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Leadership Lessons From Your Favorite Superheroes!

Updated on May 25, 2015

Let The Superheroes In Your Talent Pool To Take Over!

Evidently, I have been missing my childhood days terribly from quite some time now, as it turns out, that some of my previous posts are completely a throwback to the childhood entertainment shows and stories.

After Fairy Tales and Cartoon Characters…Here I am again, with our very own superheroes!!

We have all loved and longed for our favorite superheroes and spent all our childhood reading and watching their heroic deeds and trying to mimic them putting capes and doing stunts.

So, who are the Superheroes?

“They are the extra-ordinary individuals possessing amazing powers on a mission to save humankind from evil and do great things for the welfare of the society.”

However, on organizational levels, the definitions can be modified a bit…They are the leaders who can take on any business challenge and with their extraordinary powers, i.e. intellect, experience and strategies can control any situation and accelerate company’s growth and success.

But, who are considered as the superheroes in an organization?

No! These are not always the top management or “C-suite” executives. Not necessarily these celebrated “corporate” celebrities are always the saviors! Your organization’s superhero can be found on any workstation at the floor.

So, what reveals the actual leaders in an organization??

These are those drawn-out situations where only the extraordinary personalities stand tall while all others fall apart! It is not necessary to have any power or position to beat others and move ahead, you just need the right blend of intellect and wisdom to be the superhero!

Who's your Favorite Superheroes

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Batman: Strong Will To Fight Against Tough Situations

He is the coolest superhero ever! He has immense determination against crime and fights with criminals against all odds. But what makes his character stronger and legendary is his logical demeanor. He uses his intellect, wealth, analytical skills, physical prowess, martial arts and unconquerable will to fight wars.

Similarly, during critical circumstances, employees must use their analytic and logical abilities and will power to find a solution instead of worrying about the consequences.

Hal Jordan
Hal Jordan

Hal Jordan: Overcome Fear of Failure

Hal Jordan, “the Green Lantern” fought all evils across the universe. The most appealing quality of this superhero is that he overcame his biggest fears and adopted it as his profession. Just like in corporate set-ups, if you fail at one task, this doesn’t mean you should give up on trying it again. You must learn from his determination, cockiness and the zeal with which he struggles to make things better.

Captain America
Captain America

Captain America: The True Leader

One of the most famous superheroes, “Captain America” who fascinated everyone with his great leadership skills, charisma and dedication towards doing the right things is the one guy that every workplace needs. Your employees do need a Captain America as their Team Lead or Manager. Apart from great leadership, he never fears from making right decisions, no matter how difficult they are! Moreover, he is a team guard and a great designator. This makes him stand out of all other superheroes!

Top 10 Superheroes of All Time

Well! Every superhero has his own quality that differs him from the rest. But what we must learn here is if you have such traits in your talent pool, then your organization will never miss out on any business opportunity as well as achieve success in every manner with a more determined and confident workforce!

So start looking for these hidden superheroes who only reveal their true identity during testing times. Keep your eyes open while dealing with such situations; you never know the one you consider as just a mediocre can come out to be more capable of handling tough situations instead of his own manager!

Prateek Sharma
Prateek Sharma | Source


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    • jpcmc profile image

      JP Carlos 

      3 years ago from Quezon CIty, Phlippines

      Every great leader looks up to someone. In many ways we can find inspiration when we look at how our idols make decisions and live their lives.


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