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What is aircraft maintenance engineering (AME) ?

Updated on January 23, 2014

What is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering?

Aircraft maintenance engineering

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is branch of aeronautical engineering which deals with maintenance and servicing of aircraft.

Duration of course: This is three years certificate course.

Approval: All institutes requires approval from Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), India to run aircraft maintenance engineering course,

Eligibility for getting admission in AME:

For getting admission in AME, the candidate must have eligibility as directed by DGCA and that are

(1) 10+2 in physics ,chemistry and mathematics subjects with minimum 50% marks from a recognized board or university or its equivalent examination.


(2) Three years diploma in engineering


(3) any higher qualification in science with physics ,chemistry and mathematics.

Who are aircraft maintenance engineers ?

Aircraft maintenance engineers (AME) are licensed engineers to carry out maintenance, servicing and repair of aircraft. AME licenses are issued by aviation regulatory authority of country, in India DGCA under civil aviation department is responsible authority.

Recently DGCA has issued CAR-66 rules for implementing procedures for licensing of aircraft maintenance engineers. All licensing examinations are conducted by DGCA.

Streams under Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

There are two type of streams offered by AME institutes under aircraft maintenance engineering:

(A) Mechanical Streams: It include studies of engines and airframe of an aircraft.

Mechanical streams includes piston engine(CP), jet engine(CT), heavy airplane (HA), light airplane(LA) and helicopter (AHC).

(B) Avionics Streams: It include studies of radio (R), electrical (E) and instrument (I) systems of an aircraft.

5 Things to be checked during selection of institute

Through this hub I am spreading awareness to students and I want them to be vigilant while seeking admission in AME institutes because some AME institutes have published misleading advertisements on website and newspapers.

Following must be considered before taking admission in aircraft maintenance engineering course in any institute.

(1) Ensure that institute must have valid DGCA approvals for running aircraft maintenance engineering course. You can check the DGCA approved AME school list at DGCA website.

(2) Ensure that institute must provide the various on job training required during course. Remember aircraft maintenance engineering course is certificate course and this is an ab-intio training only to enable students to appear in DGCA licensing examination..

(3) Look out for the previous results of concerned institutes in DGCA examination.You can check out the results on DGCA website.

(4) Job / career assistance after completion of course.

(5) Compare fee of various institutes with each other.

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How to check DGCA's approvals of institutes ??

It is mandatory for all college / institutes to have DGCA's approval to run aircraft maintenance engineering course. The DGCA website provides, list of approved aircraft maintenance engineering colleges of India.The list contains name, address, scope of approval and validity of approval for various approved institutes.


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