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Lightspeed Review

Updated on May 26, 2014



What is Lightspeed

It can be overwhelming for business owners to monitor and track all transactions that take place within the company. Despite the challenges, it is important to keep a good record of your day-to-day running that will capture all expenses and sales made put together in one database. Recording direct sales with point of sale machines is one way you can adopt to help you keep track of records of transactions made. Point of sales machines with notable quality allows you to link to your online retail store automatically and help track your inventory; this is very useful for businesses that are based online.

Lightspeed is an excellent, comprehensive and advanced point of sales system in existence today with high performance, speed and power as part of its features. Businesses in Calgary can invest Lightspeed, which is the best pos in terms of scalability and performance. Lightspeed pos is customizable and very fast, with an easy to use visually rich user interface. A wide variety of retail industries and hospitality sectors are the fore benefactors of Lightspeed point of sales system, incorporating special designs and functions to suit the need of these industries.

Features of the Lightspeed pos system include:

  • Compatibility with handheld devices and computers

  • Inventory management systems

  • Point of sales services powered with cloud

  • Incorporated extendibility for ecommerce services

  • Improved scalability with iPads and Desktops

  • Uncomplicated payment solutions for all needs

  • Customized features for retail sectors and hospitality businesses

It is an all encompassing point of sales solution for hospitality businesses in Calgary.

Benefits of Lightspeed to Business owners

It is important for hospitality pos machines to be user friendly and effortlessly customizable to portray a variety of offers known to be run by the hospitality industry. In Calgary, Lightspeed is the perfect solution for the hospitality industry with an advanced point of sales system, the machine covers most challenges these businesses are likely to face and proffers solutions to them. The optimization of the Lightspeed point of sales for the hospitality sector offers solutions to businesses by integrating the usage of the system into several platforms which include tablets, smart phones and other portable devices making it perfect for field employees who do business on the go and might need to access certain important information on the company’s database securely.

Lightspeed is a simple and appealing retail point of sale system.

Employee tracking and inventory management are two essential features required by the retail sector and Lightspeed development has been able to capture and integrate these functions into the pos system giving extensive support and solutions to their various needs.

The Lightspeed point of sales software system is designed in such a manner that it allows several levels of customization to the system giving business owners the flexibility of managing from a central location the expenses and sales made for a certain period.

If you are searching for the perfect and most advanced retail pos system supplier in Calgary, then Lightspeed is the solution you should go for.

An ideal point of sale system gives you the power to track and control your sales, payroll system and labors. The system makes it possible and easy to capture accounts and transactions needed by businesses for tax payment. Store heads can follow up or track stored information directly from the head office at any point in time. There is a password security feature in the systems and this allows only persons granted permission or given the password to access the system. With the advancement in technology, Lightspeed comes in form touch screen design which enables waiters to take and deliver orders taken from the customer directly to the kitchen without being physically there. This kind of system helps businesses expand comfortably.

POS designed for restaurants uses computer terminals that enables multitasking such as sending or taking orders to the kitchen and printing of receipts all at the same time. This system also incorporates several payment processing units like the use of debit and credit cards. POS are designed mostly with wireless headset that allows the manager to manage and control the employees from a single location.

Depending on the type of business and its need the POS can be customized to suite that particular business. An example can be seen when you compare the needs of a fast food restaurant and that of a hotel. The POS design for the hotel will need to incorporate a feature that can enable the transfer of daily meal charges to the guest’s room directly from the dining.

It is therefore important to determine what your business need will be before you order any form of POS system. With this kind of technology you can be rest assured that customer satisfaction will be guaranteed. If your business or industry is such that you need to depend on some form of customer service and hospitality to determine your growth rate then you should consider getting a software or integrate a technology that will make your services stand out at all times. This makes getting a point of sale system important for restaurant businesses.

Advanced POS systems have restaurant inventory control as one of its features and for a certain monthly fee you can get great POS system deals to suit your need. This system will enhance the functionality of your business. One notable POS system that has served several restaurants is the Meridian Star. It has made running of restaurants smooth easing any form of obstacle they might encounter. Cash transactions, management of customers’ orders and tables are some of the functions of the restaurant POS system. With growth in businesses the need for POS systems cannot be over emphasized and this will eventually replace the cash register. This system has over time proven to make the work environment more efficient and reliable.

This new technology is all encompassing and those who prefer the traditional method of keeping accounts by their own hands will need to give this new system a trial to experience a different approach to making their wok easier. The POS system also provides customers the information they need when making bulk orders and it also serves as a guide to help them plan for the perfect time to make their purchase. Customers when presented with the right stock can make spontaneous decisions to buy from certain stores while ignoring some other stores. With a perfect stock control system the right stock can be made available in emergency situations for the customer at the right place, after haven received the request of the customer. The store branches will be able to communicate and mobilize the stock making it readily available for urgent bulk purchases. This provides an effective means of satisfying your customer giving them confidence to do more business with you and with them spreading your good name to others, you can be sure to get more customers.

You can edit the customer information in the stock management system as you like or as it demands making your retail business adaptable to new and emerging changes in the industry all the time.


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