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List of Job Interview Preparation

Updated on March 24, 2013

After you stuck for a couple of months without doing anything, then all of a sudden you just snap out of your mind and decided to look for a job but you are scared for another job interview. You don't need to worry because I have several listings here to prepare you for this job interview.

1. Practice a Mock Interview with your friends

It is very important to practice your gestures and the things that you would answer when the interviewer asked about it. It would be better if you will prepare a list of most common questions regarding job interviews. Practicing makes you more comfortable with the interviewer because most of the time if you don't know the answer or not prepared to answer a question. You'll be nervous, once it hits you, your answer would not be accurate, precise or most probably wrong.

You can ask your friend to be the interviewer or an applicant, basically you're also practicing to be an interviewer so you can actually now the possible question or what would you think if your friend answered a wrong question. After you've finished this mock interview. Ask your friend what is his feedback about the practice interview. Make improvements on those feedback so it would help to avoid it on the actual interview.

This method also help to practice eye contact to the person who's asking questions and build confidence while answering it.

Practice interview with your friends or relatives
Practice interview with your friends or relatives | Source

Here's the list of the most common questions from the interviewer and best response to answer them

Tell me about yourself?

-Interviewer would like to know something about you. You can tell them your complete name, educational background and job experiences. These are the most imprtant thing that you need to tell them. when stating your job experiences, Include the job description or the most basic information on that job.

What Interest you about this job opening?

-Tell them your expertise and what can you do to help them on this post. If you are applying for a customer service representative, just tell them that you are very happy helping customers with their problems.

What do you know about the company?

-Research about the company, It will be stated on the next step which is number 2. For this question, you need to tell them about their basic company profile. What is their business, products, goals and future plans in the market.

Can you tell me about your previous job experience?

-If you mentioned already the basic details from your previous job on "Tell me about yourself" question. Provide them more specific details of your previous job like your making reports, checking inventory or a person who help the manager to improve the sales. Just tell them what you actually do on your last job and how you communicate or coordinate with your co-employee.

What are your strengths?

-This is easy, you just need to tell them your capable of doing the job because you are expert on that work. You can work for overtime if they need it. Flexible in any working schedules and will be able to have an initiative to help others.

Why should we hire you?

-There will be a competitions when it comes to an interview. Other applicant might be better than you or they have more training, seminars, work experiences or they graduated from known colleges. Its really hard to compete if they have it. But every person is different. They cannot do everything. They have also weaknesses. So the best way to answer this question is to tell them your edge from other applicants. If they can work overtime, tell them that you can work on holidays. If they can do 2 responsibilities, tell them that you are able to handle 3 or more responsibilities. Basically, tell them what you can do and it should exceed on other applicants.

Why did you leave on your last job?

-This is the most hardest question to answer. Sometimes, interviewer will be based on this question if they will hire you or not. If you have negative experienced with the other employers that would be the problem. The best way to answer this is to be honest. You have no choice for this because if you didn't tell them what happened on your previos work, they would still know it because most companies do their own background check to its employees and applicants.

To answer this, try to make the statement positive as possible. You need to make all negative experiences from other employer into positive. If you left your previous job because of the salary. Tell them like this, "I left because I'm trying to save money for my family's future and I know that if I'll stay there for a long time I won't be able to support my family financially 100% that's why I applied to your company because I know that this company will give me an opportunity to grow and learn more things at the same I can fully sustain the financial needs of my family".

There's a lot of ways to pull out these responses, that's the main reason why we need to practice before the interview.


2. Research about the Company Profile

Preparation is the key to pass the interview. And its a must that you know something about the company that your applying for a job. The interviewer will ask you if you know something about the company. It would be an additional points for you if you could at least answer this question. Interviewer knew that your just an applicant for the post but he also expect that you will use all the basic resources that you are able to use finding basic information about the company like their products and services or how long they run this business. You can use internet as a primary source of information about it.

3. Think positive

Thinking positive will lead you to success finding the right job for you. Not only being optimistic will help you to pass the interview. It will also help you to improve or boost your confidence to yourself.

If you know that you're late, try to call HR department so they can try to re-adjust the time of the interview
If you know that you're late, try to call HR department so they can try to re-adjust the time of the interview | Source

4. Don't be late

After you applied to the job. Someone from Human Resources Department will set an appointment to your interview. Sometimes the interviewer is not from HR department, It might be a supervisor, manager or sometimes the president or CEO of that company so if you'll messed up with their schedule and didn't arrive on time for your interview it could be an initial impression that if they will hire you. You are most probably do it when your are hired.

5. Start a Good Day

No to bad vibes and stress. If you have bad things happened at the start of your day. It could lead to another unlucky stuff and It might result to fail the interview.

6. Have a complete rest

Before you go to battle make sure that you prepare all the equipment and yourself. And make sure that you have enough rest before going to the interview. Try to have a set time when you'll sleep and plan the time when you will wake up. If you don't have enough sleep it could lead you to be late in your interview.

Before going to the interview, make sure that you take a healthy breakfast or at least do some exercise to prevent stress.

7. Don't pressure yourself

Everyone experienced to be nervous while waiting for the interviewer. You'll think what will be the reaction or impression of the interviewer when you answered their question. You will be very curious what he will write on the evaluation form. Most of the time you're gonna think negative things. If this happened there's a big chance that you'll fail the interview because all right answers on your mind and before you know it. You gave unnecessary answers to the interviewer.

8. Dress Properly

This is a must. It will be an impression of your personality and professionalism. This is one the important thing that you need to remember when applying for a job. You will need at least a formal clothes like business-casual clothes that you'll wear when going to an interview.
You will talk to the supervisor, manager and sometimes the boss. Once they see that you wear a decent looking clothes, it will reflect as your personality and they will also think that your'e the right person for the job.

Here is the sample on how to dress properly for a job interview
Here is the sample on how to dress properly for a job interview | Source

Sometimes it just really happen even if you put all your efforts and follow these recommendations to your job interview you can still fail. I know that you would like to know the reason why they failed you. It might be the mood of the interviewer or the job doesn't fit for you or your job experiences. It would be better to ask the interviewer what is the reason they not accepting you for the job. Its also a good thing that you would know this reason so you can improve these mistakes on your next job interview.
Another suggestion is try another company. Most often this is a trial and error. If you fail from that company, dont give up, try another one and hopefully you'll get the right job and company for you.

How many times have you failed on the job interview?

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