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Five Tips to Get Promoted in your Job

Updated on July 30, 2016

Understanding the key question

Like you reader, I also wanted to grow through rank and file jobs and lead teams, earn money and feel successful. The key desire I had was to grow using ethical means and fair processes. To fulfill my career aspirations, I read several books about leadership, worked with several mentors and sought after the knowledge from all nooks and corners that would help me achieve this goal. And all these efforts paid off and today I live a decent work life and looking after my family. Here are a few tips from my life long learning. I have also picked two books that I used during my journey And embedded in this article.

If you are aspirational professional lik me, then I am sure you keep asking these questions daily: How do I grow? How do I rise to a level that reflects my growth to my peers and family? What essential things I need to do to achieve peak performanc? How do I get recognized for my contributions and earn promotions? And these questions sometimes make us uneasy, sometimes depress, sometimes motivate for excellence, sometimes bring the devils inside us out, and other times keep us thinking for long hours. We have many answers around us but do not know which one to pick and run with.

Well, let us learn what would help you grow at your work place:

How can I grow in my career?
How can I grow in my career?

1. Values

The number one thing I seek in my surroundings as a leader is high professional values, an individual who demonstrates ownership, honestly, ethics, integrity, initiative or any. Combination of these or similar values, I feel grow very fast in their professional life. It is not something that I see successful people practicing intentionally, but I see it as part of their habit. Individuals with high values are constantly sought after by their peers, their opinion carries a lot of weight and everyone feels authenticity in their responses.

Everyone loves growth at work place & wants to grow more
Everyone loves growth at work place & wants to grow more

2. Knowledge

Second most essential ingredient I notice in growing professionals is their knowledge of the domain. if you have deeper knowledge of your domain, can look at a specific issue and provide insightful advice then your growth is inevitable. Knowledge is power. Knowledge is earned in many ways, by academic experiences, by work experiences, by readings, by watching others, by personal life incidences. It is something you should be passionate about to seek and sustain. If you want to seriously grow I your domain and reap growth at work place, combine knowledge with values and you become 60% closer to your growth opportunities.

3. Skills

Having values and knowledge make you authentic and relevant for your professional life. However having skills to implement the knowledge are super important. In fact, if you are highly knowledgeable, you can be consultative and your growth may stop after sometime. But if you are adept at a few skills and can demonstrate from time to time a hands on execution of your knowledge and ideas, your respect and visibility grows farther. People not only see you as someone who can be consulted with, but also someone whom you can learn a practical execution example. Your growth in such scenarios become exponential. I would say this: I am going to always trust someone more if he understands what he is doing, can articulate depth of their action and can demonstrate a fine piece off execution. I have always see such Individuals growing at faster pace than others who are week at either of three ingredients.

4. Talent

In the book "First Break All the Rules" by Marcus Buckingham (Author) and Curt Coffman (Author), a model of knowledge, skills and talent is presented for managers to learn about their people and manage efficiently. However if I take this concept and empower all of you with the definition, it would change how you review your strengths. The talent is something that is a "natural" ability of someone to be good at "something". This natural ability develops over many years through repeated thought patterns. Now think of your super powers or natural things you are good at. This is your talent. In order to grow in your roles, you need to be talented at "something". Be it negotiation, problem solving, presentations, broader thinking, deeper thinking, quick thinking, integrity in tough situations and so on. If your talent is well matched with the requirements of the work place, your growth is inevitable. Over years you have undergone experiences that have helped you honed some repeated thought patterns that are now "no brainer" to you. Use that talent of yours in your work place more and more and enjoy growth

5. Will-Power

And yes the last ingredient is will power. Having skills, having knowledge, having talent, and having values are all important things. However a strong desire to grow and learn. a strong desire to build values, a strong desire to hone to perfection, a strong desire to no fail and face the difficulties when following values, and a strong desire to share of gift of talent is what would make you ideally fit for the work place growth. One of my mentors recently shared an interesting example with me that he heard from his mentor. As we go higher up the hill, the roads become narrower, more winding and uneven and we still have to sustain through to reach the ultimate destination uphill. A great thought that strengthen my will power to face any hurdles as I face the challenges brought on by these higher positions. Growth at workplace is not going to be smooth. Sometimes it is going to feel like a cold breeze shilling your skeleton and making you feel shrunk outside in. And sometimes it is going to feel as if you are inside a volcano and your body is ready to explode with heat. It is then the will power that is going to ease you off, keep you focused and help you keep your surrounding environment even and smooth. Will power would be your best friend in all times and will help you chase the dream you saw “grow at work place".

Last words...

It has been 15 years. I have gone from being an individual contributor who made $x per month to a people's leader of a large 20+ people team earning $1500x in 15 years. The journey has not been easy. I had to go over a lot of hills and through a lot of winding narrower roads. However, it is these things that have kept me going and chasing one dream. I feel very honored that I got mentors along my way who kept encouraging my heart and kept reinforcing my foundation while keeping me on track and relevant for my work place. today having shared this concise but powerful messages with you, I feel I have helped you all who have chosen to make your own fate, have number of perceived constraints to take any bold risk steps, and still feel at heart that we want to grow in our workplace using ethical powerful means while making this world a beautiful place to live.

My many best wishes to you and pray to almighty that they help you achieve your dream!!


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    • nikihunden profile image


      9 years ago from Skive, Denmark

      Hi HubChief

      You sure have some good tips there. Normally I stick to

      "keep it simple", but with the keywords you have lined

      up, you could have made an ebook on this subject! Why

      not give it a try?

      But for now good info, hope your readers get the drift!

      Borge Hansen

    • yamanote profile image


      9 years ago from UK/Spain

      i find yoga very useful

    • bingskee profile image


      9 years ago from Quezon City, Philippines

      very good tips. simple but cannot be that easy to do like 'learning to say no'. it is not an easy task. good writing. keep it coming.


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