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Updated on September 15, 2009


 WHAT ARE MY STATS FOR LIVING RICH AND WEALTHY THIS WEEK, Sunday, September 6 through Friday, September 11?

First there have been sufficient funds all week. I am finally caught up with the car payment.

I’m making progress on the book, From The Frying Pan To The Jacuzzi. Gourmet Recipes For A Gourmet Relationship. I’ve been able to be patient with the process. The publisher even took responsibility for an error in their feedback to me which caused the pagination to be off. So I’m currently waiting for the third proof to arrive, and hopefully by the end of next week, you will be able to purchase the book on Amazon.

Late Tuesday afternoon, I received a call, asking me to speak at a breakfast meeting of the local Kiwanis, which I did. Several people took my card and told me they would be calling to set up an appointment. Later that day, Tom, who was at the breakfast meeting, called and asked if I could speak Friday at a luncheon meeting of the local High Twelve group.

Throughout the week, the phone rang. Some were cancellations, some were new clients and some were "old" clients looking for an "oil change" or a "tune-up."

And, I started these Hubs, and folks like you, are beginning to read them! Wow! It’s been a rich and wealthy week.

Also, today is September 11.  So perhaps the most precious wealth for any of us is our life and our freedom.  We are lucky to live in a country that is so free.  And I don't think we need to mar the preciousness of our freedom by becoming paranoid about big brother.  There's enough intelligence (no pun intended) in our country to keep big brother whereever he needs to  be!  Oh my god, I think he's reading this!

Anywho, thanks for reading about my week and my stats.  Please share your's in the comments.  If we are all sharing the rich and wealthy moments of our week, we will remain rich and wealthy in every sense of those words.  I do believe in critical mass.



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