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Leading Like A Lion

Updated on July 3, 2009

Leading Like Lion

The first thing that come to mind in regards to what makes a leader, the leader, is the followers.  Hmm, yes ultimately I would say that is the real answer.  The followers imitate to the best of their ability what the leader does.  That is why they are followers, I am not trying to be cute, but that is the truth.  It does not matter what realm of operation, this holds rue in all realms. 

 For example at work I want to be like my boss because he is successful, he has proven that he has a better ability to plan, lead, organize and control than I do, so he is in charge and I am happy to assist.  I am the trainer where I work and he helped to get me to my position, by our mutual respect and trust for one another.

In the academic world the leader is the teacher. That person has traveled a particular path of study, gained experiences and now share then with those who want to learn i.e their students.  I have had so many wonderful teacher and professors, I am obligated to share what ever knowledge that I have acquired to assist others on their paths. 

In the Dojo where I study Karate I the Shihan (Master Teacher) trains me in both Cardio and Karate, we practice Gotan -Ryu (Strong Style).  He is not just some nice guy he is really disciplined and organized.  He has proven that he know the art by his students success.  He has numerous awards and trophies in the dojo that are impressive.  That is great for him, but the proof for me that he is my true leader is he takes pleasure that I have also won a few trophies by my efforts, and I started taking martial arts two years ago at age 29.  Our Shihan also teaches self defenses classes and has awards from other community leaders for his "outstanding community service". He is some one I want to be like.  I do not want to be a clone of him but he has many traits that I admire and find useful in my life's journey.

On a spiritual path I respect Krsna the speaker of the Bhagavad -Gita to be my leader.  The knowledge and stories that are shared about this person is so fantastic that I took a trip to India to see for myself the influence this one being had on a culture.  I tell me other friends if you can tell me how to get people to not eat meat, not get intoxicated, not gamble, not have sex without the intention of procreating Krsna/God conscious children, and chant you name as a mantra 16 rounds (that is Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare 1728 time per day) there is definitely something extraordinary about you and I want to learn what it is that is so unique.  I do not want to be a clone of Krsna, I associate with his followers and they are so nice to me that I have to admit, I am happy just to be like among them.

Leaders know how to instill conviction in their followers that they are trustworthy that is a must.  The leader must be respectful and thoughtful because that person should know that how they behave others will imitate them and they could either uplift the environment around them or destroy it terribly.  The influence of the leader may have different forms, Legitimate power or organizational backing, Associative power or friends with other powerful personalities, Charismatic power, Coercive power, and Expert power.  Their Intelligence, Strength, Wealth, Beauty, Fame, and emotional control will be what make others desire to follow that person. 

How could I be so silly, the leader also has to want to be the leader.  There are some peole with great ability that do not want follower because they understand the sacredness of the relationship.  The leader must remember that once the followers come it is there responsibility to organize them and explain to the the ultimate goal. 

Not: we are all leaders and we are all followers, it is the vision and the will to make the vision happen that separates how the rest of society view us.

I hope this was helpful. 

Darrell Roberts

B.S. MGT, The University of Massachusetts Boston  



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The Grand Vision
The Grand Vision
Running with a friend toward the goal
Running with a friend toward the goal
The happy champion
The happy champion
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Finding Home
The Smiling Krsna
The Smiling Krsna
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    • Darrell Roberts profile imageAUTHOR

      Darrell Roberts 

      9 years ago from North Carolina

      Thanks for the comment James

    • James A Watkins profile image

      James A Watkins 

      9 years ago from Chicago

      Interesting ideas well-presented. Thanks!


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