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Life takes a turn for me in a wonderful way.

Updated on April 11, 2015

Choose a job you love

Did not think what I would do for a job but it works for me.

If someone would have said ten years ago I was going to be a paid Radio Show Host, I would have thought that was not possible.

Even a few years back or even 5 years I did not think my life would turn in such a way that a dream job was on the horizon for me.

But I think with continued hard work and perseverance it was all worth it.

I think not knowing exactly what I wanted to do in life but to think, I wanted to work with someone well known and that person was Jackie Chan.

The thing is, people are right, sometimes when you have a dream it can turn into something you do not think it would turn into but it ends up being something you are truly fulfilled with happiness inside.

There is no words to describe it, but I think it is actually an "accomplished fulfillment" that feeds my hungry and passion that drives me to want to be a Radio Show Host.

I guess starting out, I honestly didn't think I would do it for longer than 3 months.

On the internet, radio could be heard throughout different countries or anyone that wants to tune into.

I have a lot of fun doing the show.

I enjoy having guests on my show and guests have a blast.

I have had guests return because they were such a blast on my show.

Now working even harder I have connected with a network that wants to have me and another wonderful woman host a show.

I know my whole life I was not normal and I truly understand it now.

If you want to be in the entertainment business, you really are never going to have any type of normal life.

Actually to be honest the entertainment business is indeed the hardest type of job to get into because of so much competition.

The entertainment business is a ruthless, cut throat business but if your lucky enough you might find something that works for you if you have dreams.

Of course for dreams there are high costs and risks that you have to take in order to make things happen for yourself.

Of course there might be a much faster way to sleep your way through things but I was fortunate not to have to do that or ever be on the casting couch (you should know exactly what I mean).

I just kept working on things and with in the last years things started to work for me, and I mean really really work for me.

So I feel as though a radio show host just feels very natural to me.

Well yeah, you talk and it's like having a conversation with people and your guests.

For me it is quite easy and I enjoy it.

But I think when you end up getting paid for something you love doing and enjoying it is a much better way of living then to be a programmed drone of society where your stuck going to a job you hate while making money and you probably end up get sick from the job in the first place.

Of course I had my share of jobs like that but I know when the time comes for something to launch then being a Radio Show Host will be my career and though knowing behind the scenes it is indeed "work", it is something I enjoy.

I do not know the percentage of people in this world that actually really enjoy their work and get paid for what they are doing but I am sure it really is not a high percentage.

But working on a radio show on my own for the past few years has given me the experience to be able to get to launch a show and walla my career takes off.

I can not tell people how to follow their path for their dreams but I do know that in wanting to do one thing, like working with people like Jackie Chan has led me to something I never dreamed of and that I am very happy with the results.

When I am doing the radio show, no matter how crazy a few times it has been it has got me so excited to keep doing more shows.

The big plus is that I have helped promote a few people and their films and other things, so I can give back in my own way.

Of course I would like to start a few foundations/charities myself and I know like Stan Lee might have said, "with great power comes great responsibility", so I do heed to this and know I could pay things forward in my own way.

Sometimes in life wonderful strange things happen in unexpected ways.

I got to admit I would never go back and do anything any different in life because then I would never have been given this opportunity to do a dream job in which I am going to get paid for.

Well people say they would go back and change things but I mean I would not want to change anything because then I would probably would not end up doing something I love and get paid for it and probably be in a dead end job, grow old much faster and probably become sick from it.

I think the future is bright ahead and maybe I need to find a new pair of sunglasses to wear, well that is just a saying but that is just how I feel.

I am happy and content with how things are turning out in life and there is no way I would want to set foot in another person's shoes just because I know I am content with the shoes I am wearing on my own feet.

Anything is possible but you just got to go for it, and work for it and just never give up.

That is exactly what I did.

Everything that has happened in my life was indeed worth the time and the risk.


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