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Lawn care marketing ideas.

Updated on July 5, 2011

Lawn Care Marketing Ideas

Lawn care marketing technique to promote your latest landscaping or hardscape project.
Lawn care marketing technique to promote your latest landscaping or hardscape project.

Lawn Care Marketing

How to market landscaping projects? That is a great topic that was brought up on the Gopher Lawn Care Business Forum. An interesting response came out of it. One landscape business owner found that they could promote his new done landscape project by offering to host a party at the customer's home to show off the new property upgrades to the neighbors.

If you run a lawn care business & have finished a new landscaping job, your work is not done. Most lawn care business owners would think they ought to collect the check & basically move on to their next job. But wait a moment & think, what can I do to promote the hard work I have done & how can I get more work from it?

How about hosting an event to celebrate the new landscape? Where you would bring a bbq grill & provide food & drinks. The customer could hand out flyers to neighbors & mention the party to his friends & relatives that live in the area. This could let you build your social network & reach out to more local potential customers. When you are at the party, you could be wearing your company uniform with your company van parked out front. Then not only would you be handing out burgers, but you would be handing out business cards as well.

People love to get out and be sociable. Another thing people love to do is show off. So when you just created an amazing landscape or hardscape project why not consider trying this idea out next time you are looking for ways to promote your lawn care or landscaping business and I bet you will find your lawn care customer base grow.


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