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Learning and Discovery Through Career Coaching

Updated on August 2, 2010

Are you stuck in a job that doesn't suit you? Are you just waiting for the economy to finally turn around so that you can move on to something more rewarding and fulfilling?

I know that these are difficult times for us all -- a time of unprecedented economic uncertainty and hardship not seen in the US for decades. Like many, I have family members, friends, and loved ones who have been affected, which, in turn, has affected me. I also hear a lot of people saying that this is not a time to be looking to rock the boat or move on.

I've listened to that advice and taken it to heart for as long as I could stand, but my patience is wearing incredibly thin. I find myself in a career situation where I am absolutely starved for intellectual stimulation. I feel like the square peg in a round hole. I've made the best of it for a long time now, but I feel at risk for truly losing myself if I remain much longer. I honestly feel like a part of me dies a little each day, as I long to be able to make significant contributions, fully utilize my talents and skills, and feel valued for my expertise and knowledge.

This has led me to start working with a career coach whom I discovered while conducting research online. Now I feel empowered and supported to create opportunities and make things happen for myself. It is such a positive, uplifting, and nurturing experience.

I have to admit that I was extremely skeptical about whether this would be a worthwhile investment in both time and money. But, the information on my coach's Web site struck a chord and resonated with me so deeply that I knew I had to investigate further.

The process is intense, because it forces you to both look inward and learn about your inner core and values while also prompting you to think outside the box at the same time. I've been tasked with challenging exercises and posed thought-provoking questions that take time to answer. It is like shining the spotlight on yourself to get to what lies deep and deserves to be unearthed.

I've watched my husband turn his period of unemployment into an opportunity to finetune his career and change his path. The result has been a wonderful transformation into a new profession in an environment where he feels valued, appreciated, and able to make a difference. Now it is my turn... 

For me, I don't want to just have a job and earn a decent paycheck. I want to live my passion each day. I want to know that I am giving of myself and making a difference for others in ways that only I can, because I am unique.

Each career coaching session has proved to be a valuable lesson in learning and discovery, which increases my confidence that I will achieve successful and fulfilling change on my terms at the end of the process. In the meantime, I enjoy the exploration, remind myself to be patient, and try not to be too hard on myself.


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    • antigravity profile image

      antigravity 3 years ago

      Thanks to share about career coaching and its inner core values. A good career coach always teaches for best career and job.

    • raisingme profile image

      raisingme 7 years ago from Fraser Valley, British Columbia

      Anything that brings you closer to being more fully you and your defining your own dreams and goals is a good thing. Wishing you all the best on your journey.