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Live Training For Independent Profit Center [ IPC Program ]

Updated on February 7, 2010
The Independent Profit Center Live Training The HBB Advisor
The Independent Profit Center Live Training The HBB Advisor

Live Training Starts In September

Here is some great news for anyone considering The Independent Profit Center.

Dan Miller, the owner of the IPC Program recently announced that he will start doing live training for members of the Independent Profit Center.

This training is scheduled to begin the first week of September.

Live training will include many different areas with our program, here are a few of the major areas that will definately increase your sales with the program.

These areas include:

- No Cost Methods Marketing 
Craigslist, making your ads stick with results 
Articles, writing and submitting them like a pro 
Blogs, powerful concepts that bring massive traffic 
YouTube, Creating a simple video that produces sales 
Viral Marketing, combining methods for huge results 
- Pay Per Clicks 
Advanced google and yahoo techniques that really work 
Lowering your cost per click the right way 
Building a powerful keyword list 
Making your campaigns relevant and profitable
- Solo Ads 
Creating a solo ad that cannot be ignored 
Making your solo ad viral to produce huge traffic
- Opt-Ins & Safelist 
Using them the right way instead of the wrong way 
How testing multiple messages makes the difference
- Print Advertising 
How it is impossible to fail with the right ad 
See how a single ad can pull in 30 sales a month

- And much, much more!

You will be stunned at what you are about to learn in our live training sessions with the IPC Program.

This will be some of the most advanced training ever done on the internet and this training will kick your IPC Business into high gear.

All live training sessions will be recorded, so if you are unable to attend them - you will still be able to view them on your own time 24 hours a day if you are a member of IPC.

This powerful live training will teach you the skills needed to promote any product, business, or service online.


About the author:

Brett Shelite aka The HBB Advisor has been making a living online for a number of years now. In fact he has not held a J.O.B. in over 6 years now. He strongly believes that anyone can make a good living online if they find a program that they can believe in. However, he also believes that no matter how good your program may be that if a person does not know how to market properly (both online and off) that their success will be slow and difficult to obtain. If you would like more information on anything Brett is doing just visit his HBB Advisor Site.

The Independent Profit Center - Live Training
The Independent Profit Center - Live Training


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    • profile image

      Ana 8 years ago

      Hello! I really believe that the training provided by this program is excellent and what you learn you can apply in any business. That's fantastic!

      To your success! Ana

    • The HBB Advisor profile image

      The HBB Advisor 9 years ago from United States


      Great question.  Everyone has to start somewhere and you do have two options.  The first is to not join a program and to start reading everything you can about marketing. 

      There are several problems with that option.  First, if you really want to learn, and learn well, then you are going to have to spend some money.  And probably a lot of it.  You need to find some good training and some good books.  Yes you could spend the next year or so researching for no cost information but it will take a lot of time.  So you can either spend a large amount of time or spend a large amount of money.  Either way you are not making any income.

      Second, even if you read about marketing, you will never truly learn it unless you put to use what you have read.  So what are you going to market or sell?  If you have a product, service, or business opportunity that you are marketing then you at least have the possiblitly of earning while you are learning.

      Your second option would be to find a good product, service, or opportunity to promote.  But if you choose a product or service, or even the wrong opportunity you still have to find or purchase the information or training needed so that you can learn how to promote it.

      So in my opinion, if you can find a good opportunity that includes training then you are "killing two birds with one stone".  In addition if you get involved with someone like myself who invests in your continued education the you are doing even better.

      Feel free to contact me if you need more information or assistance.

      Brett Shelite

      The HBB Advisor

    • profile image

      steveo190 9 years ago

      I have been considering this program, but...I am not experienced with driving traffic to any site let along onine marketing. Should I spend more time on this first before going forward?

    • profile image

      Gregg Rybkowski 9 years ago

      I have been promoting IPC for sometime now and they have a top-notch support system...they are continually updating....