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Leading topics at Wireless West: Drones & Safety

Updated on April 25, 2016

Anaheim inaugural event

The team at Ryka recently traveled to Wireless West in Anaheim to attend an inaugural telecom conference. The venue was held at the decadent Disney Grand Californian and had a surprisingly large turn out. The floor featured about 30 exhibitors 2 of which were drone companies. Ershmen Engineering and us Ryka UAS.

Leading topics

The conference featured a range of topics from design to A&E, safety, and even drones. The flying tools were brought up multiple times during panels and talks, there were even dedicated panel's for how drones are shaping wireless. Our COO Josh Hawes was featured on a panel discussing the future of Unmanned Aerial Systems. Josh's experience as a telecom executive mixed with his hands on experience really provided a tremendous amount of value to this discussion, which also featured the CEO of Etak Systems, and Rich Bilby from AGL.

"The discussion of drones led to the topic of safety. As both companies agreed that safety of rope climbers can be increased by the use of drones, they did not agree that drones would replace climbers as a whole."

Safety in climbing & de-risking.

Ryka does not believe that drones will be replacing the need for a human climber. We believe that the technology is a tool for the future and the technology should eventually be implemented into the current workforce, giving climbers the ability to learn the new tools available to them. The goal is not to replace the jobs but offer a flying tool that increases work flow and abilities.

Our presentation and CAD Integration

We released a video of some recent project we have been working at the show. The video shows how we can integrate 3d point clouds with CAD and REVIT, provide LOS analysis for Microwave. Check it out below

CAD Inetgration

The buzz was exciting

It's assuring to see a welcoming of a disruptive technology, each event it seems the crowd is more engaging and open to the tech. The growth of a new technology is truly exciting to be apart of. I have had the pleasure to see the small UAS industry grow from infancy. As it still remains in R&D phase we continue to see more and more adaptation. Professional companies are being formed from a large collaboration of small companies and in the last year some big names have come out of it.


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