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Lecturing Method of Training

Updated on December 3, 2011

Lecturing method is one of the old and basic employee training methods used by many of the organizations. More and more training institutions are applying the lecture method for training. In this method the trainer is active whereas the trainees are passive. Though lecture method is not very much effective, some extent of informal lecture is inherent in the conduct of any training program to motivate trainees, provide explanation & analyze relevant exercises.

Considerations: The background, age, cultural difference, knowledge of subject, level of education, likes & dislikes of the audience should be considered for this method of training. More over the purpose of training & basic understanding of the trainees can make lecture method of training effective. Under this method the time available is an important consideration. It is necessary for the trainer to speak from his own experience and knowledge as per the requirement of trainees. The contents of lecture should be simple, brief and to the point. The main theme of the lecture has to be developed in logical sequence. It is necessary to start with simple concepts and progress towards difficult topics.

Role of Trainer: The trainer should arrive at the specified place in time to check the arrangements for training. There should be proper standing posture for the trainer to maintain eye contact with different segments of the audience. A Lecture who gives attention to all parts of the audience uniformly is more successful. The speaker should be sincere, courteous and enthusiastic for the lecture. Making optimum use of time should be important consideration for the resource person to deliver lecture. The trainer must have proper planning of the lecture to create interest among the trainees by including examples, questions and humor according to requirement in the lecture to be delivered.

Merits: The lecture method of training has the following important merits to be consideration for adoption of the training method.

  • This method is effective to train large number of trainees within limited time available
  • Delivery of lecture is useful for communication of basic theoretical knowledge to the learners
  • Lecture method is convenient to have one-way transfer of information without any interaction
  • Lecture method is less expensive for an organization

Demerits: The lecture method of training has the following important demerits.

  • There may not be any scope for clarification of difficult parts of the lecture for the participants
  • Repeated lectures may produce staleness and monotony resulting in less absorption of knowledge by trainees
  • It becomes difficult to have proper feedback from the learners by following lecture method of training

Reference: Management Articles and Business Case Studies


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