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Learn The Problems Of Online Auction Law And Understand The

Updated on August 2, 2010

Learn The Problems Of Online Auction Law And Understand The Hazards Of Online Auctions

 Online auctions can be a lot of fun but you will want to be aware of the online auction law first.  There are certain hazards that come with online auctions and if you do not know what the laws are and how to protect yourself you are likely to get in a lot of trouble.  The different online auctions and marketplaces available today have truly only been around for a few years now, so there has not been time to make the laws any stricter.  Most auction sites are scrambling to get more laws enforced, to protect the decent buyers and sellers who are going through their sites.

 Because the online auction law is so lacking, there are more con artists than ever before who are going through these sites to try and make a quick buck.  Fortunately there are a few things you can do and which will help you avoid being taken advantage of.  First and foremost you should always take the time to learn more about a seller before buying from them.  These days, auction sites are trying their best to combat fraud but it can be difficult because of the nature of online commerce.

 When you read up on a seller you can see whether they have had complaints and it makes it much easier to spot the scammers.  Make sure that you read up on the seller and on online auction sites like eBay you can also check their feedback.  This means that you are able to read reviews that other buyers have given on them to see what they had to say.  You can see whether they got good prices on their items, how good the customer service was, whether they shipped their items in a timely manner and so on.

 It is also important to find out what the actual retail price of an item is before bidding on it through an auction site.  Sure the seller may say that you are getting it for a great deal, but when you find out the retail value of the item you may find out otherwise.   That is one of the problems of buying online and what makes it so easy for scammers to take advantage, is that people are often so excited when they find something they like they often do not even realize that they are paying twice as much as they should be.  Sellers are pretty much able to sell their items for whatever price they choose to, and for scam artists this means if they find a sucker who has no idea they are getting taken advantage of that is all the better for them.

 It is important to not get overly caught up in the auction process.  It is so easy to get excited especially when you are in a bidding war with another buyer but you always have to be cautious.  This usually will start a bidding war and cause the buyer to spend more than they would have had to.  Scammers are smart and are out to take your money so you need to be cautious when going through online auctions.


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