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Life CoachLife Coaching for Low Self-Esteeming for Low Self-Esteem

Updated on August 24, 2015

Although low self-esteem could be thought of as a modern day issue because it is talked about so much more nowadays than in years gone by, some people have, of course, lacked confidence in their own worth and abilities since time immemorial. Thankfully though, those who are plagued with low self-esteem today have access to numerous sources of help which simply weren’t available to their predecessors, one of which is in the form of life coaching.

For many years, scientists and researchers have agreed that our levels of self-esteem are dictated largely by the influence of our parents, and thereafter our siblings, our teachers, our peers at school and college and our bosses, colleagues and co-workers, our relationship partners and any other key people that we encounter throughout our lives. More recent studies, however, have shown that nurture is not the only factor which comes into play where self-esteem is concerned and that nature also plays a role in determining how self-confident or otherwise we will turn out to be. It seems that some people may indeed be genetically predisposed towards low self-esteem, whilst for others the reverse is the case. Psychologists, however, don’t necessarily believe that because an individual is born with low self-esteem, that that situation cannot be changed, which basically gives a huge thumbs up for the potential effectiveness of life coaching as a means of overcoming low self-esteem.

The situations and events which can cause a person to suffer from low levels of self-esteem are many and varied, and of course some can be absolutely devastating in terms of their impact and can cause sufferers to seek solace at the bottom of a bottle or via other destructive habits and addictions. For these unfortunate individuals, who may have suffered severe mental, emotional and psychological problems as a result of their experiences, treatments such as psychotherapy or counseling may be required to put them back on the path to health and happiness. For most of those who experience less destructive levels of low self-esteem, however, life coaching can provide an alternative or complementary option, not only to help them achieve greater self-belief, but to provide them with a road map which guides them towards a happier, healthier and more successful future.

Low self-esteem can impact on literally every aspect of a person’s life, from their ability to cultivate and maintain happy and constructive relationships, to their potential to build successful and fulfilling careers. It can cause individuals to set extremely low expectations for themselves and, in some cases, even cause people to subconsciously sabotage their own chances of happiness because they believe that they don’t deserve joy and success. Even at its lowest level though, a lack of confidence in one’s self and abilities can prevent people from reaching their dreams and attempting to fulfill their potential in life. Through life coaching, however, the tables can be turned, and working with an online life coach offers the opportunity to build on self-esteem in a confidential environment and from the privacy of your own home.

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by Julie-Ann Amos, professional writer, and owner of international writing agency

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    • oldrick profile image

      Richard Ingate 6 years ago from UK

      Hi Julie-Ann, I thought your hub has a very important topic. People with low self esteem really need help yet they may not be in a position (yet) to be able to see clearly enough, to benefit. Encouraging people along towards a stronger perspective can really change lives. Best wishes, Richard