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KPO (Knowledge process outsourcing) jobs in India. Top KPO 10 companies in India

Updated on March 17, 2016

KPO (Knowledge process outsourcing) jobs in India. Top KPO 10 companies in India

The BPO (Business process outsourcing) sector was much sought after by job aspirants in India 15 years back due to higher pay packages and career growth prospects. People in their early 20s easily earned Rs 3-5 lakh per annum working in call centers. Today, the BPO sector has reached its saturation stage. There is heavy attrition in the sector and jobs are taken away by companies in competing developing countries like Philippines and Indonesia.

What is a KPO? Unlike BPOs, KPOs provide value added high-end services to their clients. BPOs are process oriented and seek candidates with generalized skills like typing and English communication. KPOs are knowledge oriented and seek candidates with Domain knowledge and analytical skills. For example, a BPO specializing in Banking process may seek candidates with data entry skills for transaction processing. On the other hand, a Financial KPO may look for candidates with a MBA degree or CA with domain knowledge in financial models. English communication and interpersonal skills are also required for working in KPOs. KPOs are an ideal sector for professionals like B.E, B Tech, MBA, CA etc.

Similarly a KPO based on Automobile industry may seek candidates specializing in preparing engineering drawings and designs. Earlier companies in developed countries like USA and UK were outsourcing jobs to India to take advantage of the cheap labour cost advantage but today they are outsourcing knowledge based jobs as more Indians possess knowledge and skills in core domains like Engineering, Law, Research, Medicine etc. The size of KPO industry in India is expected to be $30 billion

KPOs offer jobs in niche and high-end areas like biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, intellectual property research etc

Shifts: Normally, BPOs require people to work in various shifts based on work timings of the client while KPOs mostly have regular day shifts

Payscale: Pay scale in KPOs is also much higher compared to BPOs

Today more youth prefer to work in KPOs as they get an opportunity to work in their core area and domains. In fact, KPO jobs are more preferred than IT jobs. In IT sector, an electronic & electrical engineer won’t have anything to do with his core domain of Electronics. He will just be writing code for some software application which his client might have asked him to prepare. But in a KPO, he will get an opportunity to work in his own domain of Electronics. He can use the domain knowledge to pursue a better job in future whereas this is not the case with IT sector jobs

Below are the different KPO processes:

Financial KPOs: Provides financial Research, financial consultancy, technical analysis for businesses etc

Market/Investment Research KPOs: Provides market research and investment research services

Engineering Design KPOs: Provide service for automobile, aeronautical, Telecom and Construction companies. Prepare engineering drawings. They employ people specializing in engineering design software like CAD/CAM

Biotech & Pharmaceutical KPOs: Support health care providers and pharmaceutical companies

Patent Filing KPOs: A fast growing sector in India is Patent Filing. Assist entities in Patent filing for their products

Legal Research KPOs: Provide high quality legal research for corporate legal departments of various MNC

Insurance Claims Processing: A labour intensive field. However domain knowledge is also important

Animation and simulation: A high-end KPO activity fast growing in India. Even western film making houses are outsourcing animation related work to Indian companies

Top 10 KPO companies in India:

Genpact- specializes in Market Research, legal services, engineering R&D etc

Sutherland- Sutherland provides high-end customized research & analytics solutions
WNS Global Service

Ugam solutions- Provides knowledge based service in Market Research

Evalueserve- offers CFO, IPO, Analytical and Financial services

24/7 customer

Copal partners- Provides Research and Analytics services

Techbooks – Specializes in content outsourcing



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