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Little gifts that make can make your employees feel happier

Updated on September 12, 2016

Being corporate – it almost sounds sinful, especially to all of you who believed your occupation will be changing the world with your art. Yet, there aren’t many of us who haven’t dipped our pen into the corporate ink, so it’s better we adjust and go with the flow.

Working with people is probably the hardest task of all; it does sound paradoxical given we are all people and as such should side with one another perfectly but – in the sea of so many characters, backgrounds, lifestyles and habits it’s difficult to find those individuals you actually find fit. Luckily for the corporate top, successful socializing isn’t really a factor, at all. Rather, they’re focused on efficient results, regardless of what’s happening within a team. And, the corporate crown knows how to smooth out the differences and trick everyone into thinking everything is working just fine. How? With gifts and thoughtful actions that show they, indeed, care.

As a former member of the corporate world and a now self-employed entrepreneur, I am always on the outlook for the next big thing, and the way to make my people feel good at their workplace. The “corporate gifts” I’d mentioned earlier (with irony and judgment) actually do play a role, as long as they are presented with just a little bit integrity and a lot of honesty.

This is how I’m doing it with my people:

Team buildings

Whenever possible, we’re all going on team buildings somewhere out of town for the weekend. We engage in activities that encourage team effort and promote mutual reliance. This is a perfect way for people to build trust and show they can manage things together. Further, it’s an amazing way for people to mingle and actually get to know one another.


Money is everything, at least when it comes to work. Words of appreciation matter as well, but money - now that’s what gets everyone motivated. If I see my employee working hard, with a clear goal in front of them, I’ll reward their efforts. When you’ve got a good worker in your team, do anything to keep them satisfied. After all, this person is working with you, on a mutual goal – getting you rich (sorry for the blunt honesty).

Small gifts

I love giving my people small gifts of appreciation like laptop cases, pens, branded and personalized coffee mugs, books, etc. Everyone loves getting a gift, and giving one (as a superior) is a wonderful way to create a bond with the person you are working with. Those gifts of appreciation may sometimes echo louder than any tap on shoulder or word of praise. Further, all of my employees get a birthday email and a little gift – like a day off, less work that day, one extra vacation day, etc.

The freedom

Your people are spending more time with you in that office than they are with their families. With that in mind it would be unfair to keep them in a gray cubicle or limited to a desk space they can’t even feel comfortable at. This is why I’ve encouraged the freedom of arranging and decorating their work space with photos of their loved ones, colors they like, plants, etc – whatever stimulates them and makes them feel good.

No matter how big or small your company is, you need to understand that your sole success depends on the people working with you and under you. This is why you need to cherish them and make sure they come and leave happy.


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