’t it stand to reason that the people listening to these CD’s KNOW that they are broke!!!

Then, he went on to say about all the ways to make money. Same thing!!!

Now that I am done complaining about it, I imagine it is time to offer a solution J

As I see it, there are two solutions:

1.) For the people that know they are broke and absolutely do not want to do anything - DO NOT!!! Do not read any further.

2.) For the people that know they are broke and WANT to do something -


What does that look like?

Where are you now?:

Where am I right now? What does my situation look like?

How much money do I earn now? How much money do I have in the bank?

How much time do I have to devote to my goals?

Where do you want to be?

What does your ideal day look like?

How much money would you like to earn? How much would you want in the bank?

What kind of car do you want?

Write a list of a MINIMUM of 200 things you would like to BE, DO, or HAVE in the next 10 years. The sky is the limit. Dream big. Dream like you never have dreamed before.

How are you going to get there?

Make a list of your talents and your hobbies.

Explore the possibilities with each of these.

Have no money? Sell your excess items on Ebay. Clear the deck! Get rid of things that are cluttering your life so you can think. It is amazing, but I know tons of people that put there whole life on hold just because of a pile of junk sitting in their house! “Can’t do anything till that is gone!” “I’ll get to that other thing after I get rid of that junk”.

It is amazing the power that clutter has in our lives!

Now, look for ways to make money. You know what they are. They are all around you. Look at the people in your circle of influence. What are they doing to make money? Are any of my friends successful? If you have no successful friends, it may be time to make NEW friends!

If you are stuck, contact me! Take action today and move in the direction of your dreams. Just DO IT!!!



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