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Keyword Optimization: Why Filtered Keywords Are Critical to Making Money with Pay Per Click Advertising

Updated on February 3, 2010

Keyword Optimization: Advice for New Pay Per Click Marketers

The foundation of keyword optimization is keyword research. But, pay per click marketers never get beyond the basics. They may learn how to constructs ads using a few SEO writing guidelines, and that’s it. This means a lot of money is being left on the table.

By digging a little deeper into keyword optimization, you can exponentially increase the amount of money your pay per click campaign makes. To that end, here we’re going to discuss filtered keywords.

Keyword Optimization: What are Filtered Keywords & How They Save You Money

Filtered keywords are can be thought of as gatekeepers in that they discourage – yes you read right, discourage – web surfers from clicking on a pay per click ad.

“But,” you may be thinking, “I don’t want to discourage web surfers from clicking on my ad. I want them to click!” Hold on a minute buddy; not necessarily.

The whole point of the keyword optimization process is to drive qualified prospects to your website. And, every web surfer is not created equal. Some are simple tire kickers, meaning they may be only tangentially interested in your product/service. Or, your product/service may not have everything they’re looking for (see travel website example below).

These are the types of surfers you want to dissuade from clicking on your ad because they only cost you money.

Keyword Optimization and the “Happy I’m Getting Traffic” Online Marketer

Many new PPC advertisers watch their clickthrough rates like hawks. They get all ecstatic when it’s high; and depressed when it’s low. It’s a stat they live and die by. But remember, keyword optimization is the process of getting qualified prospects to click your ads.

Doing Keyword Optimization Right: How to Use Filtered Keywords Get More Qualified Prospects to Your Website

Filtered keywords help to to do this by, in essence, qualifying your prospects. How exactly do they do this? Filtered keywords explain some feature of your product/service. Eg, it could be the color, price, location, size, etc.

For example, let’s say you were running ads for your home-based travel agency, which had a special deal on an all-inclusive package to Jamaica that was only available from September 8 through September 15th.

While the keyword phrase “all-inclusive Jamaica Vacation” would definitely get prospects to click on your ad, it would be a waste of money if they were looking for a Jamaica vacation -- in November.

To prevent these types of surfers from clicking on your ad, a filtering keyword might be the month, eg, September All Inclusive Jamaica Vacation.

As this example illustrates, when you do your homework and use keyword optimization right, you can exponentially increase your pay per click advertising results – by saving money on one end, and driving more qualified (eg, ready to buy) traffic to your website on the other end.

Keyword Optimization Tools

There are tons of free keyword optimization tools on the net that can help you conduct great keyword research to get the best results for any type of online marketing you may be doing. Once you find one you like, bookmark it for future use.

Learning other tips and tricks of keyword optimization and seo writing -- and put your knowledge to use to make hundreds of dollars per day online seamlessly.


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      Bunny Tee 6 years ago

      Great information and keywords are very important for the google search engine.